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Advantage of bananas

Bananas today, perhaps, one of the most widespread fruit on our table. There are they less, than other overseas fruit, and here useful properties in them much. Apply them not only in cookery, but also in medicine and cosmetology.

Bananas happen two types: plantena which demand heat treatment, and sweet which eat fresh. Fruit grows in the southern warm countries on plantations and grows up their local population in large numbers. And then export them to other countries and actively use, and not only a fruit, but also a peel, and also foliage.

In what advantage of banana?

First of all, this fruit is famous for the vitamins. Its pulp contains a lot of vitamin C by means of which it is possible to cope with catarrhal diseases and infections, and also it is famous for a good antioxidant, that is will slow down process of aging in an organism and will prevent early emergence of wrinkles. There are also vitamins of group B, they are simply irreplaceable at a stress, sleeplessness, spots and a brittle hair. And the carotene containing in banana not only slows down aging, but also is a prophylactic against a cancer and diseases of cardiovascular system. Scientists established that bananas – excellent, and, above all harmless antidepressant. In sweet pulp there is a substance – serotonin which else is called a happiness hormone. If to use bananas every day, it is possible to overcome irritability and melancholy.

And having eaten two bananas in day, it is possible to fill shortage of potassium in an organism, and thus to get rid of pain and weakness in muscles. The saved-up fatigue will leave, there will be an activity, the brain will begin to work better, there will be an appetite, and bags under eyes will be gone, skin will cease to be shelled. Also potassium helps to normalize a blood pressure and strengthens a warm mouse. According to the Norwegian scientists if there are bananas every day, it is possible to forget about the drugs reducing pressure.

At the expense of the fibrous structure, bananas are useful to a stomach, them advise is instead of all other fruit if there is an exacerbation of chronic gastritis, the increased acidity or other problems with a stomach.

It is especially useful to use bananas to those people who suffer from cardiovascular insufficiency, hypostases, there is a hypertensive illness, diseases of kidneys, a gall bladder and a liver. And simply is not present them equal at fight against diabetes.

Physicians advise children and elderly people to include in a diet, it is as much as possible this fruit. And athletes fell in love for a long time with this product because it gives energy before physical activities and quickly makes up for its losses after them.

Only is not necessary to those who dreams to grow thin, lean on bananas because in bananas of calories it is not less, than in potatoes. But also absolutely you should not exclude them, one fruit in day will be enough. And it is even better to use bananas as cosmetics, than a nourishing dessert.

Cosmetics with banana

Masks from banana approaches all-type skin. For this reason this product can be met in many cosmetics. And the mask prepared with own hand will be more useful than any other expensive cosmetics.

Such mask will smooth and will moisten dry skin: it is necessary to take one ripe banana, to mix it with a teaspoon of cream to a uniform consistence. For twenty minutes to put a mask on a face, then to wash away warm water. This mask needs to be done every other day 20 times.

The banana and egg mask will cope with small wrinkles, it will help to make skin elastic. It is necessary to prepare mix from an egg yolk, one ripe banana and one teaspoon of sour cream. For 15 minutes it is necessary to put on a face, and then to wash away warm water. Such mask needs to be done two times a week.

To eliminate a greasy luster, it is possible to narrow pores and to bleach skin if to pound a medium-sized ripe fruit in gruel, to add to it one teaspoon of juice of a lemon and to put for 20 minutes mix on a face, then to wash away warm water.

The nutritious mask from bananas will help to nourish skin with vitamins, besides it smoothes small wrinkles and improves complexion. For this purpose it is necessary to pound well ripe banana, to add to it two tablespoons of cream and a tablespoon of honey and it is good to shake up everything the mixer. Right after it to apply cream on skin of a neck, the person, on area of a decollete and leave for half an hour. It is necessary to unmask soft cosmetic wipes.

There is one more good recipe of a nutritious mask: mix pulp of one banana with the beaten chicken egg white, add lemon juice and couple of drops of nut or other oil to mix. Put the received mask on a face. With its help it is possible to hide fatigue traces, it will give to skin a healthy and fresh look. Also by means of this mix it is possible to hide for a while freckles and other spots on skin, it can be applied as the emergency therapy before issue.

Hair too can become brilliant by means of honey and bananas. It will be especially good to help this mask to dry hair and after a chemical wave. Banana moistens hair, and honey adds them gloss, wheaten sprouts are contained by vitamins A and E. Itak, it is necessary to take 50 grams of honey, one banana, two teaspoons of sprouts of wheat. To mix everything, uniform mix will not turn out yet. To apply on clean and moist hair and to leave for twenty minutes.

One more mask which will load skin with energy and nutrients, consists of two products – banana and orange. It is necessary to take a half of ripe banana and to pound a fork, to clear a large segment of orange of a thin skin and a white film and to add to mix. It is good to prevent and leave for 20 minutes. It is best of all to wash away a mask not carbonated mineral water.

Contraindications to the use of bananas

First of all, you should not give bananas to kids till three years. Because the digestive system of the child is not capable to acquire such food. And to the feeding mothers is similar food is not necessary because with mother's milk the child all the same will receive components which are capable to cause an allergy.

It is not necessary to eat bananas to people with thrombophlebitis, the increased coagulability of blood, coronary heart disease, with excess body weight.

It is not necessary to combine banana with milk, it will lead to disorders of intestines. The healthy person as they contain insoluble starch does not need to eat green bananas even and it is not processed by our bodies. If you already bought unripe banana, leave, let will lie down, and he will ripen.

Also you should not forget that harm of banana also in its chemical processing. It, as a rule, that fruit which can be bought in shops and in the market. There is among experts an opinion that phenol with which process fruit for long storage, can lead to a cancer. Therefore before the use surely wash bananas. recommends to pay attention to color of a peel at a choice of bananas. Bright and saturated color is a sign of that a fruit mature. Black spots it is not bad more likely on the contrary says that a fruit sugary. And here bananas of the smaller sizes are much more tasty than the big associates. Also it is worth paying attention to such fruit upon purchase.

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