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How to gather in a stomach after Cesarean section

During pregnancy there is no wish to think of adversities. Even if the woman knows that the operational rodorazresheniye is necessary to her, thoughts are all the same occupied with pressing problems. "Change of priorities" happens some days later after the birth of the kid. This moment for the woman is very difficult – appeared a little free time on thought of own appearance.
During pregnancy there is no wish to think of adversities. All thoughts turn round appearance of the kid on light, pleasant efforts, preparation for its arrival home from maternity hospital. Even if the woman knows that the operational rodorazresheniye is necessary to her, thoughts are all the same occupied with pressing problems. The care of appearance and own health is carried out only in a direct connection with the child. "Change of priorities" happens some days later after the birth of the kid. It was already transferred to chamber to mother, contact was gradually come, household trifles faded into the background. This transitional moment for the woman is very difficult – appeared a little free time on thought of own appearance and a state after the delivery.
Especially close attention is paid to a stomach which has quite unattractive appearance. Yes, any other event, but the drooped skin will not be compared to pleasure of motherhood, extensions and the weight which is not hurrying to leave are capable to spoil mood strongly.
During pregnancy of special opportunity for prevention of extensions is not available. The majority in the slightest degree of effective creams and lotions are made on a hormonal basis therefore are no good to application for pregnant women. Here it is also necessary to future mothers to moisten as much as possible rounded stomach and to constrain itself when it starts itching.
After the delivery the situation does not change cardinally. Ahead the long period of breastfeeding and hormonal creams are again removed aside. But the problem is not so large-scale as it seems to newly made mother. There is a mass of safe ways for strengthening of muscles of a forward belly wall and disposal of "apron".

Physical activity

Как убрать живот после кесарева сечения The main problem which women after Cesarean section face, is temporary incapacity concerning any physical activities. The maximum weight which is allowed to be lifted to young mother is her newborn baby. Besides hardly the woman who is getting up from lying situation far will want to swing not at once a press or to do other exercises loading stomach muscles. First, it is sick. Cesarean section – classical band operation with a section of all layers of a stomach up to a uterus. Therefore the period of rehabilitation is extended. Though many doctors note incomparably faster healing of postoperative hems after Cesarean section, than after any other band operation. Perhaps it is all about the hormone of "happiness"?
Anyway, but physical activity should not be limited to a rising from a bed. To swing a press it is possible to begin not earlier than four months later after operation and on condition of a full solvency of seams. And here the respiratory gymnastics and some exercises from yoga for beginners will help to avoid a hypodynamia and a hypotrophy of muscles of a stomach.
Loadings are easier transferred in horizontal situation therefore before getting up in the morning or after rest, raise serially straightened feet. At first few times, then more. Turn sideways and repeat exercise. If forcibly to alternate chest and belly type of breath, it will be much easier to be prepared for intensive trainings in the future.

Bandage after Cesarean section

Как убрать живот после кесарева сечения How it was sick, there is a wish to get rid of "stomach" as soon as possible. Considering that fact that during operation muscles were dissected, it is possible to assume that support which they gave during all pregnancy, considerably weakened. Skin has no muscular cages therefore independently is not able to be reduced. Means, it is necessary to help one that others were brought up. The wonderful belt – a bandage comes to the rescue. About it women heard as about the good support of the growing tummy reducing load of a backbone and preventing emergence of extensions on skin. Many already managed to try.
It concerns the esthetic party of application of bandages. Doctors advise to carry bandages and to the patient who underwent operations on an abdominal cavity. Also it is connected both with care and seams, and as prevention of postoperative hernias.
    Hernia is a loss between muscles (rassechenny or whole) parts of body or fabric. This process is resulted by a sdavleniye of the nervous terminations and vessels, morbidity in the field of hernia and other symptoms increases. Treatment in most cases quick – a section of muscles, reposition of body or fabric, ushivany muscles and their fixing.
Why hernia is formed? Because of excessive physical activity or weakness of a muscular corset. At the woman after Cesarean section there is a lot of both that, and another. Therefore the correct carrying a bandage also becomes for it the main point of care about own health and appearance for the first months after the delivery.

What bandages happen

Their choice does not differ in width, but to us after all efficiency is important. If to compare postoperative bandages with postnatal, cardinal differences are not present. Postnatal bandages can be in the form of underwear with the overestimated waist or simply a belt. Also as well as postoperative. A difference in one – bandages for fixing of a belly wall after operation considerably touches and can press more strongly. After seams are removed, and the conclusion about their solvency becomes, need for hard carrying a bandage disappears, and there comes time for gradual (!) development of muscles of an abdominal tension. But also at this stage completely it is not necessary to refuse support – let seldom, but seams can disperse.

Bandage choice

Как убрать живот после кесарева сечения Women "are usually broken off" between two types: bandages shorts and bandages in the form of a wide belt.
The bandage shorts is not really convenient for continuous carrying, especially in the last trimester, – frequentation of the ladies' room does clothing undressing process very long. Besides, its supporting properties slightly below and after an operational rodorazresheniye such bandage will not be functional at all.
Bandazhi-poyasy are universal in carrying – it is possible to put on it both clothes, and under clothes, to remove when necessary. However with a choice of the correct size there can be difficulties. The fruit starts growing in the last trimester actively, the stomach increases quickly. If you bought a bandage on the sixth month of pregnancy, there is a probability that at the beginning of the ninth month it simply will not be clasped. The decision simple – for incubation buy a dorodovy bandage, and after operation get either special postnatal, or postoperative.
The correct carrying a bandage – one of important components of fast rehabilitation after the delivery. Considering that fact that the section during operation can pass as across a stomach, and lengthways (it depends on a condition of the woman and an ekstrennost of childbirth), by means of a bandage the doctor has to show the correct way of fixing and support of a stomach. Anything difficult in this important process is not present, and from the second or third time the woman will be able quite to consult without assistance.

Let's sum up the result

Trainings of muscles of an abdominal tension have to be carried out "intelligently" and gradually. To avoid unpleasant and painful feelings, and also characteristic diseases, the young mother who transferred Cesarean section will be helped by bandages. In process of restoration of forces and physical activity need for a bandage will disappear.
In attempts to return a slender waist and a flat stomach the rule "the more the better" does not work. More likely, on the contrary – it is important not to be overzealous and remember that excessive loading can lead to a divergence of seams, and, so and to the second operation on excision of edges of a cancelled hem. In total anything, the woman is capable to bear a lot of things for the sake of beauty, but after all there is more important reason for which young mother needs to watch, first of all, over the health – her newborn baby.
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