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Beach rest in the winter

Rest in the winter at the sea - what to choose from the mass of offers. A choice of places for winter beach rest rather big to satisfy all possible inquiries and the tourist's whims.

Revolutionary Egypt

On October 2 in Cairo the police dispersed another action of Islamists. For courageous tourists it will not hinder especially as the prices of rounds to Egypt remained very attractive: the cost of seven-day round begins approximately from 12 thousand rubles, for 20 thousand you can count on five-stars hotel.

Except the pleasant price and the hot sun, Egypt attracts with the various underwater world where even the beginner, having bought in the territory of hotel the camera for underwater shooting, can bring home pictures of the surprising sea creations available in Russia only in aquariums.

Let's remind of the most known excursion directions of Egypt available now to brave tourists:

  1. Pyramids in Giza and a sphinx are available to tours by the plane (about 200 dollars) from Sharm el-Sheikh, excursion from Hurghada will be cheaper option bus (about 80 dollars).
  2. Luxor - the city museum open-air, there are the most ancient in the world cult constructions - Luxor and Karkaksky temples, there was an ancient capital of Egypt here - Thebes. It is more convenient to visit from Hurghada.
  3. Cairo and Alexandria (excursion by motor ship across Nile, visit of the remains of the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Alexandria library).
  4. Aquaparks. It is possible to buy a trip to an aquapark for the whole day, and it is possible to lodge in the hotel having in the territory an aquapark, for example hotel Sindbad in Hurghada.
  5. Various fishings by the boat or on the yacht, boats with a glass bottom for examining of beauty of the underwater world or immersion on the submarine, diving at hotel or a trip to corals of Races Mohammed (from Sharm el-Sheikh).
  6. Numerous Christian shrines (St. Catherine's Monastery, Anthony the Great's monastery and many others).

If you chose as a trip on beach rest in the winter Egypt, it is necessary to remember that for all types of excursions it is necessary to take with itself here a headdress, water, a dry ration (is given in hotel), the passport and money. Also the clothes with a long sleeve will be not superfluous.


The hotel service, best in the world, attracts to Arab Emirates the great number of tourists are not worse than gold beaches and warm weather in the winter. Nevertheless, you should not forget that in the Emirates smoking in a public place is forbidden, alcoholic drinks only from duty free and only in number, and for women in public places it is recommended to appear in the closed clothes and with the covered head. However, the last ban is not too strict.

In the United Arab Emirates will offer you visit of the most expensive hotel in the world - hotel "Arab tower" of Burj Al Arab, a radonic source and the Moroccan baths, and also Wild Wadi aquapark, underwater fishing, flights by plane and parachute jumps will please fans of active recreation. You should not forget that the United Arab Emirates - a real paradise for shopaholics.


High season in this country - from November to April. Water temperature and air at this time 28-30 degrees. On it it would be possible and to stop but if you are interested in culture and history, it is worth visiting Buddhist shrines, palaces of Siamese princes, ancient temples. Animal and the flora of Thailand for us is very exotic therefore visit of zoos and farms will not leave indifferent children, even adults, and for fans of active recreation there is a river rafting and drivings on elephants in the north of the country.

Visas to Russians to Thailand are not present, essential minus of rest in Thailand for inhabitants of a midland of Russia - long flight.


One more visa-free country for Russians where the currency of cookies which is only specially entered for tourists which raises the price of goods prices and services for vacationers afflicts. If you are not under strained circumstances, Cuba will please you with deserted snow-white beaches, warm (25-26 degrees) weather, numerous types of active recreation and incendiary salsa.


The main advantage is the broad gradation of rest for every taste and a purse: from smart expensive hotels on the coast to cheap hostels and gest. The paradise nature, air temperature 30 and the ocean of 25 degrees will leave nobody indifferent. If you choose this place, your beach rest in the winter, will be really fantastic. From sights it is worth mentioning falls Dudkhsagar, coastal areas with a peculiar architecture in Portuguese-goanskom style, and also some objects of the World heritage — Jesus's Basilica and certain monasteries.

Indian cuisine will strike you with the exoticism. Separately it is worth mentioning doubtful hygiene in hotels and everywhere on this Indian staff, and also about need of preliminary vaccination - it is necessary to pay for exotic with the strengthened precautionary measures. For excursions on Hindu shrines do not forget to prepare clothes with a long sleeve and closing feet.


Maldives consist of more than 1000 coral islands, the richest underwater world will surprise and will please divers, both beginners, and professionals. Maldives will suit fans of lonely rest most of all, after all sometimes only your hotel and a strip of a beach that fans of club entertainments should consider will be located on the island - to them on islands can boringly seem.

The visa to Russians - on an arrival, also hurry up, after all according to forecasts of scientists in 10 years Maldives perhaps already finally will appear under water.

Probably, readers of will agree with me, nonseasonal rest divides continuous series of the working days into two parts - before holiday and after, interrupts infinite "Groundhog Day" for parents and occupied with school or a garden of children, as if in the advance payment gives a slice of long-awaited summer vacation in the middle of winter.

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