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Organism hardening

What is the hardening in general all know but as correctly to carry out it, know the few. You, probably, noticed that recently people are pursued by SARS. Now the hardening is one of ways to keep health. If you begin a hardening from tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January …
What is the hardening in general all know but as correctly to carry out it, know the few. Now the hardening is one of ways to keep health. I explain why: you, probably, noticed that recently people are pursued literally by SARS. First, it is connected with use in food of a set of allergens which our immune system is compelled to combat. Secondly, the use by the population since the childhood of a large number of drugs. Thirdly, in connection with warming of climate, autumn and spring slush stretches, and it is very favorable for reproduction of viruses; and, at last, the last – viruses instantly adapt to new medicines and in this "race" most likely, they will win.

General principles of a hardening

Use of natural factors of the nature, namely air, water and sunlight is the cornerstone of a hardening. Beginning a hardening, remember some simple rules:
  • to carry out the tempering procedures daily, 2 times a day are possible;
  • gradually to reduce the air temperature and waters;
  • gradually to increase duration of influence of these factors;
  • in case of an illness in not a heavy form it is not necessary to stop a hardening. When health is weakened, it is necessary to belong to procedures for a hardening of an organism with bigger care. It is necessary to reduce the influence force (to increase water temperature and to reduce douche time), but obligatory to carry out these procedures;
  • if all of you seriously got sick, it is temporarily possible to cancel procedures, but the break has to be no more than 5-7 days. If for some reason the break between hardenings lasted more than two weeks, it is necessary to make a fresh start;
  • to children to carry out a hardening under control of adults; would like to explain why the organism hardening is carried out without fail daily. The organism strengthens the protective mechanisms, only if the external factors breaking its normal work influence it constantly. And if to stop a hardening for some time, our organism already has no need for adaptation to those conditions which are artificially recreated at the tempering procedures. Even daily douches by water 5C less than temperature of our body will be more effective, than the same douches, but are 10C less than body temperature and with a one-day break.
Indicator of correctness of carrying out procedures is the good health and courage.

Hardening water

It is better to begin water procedures with rubdown of skin with a damp mitten from terry fabric. The principle of gradualness is not less important here, than in other tempering procedures. In the first days of rubdown it is recommended to carry out water which temperature is close to body temperature. Within the next weeks it is necessary to lower water temperatures on 2-3C.
Rubdowns are carried out as follows. Beginning rubdowns with hands, moving from fingers to shoulders, then a breast and a stomach roundabouts clockwise. Rubdowns of a back are carried out from the middle of a backbone to axillary lines, feet – in the direction from below up, beginning from feet. It is necessary to repeat each movement only two-three times, thus all procedure will take no more than 5 minutes. emphasizes: in order that you felt during rubdowns comfortable temperature of air has to be about 18C.
After 2-4 weeks of systematic rubdowns to pass to douche with water. Reference temperature of water at rubdown and douche in the first some weeks is equal + 34C. After gradually it is necessary to reduce water temperature to +26 … + 23C and below. Begin douche in the first days from a lower body, gradually rising to shoulders. In process of the general hardening of an organism it is possible to pour over itself only at once. After each such water procedure it is necessary to pound skin to a pinkness. If before douche of a hand or foot cold – they need in advance to be warmed. At correctly chosen water temperature at douche skin becomes should not pale and that there was no "goose" skin again air temperature has to be about 18C.
The shower is very effective option of a hardening of an organism. Reference temperature of water will be close to natural body temperature, the first procedures no more than one minute. Then gradually we increase duration of acceptance of a shower till 10-15 minutes. As soon as you reach this boundary, lower water temperature on some degrees, and reducing duration of the tempering procedure a little. In the long term ice shower and morzhevaniye.
For prevention of frequent quinsies and pharyngitises rinsing of a throat 1-2 times a day, since water of room temperature is recommended, lowering it on 1-2C in a week, having reached to 5-7C. It is always necessary to be sure of success and not to be afraid of exacerbations of chronic diseases of a throat.
In a warm season it is necessary to use the slightest opportunity for bathing in open reservoirs, besides positive influence of water here, the enormous role is played by harmonious communication with the nature.
There are still douche techniques water in the open air, standing barefoot on the earth. In this case we restore own power and we merge with the nature. Though many doctors also do not accept such method of improvement. Therefore each person chooses that way of a hardening of an organism which suits it more. Bathing in an ice-hole is "aerobatics" in a hardening to which it is necessary to aspire.

Hardening air

Air bathtubs are useful at any age. recommends these procedures to both the newborn child, and the elderly person. If you since the birth muffle up the child, to create to it "hothouse" conditions and, thus, to deprive of "work" his protective mechanisms, the last, having appeared in inaction, will not develop properly. And then even the small breeze – already threat for the child, it is defenseless and gets sick. Therefore it is necessary to train the thermoregulatory device.
Air bathtubs are carried out indoors which was aired previously, it is better if it is through airing. In a warm season the small draft will not damage. Temperature in the room has to be + 20C with decrease further by means of airings to 15-16C. Duration of air bathtubs at the beginning will be only 4-5 minutes, but seek to increase gradually this time before half an hour further. When this temperature is mastered, it is possible to take colder open air.
Walks in the fresh air well influence health and a condition of nervous system. It is desirable to walk not less than 1 hour, rate of walking gets out individually. At a hardening at a temperature of air of 5-10 degrees and it is necessary to help the organism below, carrying out any exercises. Run, sports walking, skis is useful. We put on on weather, a dress code – sports.

Hardening sun

Solar bathtubs are used widely by each of you in the everyday life, and especially if you have a rest near the river and at the sea. Here the main sense of proportion, any extremes are unhealthy. Also do not forget to put on a hat the head, it is desirable light. The recommended time of day for solar bathtubs in the south of 8-11 and 17-19 hours, in a midland of Russia of 9-13 and 16-18 hours. Originally recommends to acquire a tan no more than 15 minutes, especially that whom light skin. Gradually increasing duration of solar bathtubs for 5-10 minutes it is possible to reach till 2-3 o'clock, but thus each hour should be done a break for 10-15 minutes. One more caution: it is not recommended to eat food for an hour before these procedures also.
Under the influence of a hardening air, water, sunshine the resilience and endurance of an organism to the changing environmental conditions increase: immunological resistance to diseases increases, thermal control mechanisms are improved, the condition of nervous processes is counterbalanced.

Very much we recommend circulation barefoot. At first it can be done in the room, and in the spring, in the summer and to already tempered person – in the fall, near the house on a path, in a garden on a grass and sand (since several minutes). Pay attention on walk barefoot on dew early in the morning and late evening. Especially it is recommended to women.
If you begin a hardening from tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January … next year.
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