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Fashionable bathing suits 2015

Swimming season in the heat and you still have a chance to choose a fashionable bathing suit. What does the fashion of this season offer us? Frankness, sex appeal or modesty? This summer each girl has an opportunity favourably to emphasize beauty of the forms by means of a bathing suit. How to choose a fashionable bathing suit for summer of this year, we also will talk.

This summer beach season considerably differs from all previous. The first, on what pay attention on a beach not only men – brightness of beach furniture and the hidden sex appeal. Now there is no need to emphasize the advantages, trying to draw attention of men by means of a bathing suit from the translucent fabric. Also many women of fashion can breathe sigh of relief – thongs in this swimming season not especially enjoy popularity. However, if your figure is ideal – safely choose an open bathing suit. As you already guessed, the fashionable bathing suit of 2015 will be modest, at the same time bright and attracting looks, and also favourably emphasizing figure advantages.

So, that on a beach to feel comfortable and at the same time attractively, designers well worked and suggest girls to choose a suitable bathing suit at once from several offered styles.

We choose a fashionable bathing suit in this season

Owners of a beautiful fine-molded figure know long ago how to draw attention of men on a beach, by means of only one small detail – a bathing suit. So, to those girls who worked all winter in sports halls to reach ideal forms, will recommend to choose monophonic bathing suits of bright coloring. It is favorable to emphasize a shape of a breast and the line of a hip classical bathing suits of last season will help. Attention – on bikini.

This type of a swimwear in this season is presented in several options:

  1. Classics. The minimalism still remains in fashion. Only thongs, popular in last season, it is worth replacing with more closed swimming trunks. Let it will be two triangles with thin laces, It will be quite enough to draw to itself attention and to show harmonous legs and beautiful, elastic buttocks. Micro or mini-fusible only slender beauties, and in combination with a simple bra from two triangles will be able to afford, to decorate an elastic breast.
  2. Elegance in combination with minimalism. If your look stopped on a bright bathing suit of juicy color of ripe raspberry, choose standard models, without the elements distracting views. For example, there will be bright color of a swimwear, plus short, literally a weightless fringe on a bra enough. Or try to try on an elegant bathing suit from soft boucle fabric. Saturated blue color, bright green or juicy yellow was pleasant? You are able to afford to choose any bright shade of a bathing suit. Only do not forget about little assistants – points, a hat, costume jewelry and even footwear everything has to be combined among themselves.
  3. Hidden sex appeal. It would seem, what can be simpler, than a swimwear choice? And can simply leave this invention and be sent on leave, having taken with itself a bathing suit of last season? Well, is not present - this summer designers recommend to girls to find a little time with faultless taste and to choose a worthy beach suit. Pay attention to bathing suits of classical breed with interesting additions. If a breast small, and a hip wide, it is possible to avoid it and to choose high swimming trunks with thin shoulder straps or to try on swimming trunks triangles. Your task – to distract attention from a lower body and to place emphasis on a breast. It is possible to increase a small breast by means of correctly picked up bodice. It can be a popular style "gang" with dense cups and thin straps or classical model of the top part of a bathing suit, but with decorative elements.

Bright print – a trend of a beach season 2015

Large strip, cage, sigzag and various patterns – all this can be chosen now to become irresistible on a beach. The bright, bewitching and at the same time attracting looks of drawings on a bathing suit – became peak of beach fashion of 2015. Designers tried wonderfully well: bathing suits are decorated by wild animals, ethnic compositions, sea patterns, drawing abstraction and long ago the flower motives which were pleasant to us. That it is possible to advise – abundance of bright prints will help you to make a right choice. Yes, and still, pay attention on 3D - drawings, correctly picked up style of a bathing suit plus original drawing will make you the queen of a beach.

Bathing suits in vintage style

Lovers of old times for certain will like a bathing suit in style of the 60th of last century. The severity of a retro of those times replaced softness and brightness of paints. It is possible to choose the pleasant swimwear model for every taste. By the way, pay attention to swimming trunks shorts and shorts with a short waist. They will suit ladies with magnificent forms, but also, will help to hide the available tummy. It is possible to choose a bathing suit from the soft streaming fabric with interesting "chaste" top or to try on a swimwear from dense material which "will make" a stomach flat, and to a priest of more round. Besides, you can try on the modest separate retrobathing suit consisting of a monophonic undershirt with large buttons on the center (imitation of a fastener), plus a wide white fringing. Swimming trunks in this bathing suit will be wide, hiding the line of a hip. Despite the seeming modesty, in such bathing suit you will seem more attractive and sexier.

One-piece swimsuits and monokin – fashionable bathing suits of summer 2015

Joint bathing suits of this season are presented in wide assortment, but the undoubted palm is held by a swimwear with V-shaped cut. The smart joint bathing suit from «Dolce&Gabbana» from the fine streaming golden fabric" favourably will emphasize beauty of a suntanned body. Only one ornament – a massive chain corbel under gold, and also modest a flash tattoo in tone of a bathing suit will approach such beach suit.

Monokini – swimwears of so-called intermediate option is an and not separate, and not joint bathing suit. The intermediate option of beach furniture will allow to place accents in the right places and to hide that should not be exposed on a review. Seductive cuts ahead or on each side, a wide longitudinal strip on the line of a stomach or a cross strip from elastic fabric on a waist, and also expensive fabric plus decorative elements (chains, stones, laces, pastes, beads and an embroidery) – such bathing suit it is possible to leave for solemn occasions, for example, of a beach party. Only do not forget that in monokin it is better not to sunbathe so at first it is better to luxuriate under warm tender beams of the sun in an open bathing suit.

Fashionable sports bathing suit

For those who got used to spend time on a beach actively, designers suggest to pay attention to sports bathing suits. Sports spirit, an erotichnost and comfort – the main motto of this season. In such swimwear it is possible not only to sunbathe, but also to play beach sports, to sweep by water bicycle or to arrange swimming competitions. Coloring can be the most various, as well as patterns. The sports girl should not seem strict therefore lovely peas, butterflies, florets and strips are welcomed.

Fashionable beach bathing suits of this season

As you can see, the fashion is unpredictable and it is proved once again by beach fashion. At a reservoir it is possible to see the sunbathing young woman dressed in the closed vintage bathing suit, and in the neighbourhood with her other girl – in a mini-bathing suit. So you should not be surprised. Let's study the list of the fashionable directions of bathing suits of summer 2015:

  • dark top – a white bottom. Now this motto can be used and in beach fashion. You can combine different bathing suits of contrast colors – to put on blue shorts and a bright lemon bodice. Designers welcome such direction and suggest girls to collect a swimwear independently;
  • knitted bathing suits take the leading position in the summer of 2015. Knitting can be used in the form of separate details or as the main material. Lovers of knitting by a hook can safely get to work, still there is time to stand out in a fashionable bathing suit on a beach;
  • transparent inserts can be seen anywhere. They favourably emphasize beauty of a female body and do not go beyond a legal framework;
  • frills, ryushik and shuttlecocks can decorate any part of a bathing suit – closed or bikini. For thin persons there is no best way, than visually to increase a breast by 1 size – simply choose a bathing suit with the bodice trimmed with a flounce;
  • leather bathing suits in a combination to a difficult cut became a hit of beach fashion on Maiya. The frank lacing in combination with distinguished skin is is so seductive and glamourous.

By all means try to find the fashionable bathing suit, and then you will manage to turn long-awaited holiday into the real holiday. Have a rest with pleasure!

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