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Barcelona: rest and sights, h. 2

From the previous material you already managed to learn about features of rest in Spain, and in Barcelona in particular. Continuing to acquaint you with this country, will tell about excursions which are only in Spain and with guarantee cause interest in all tourists. The first that at many people is associated with Spain is a bullfight.
From the previous material "Barcelona: rest and sights, p.1" you already managed to learn about features of rest in Spain, and in Barcelona in particular. Continuing to acquaint you with this country, will tell about excursions which are only in Spain and with guarantee cause interest in all tourists.
The first that it would be desirable to advise, it to alternate days of excursions with days of rest on a beach / in hotel – the majority of excursions come to an end late enough, and you will arrive to hotel after 12 nights; next day active recreation it will not want any more.
Secondly, to buy excursions from your guide in hotel – it is quite expensive, they can be ordered in the same girl at a stop: it will turn out unlike cheaper, and can be sure that you will not be thrown".


The first that at many people is associated with Spain is a Bullfight. Spaniards have a Bullfight – one of favourite shows. But to people with weak nervous system or very impressionable this excursion should not be ordered. Also there children till 14 years are not allowed.
Bullfight is a duel of the person with the bull who is specially grown up for this purpose. Traditionally it is carried out in round amphitheaters, in the presence of huge number of the audience. All "representation" proceeds about two hours: three matadors act, everyone has to battle to two bulls. But the matador battles to a bull not alone as it would be possible to think. At first picadors enrage an animal pricks peaks, in the same time the toreador angers a bull flashing caps (a wide cape) even more. Then, during attacks of a bull to the toreador, banderilyero sticks two banderillas (the subjects similar to a harpoon) into a spine of a bull. The last action – the matador's duel with a bull. And completion of all this representation, the matador gets one or two ears of a prostrate bull – depending on extent of admiration of the audience from seen.
    Toreadors and matadors start studying for participation in bullfight from 10 years, to battle to a scene come at 18-20. Retire early enough – approximately in 40 years. But during the stay they earn very much even not bad: the matador with a good name receives about 100 thousand dollars for one representation!
Bullfight of Barcelona takes place in Plaza de Toros. The cost of excursion is about 45 US dollars.
Bullfight, certainly, impresses and bewitches the audience, but this quite cruel show therefore advises to think of, whether really you want to see all this the eyes.

Knightly tournament

Knightly tournament – one of the most interesting excursions of Spain. Exactly here you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages: to wander on the lock surrounded with a ditch to have supper "medieval" food and, certainly, to look at the competing knights!
By bus you are brought to the lock.

To the people it is a lot of – not one ten buses; to you will carry if the organized group gets, you will quickly gather and will arrive among the first there – will be able to take the best places in the forefront. Action happens in the lock, on the covered arena round which an amphitheater places of the audience – long benches which tables face settle down.
Audience is divided into four sectors (red, yellow, blue and green), and each sector supports the knight. It really takes – though understand that this show – very high-quality fancy-dress representation and knights, most likely, agreed in advance who from them "will win", all the same strain a voice, encouraging the knight. During tournament knights will show excellent abilities in a fancy riding, battle on swords, copies and maces and if strongly get excited, even in hand-to-hand fight.

Before excursion you should not have dinner – as soon as the room is filled with the people, the waiters dressed in medieval clothes will start serving up a dinner: to everyone – a half of roast chicken, bread, red wine (and also, mineral water and juice, for those who does not take alcohol). By the way, as well as in the Middle Ages, a dinner it is necessary to use without the aid of tableware.
After competitions and a victory some of knights, you will have time, about an hour, to wander on the lock, to be photographed, sit behind little tables on the street or to dance (on the street the disco is arranged). After that to you will suggest to pass in one of halls of the lock where you will be able to look at truly Spanish dances – a flamenco.
The Spanish dances cannot be described words,, of course, advises surely to see it the eyes – you will not be able to look away from flexible, slender girls in beautiful dresses and graceful young people, is delightful the heels transferring the Spanish passion under knock and castanets.
Excursion "Knightly tournament" can be combined even with one excursion – "Aquarium". In this case, you will make a two-hour stop about Port Vell – the port of Barcelona near which are large shopping center, movie theater of three-dimensional cinema and an Aquarium.
The aquarium represents some big rooms, along which walls – aquariums with different types of fishes and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Also there is a multimeter corridor with transparent walls and a ceiling, that is, literally, a tunnel in a huge aquarium. Simply fantastic show when directly at you over the head the shark floats!
Excursion "Knightly tournament" takes 4-8 hours (time depends on a site of your hotel), "Knightly tournament + the Aquarium" – from 6 to 10 hours. Cost of excursions about 40 and 50 US dollars respectively.
Bullfight and knightly tournament – the brightest and memorable excursions in Spain which each tourist is literally obliged to visit. Without having gone on these excursions, it is hardly possible to say that really saw Spain.

Museum and Salvador Dalí's lock

One more excursion which recommends to you to visit – "The museum and Salvador Dalí's lock". Of course, if you do not love Dali's creativity, you like not be pleasant in his museum, but I personally did not see tourists on whom this excursion did not make impression.
The road to the lock of the Distance will take some hours, but will not allow to start missing to you: the guide will tell all this time to you about Dali's life, about his creativity.
I will disappoint fans of classical medieval castles: the lock not really big, two-storeyed, with a small internal court yard.
You will be carried out on the lock with the most detailed excursion: will tell about each picture, a sculpture, will show bedrooms of Dali and his spouse Gala, a stable, garage with favourite "Cadillac" Gave.

Also you will have a lot of free time to examine the territory round the lock – the most beautiful park.

Near the lock there is a souvenir shop where it is possible to buy things "in style of the Distance". Of course, there are a lot of kitschy suvenirchik, but there are also really interesting things. But advises you to wait with purchase of knickknacks "for memory" – near the museum to which you will be brought after the lock, there will be the hugest choice of various souvenirs.
So, after visit of the lock you will get on a bus again and an hour more one and a half will go to the museum.

In the museum will also conduct very good tour then at you will be enough time to take a walk there independently, and still to sit in cafe and to wander on souvenir little shops.

Sightseeing tour across Barcelona

And, at last, one more the most interesting (and the most beautiful!) excursion – survey. At once I want to tell that it is better to buy "survey across Barcelona + the singing fountains". Excursion late enough will end (around 12 nights), but you will not regret about the spent time.
During excursion will show you the most interesting and beautiful places of Barcelona. At first you will be brought to Sagrada Familia of construction of Antoni Gaudi.

After that at you will be enough (about two hours) time to walk on small streets of Barcelona, without having deprived attention and shops.

Especially I recommend to pass on Las Ramblas Boulevard – to look on so-called at "live statues". By the way, you knew, what exactly Barcelona – the hometown of such "statues"?

Then will show you the mountain Montzhuik …

… and "The Spanish village" – such Spain in a miniature, small (some streets) the town where typical constructions of various provinces of Spain are collected.
There you will be able independently to take a walk and have supper approximately an hour and a half in one of small restaurants.
In summary you look at the most beautiful representation – "The singing fountains".
This pleasure will manage to you at 9-10 o'clock time and about 40 dollars on the person.

Here, actually, and all the most interesting, in my opinion, excursions in Barcelona and its vicinities, and I would advise you not to miss opportunity to visit them. During 10-day rest you will manage to visit all from them.
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