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Review of Banana club hotel, Turkey

The majority of us simply adores travel. Only as it is correct to choose a certain option during holiday, especially, when time happens restrictedly, and so there is a wish to come off at most. In this article on it will be a question of personal impression of travel to Turkey, stays in CLUB BANANA hotel ****, located in Alania.
Without fluctuation I can claim that the majority of us simply adores travel. Who with a backpack on a back as a part of group of friends goes to a taiga; who, having armed with fishing accessories and the boat, looks out for fish places; someone wishes to sunbathe on the southern sun in the country, and someone in the presence of the unlimited sum of the green is ready to submit the world's end. Ways to have a rest and be gathered fresh impressions simply nemeryano.
Only as it is correct to choose a certain option during holiday, especially, when time happens restrictedly, and so there is a wish to come off at most. Here invaluable service will be rendered by detailed stories of friends and acquaintances about the trip. Always it is possible to learn their opinion, whether they are happy, for example, with the chosen tour operator or the vacation spot.
In this article on it will be a question of personal impression of travel to Turkey, stays in CLUB BANANA hotel ****, located in Alania.

Round selection

We with the husband dreamed of similar travel long ago. There were options: either Egypt, or Turkey. As business was in July, to us explained that in Egypt it is enough hot. So the choice fell on the country of Turks.
The Moscow tour operator of "Aneks" provided us exhaustive information on the prices of various hotels, in detail described the services provided by them and the list of excursions. Taking into account the size of our family grist in 2 thousand dollars offered optimum option of acquisition of the permit in four-stars hotel CLUB BANANA for 9 days / 10 nights.
As on the sites we could not find concrete reviews of this hotel, hesitated a little. Also it appeared – in vain! The last-minute travel offer managed around 900 dollars for two, including air flight, a transfer, an insurance and meals at the hotel on system "all inclusive", a buffet.
Delivery of tickets by Liol-travel travel agency was fantastically fast and did not bring any additional experiences.

Flight to Turkey

In due time at the Domodedovo airport registration of passengers began. It was required to pass through the x-ray scanner. Who refused, that checked personally, feeling each centimeter of a body. Naturally, the clothes should be taken off to a minimum. The shiest squeezed to the scanner.
The liner sent us differed from others in the new look and grace. It was pleasant to sit down in its chairs. The food during flight was given in enough. There was a potato mashed potatoes, cutlet, salad, sauce, tea coffee with sugar and a sweet roll for a dessert. From time to time carried juice on a choice.
The bathroom in the plane pleased with the sparkling purity.
Arrived on the Turkish earth in 3,5 hours. Only softly mudflows as in salon it was distributed amicable "HURRAH!". People rejoiced, as children! Yes it was also clear in connection with fear of unsuccessful flight.
On hours of 9:30 mornings, the visa was paid (40 dollars), the baggage was received within an hour and gone to hotel by bus from travel agency. Distance quite decent – 130 km from the airport of Antalya to the destination (Alania), but it did not matter as it was curious to us to have a look vicinities of the unknown earth. With surprise noted that in salon of the bus fine climate and absolutely not hot while air temperature on the Turkish earth reached to 35 degrees in a shadow. Our way lay by a number of hotels, and we stopped for disembarkation of group of passengers. In passing noted – it is pleasant or not the concrete vacation spot, and were already afraid that we will get mean option as even five-star complexes satisfied not everything to our desires. That is far from the coast, greens are not present, a look modest, etc. Having completely been upset, prepared for the worst.
What our pleasant surprise when drove up to a place was.

Hotel, settling in number

The CLUB BANANA hotel is buried in picturesque verdure,
everywhere fantastically beautiful ornamental plants and trees. Lianopodobny plants twist regional parts of houses and smoothly flow in freakish forms on the earth. The shadow from sprawling palm trees and trees well protected us from the southern heat, a saturated large amount of moisture. On all hotel quite peculiar plants which bright colors is pleasing to the eye are got.
On a reception
arrived approximately to 12 o'clock in the afternoon, us asked to sit down for a while until numbers are released. pays your attention that after registration and receiving room keys, plastic orange brasletik with a logo of hotel will have to give out to you: it becomes in order that foreign vacationers from other hotels did not use services of CLUB BANANA hotel. The Russian-speaking guide explained all a daily routine and time of giving of a breakfast-lunch-dinner and wished pleasant rest. Then the Turk from the service personnel of hotel led us in the three-storyed case to show number. We got a room on the ground floor with an exit in a garden.
In number – one room with a balcony and the combined bathroom (a sink with a big mirror, a shower and a toilet). There are two beds, bedside tables, a case for clothes, the safe, use is hidden in its deepening which about 2 dollars per day are in addition paid. On a table – the TV, it is possible to look through all channels, there is also ours – Russian. Also for records writing paper and pure envelopes is provided. On a wall the conditioner, the hair dryer is attached, there is phone with the list of hot numbers for a call of various services, including administrations of a reception. A floor in number and on a balcony – ceramics.
The trick left with the safe. Put valuable things there, closed, and forgot the password. It became terrible how to open? Tried all possible combinations, nearly squabbled. It was necessary to ask for the help on a reception. For us it was opened quickly and returned safe contents.
Cleaning of rooms in BANANA CLUB hotel daily in the mornings when vacationers leave for breakfast. It is necessary to close a door and to hang up the plate "Clean, please". If forget – number will be passed. Women – Turkish women in a characteristic headdress and long working clothes wash the floors in each number, wipe dust and change daily bed linen, and towels three times a week. What small difficulties were: there were no towels, it was necessary to buy here, it is difficult to dry up the washed things. As humidity of air very high, the linen long did not dry out. We were rescued by the small iron which we brought with ourselves.


About BANANA CLUB meals at the hotel: Turkish cuisine which is sated with various spices, a little unusual for the Russian stomach, but, nevertheless, everything is very tasty and prepared with a delicacy. The food type – a buffet, the menu various, often changes.
For breakfast are offered various type of muesli with kefir, milk, juice; hard boiled eggs or soft-boiled, either fried eggs, or an omelet with seasonings. Wide choice vegetable (cucumbers, tomatoes, various salads) and farinaceous food: bread, various rolls and sweet. Also in separate packings jams, honey, oil, cream are offered. From drinks tea, coffee. Exactly there I discovered for myself fragrant tea with the Turkish herbs.
What can tell concerning a lunch?
The first – the soups quite unusual. Small wiped components, the dense tremelloid. For me them is it was unusual. But French fries potato mashed potatoes, various chops, cutlets, meatballs in sauce, a fried juicy bird were estimated perfectly well. Well and of course, salads. All components for them are spread out in separate capacities: lettuce leaves, onions, fennel, parsley, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. You gather that you want, then you approach capacity with vegetable oil, mayonnaise and you fill to taste. To tea give unusual to us various types a dessert – soft smetanoobrazny with the interspersed berries. And melts in the mouth!
The dinner consisted of light meals in the form of various salads, the mixed vegetables baked with seasonings.
Tea with various cookings moves: strawberry, apricot, cherry and fresh fruit. Also juice is offered.
How many time can be eaten? Consider: early in the 7th mornings and a late breakfast at ten o'clock. Then a mid-morning snack of 12 h and a lunch in 14 h, an early dinner in 18 h and late approximately in 20-21 h. During the day you free of charge can taste various drinks, including tea, coffee and pastries (the Turkish flat cakes to "gyozlema", sweet rolls) till 24 o'clock.
Fruit gives on all meals, constantly. There were oranges (very sweet), peaches, apples, pears, water-melons, melons much. In five-stars hotel as we learned, besides this fruit, gave also strawberry, sweet cherry. On our surprise, bananas in the menu of BANANA CLUB hotel were not at all. It appeared – a season not that, and they in July did not ripen yet.

Hotel territory

In the territory
BANANA CLUB hotel there are some two-three-storyed cases and one seven-story with elevators,
three bars working according to the schedules, three outdoor pools (one – deep, the second with a children's hill for teenagers and small for kids), on a lawn the playground is equipped, there are various sections: volleyball, basketball, table tennis, darts, aerobics. At pools plank beds with mattresses are located, can occupy free of charge them, only if are in time. As a rule, to the 7th morning all are occupied not only about the pool, but also on a beach. In such cases of recommends to agree about their delivery on a reception.
In the evening when darkens,
pools are lit with underwater onboard bulbs that gives an unusual look in twilight. Water fresh, pure. In BANANA CLUB hotel there is also an evening animation, on a scene the Turkish leaders get all public, play with children and adults. Music plays late, however in our number it practically did not deliver hindrances for rest. Among visitors I met many Germans, Russians were almost not. Everywhere the Turkish, English and German speech sounded.

Beach rest

The distance from BANANA CLUB hotel to a beach about 30 meters, them is divided by the narrow carriageway. To reach it, it is necessary to pass on a subway.
The separate word should be told about the Mediterranean Sea. I was at the Azov, Black seas, but such as it, did not see yet.
First, the high density of water practically did not give the chance to drown, sea water perfectly held you afloat at any styles of swimming. We with the husband do not differ in qualities of good swimmers, but here could swim away to border of anchor buoys and not test strong fatigue. However, further to float it was frightening, after all, nevertheless others earth.
Secondly, water so pure, crystal that illuminates a bottom. If to be extended in vertical situation in water, you will easily see the toes. The coast sandy, but under water stones in places meet. Descent in water is easiest from a pier,
there already sufficient depth, many jumped in water the head down though there was a warning board with an inscription on English, what it is impossible to jump. The wind happens quite strong in the afternoon, waves big and fine throw you, and at the coast with noise are rolled, forcing down the vacationers entering water. In the evening the wind abates, the sun quickly goes down to the region of the mountain, water at the coast thoughtfully laps, and on a surface of the sea is beautifully silvered in twilight of night under the clear moon.

Walks on the city

In one of evenings got out to the city. In the evenings and at night the city of Alania does not sleep: there all night long clothing stores, products work, restaurants are open. We wandered about trade places where it was possible to buy practically everything that is necessary. It is less, than for $1 there nothing is sold, and with delivery in the form of coins Turkish you will quickly get confused. We tried not to be spent especially, but tempting freshly squeezed orange juice in glasses of 200 ml quietly ate our dollar pieces of paper. Still bought a sweet cherry kilogram for 3 dollars and pistachios for 1 dollar.
Walk was interesting, all that diversity of fires ashore especially amazed.
Besides, near BANANA CLUB hotel there is a drugstore, a hairdressing salon, computer club, rent of the car, and also the Turkish bath, massage services. All this for a fee, we did not happen to try because of limitation of means. But could pay the most interesting excursions.


Ordered 2 excursions: one – on the boat with visit of ancient ruins from the city Faces with bathing in the high sea – such pleasure! Prickly balls of sea hedgehogs were at the bottom visible. We were warned, what dangerously to touch them. Here extreme! And other excursion – 6 hours by bus to Pamukkale, is huge stalakitovy rocks, on them a crystal stream healing water flows down. Show, worthy brushes of the great artist. In the same place swam in the mineral pool – simply perfectly! Feelings such as if you anew were born. Gathered mineral water directly from the pool at sources. In passing visited an ancient Orthodox church of Nikolay flatterer, there something remained. Saw the Roman arena similar to the Colosseum, tombs cut in rocks. It is so much impressions!
At excursions the guide told us about life in Turkey. That it is easy to acquire real estate, transport, having taken the credit for 5 years without percent. That on one family build already the five-floor house. That all prefer the last make of the car – on old do not go. That for Muslim women a lot of things were resolved, forbidden earlier by the Koran. It was interesting to listen!

The way back passed according to the similar scheme: in the 12th day we were brought together, sent the comfortable bus and carried to the airport. After passing of registration and check of baggage we sat down on an airliner. However the liner this time was worse and food not on the ball. In the evening we safely landed in Moscow, overflowed with unusual impressions and valuable baggage of the present Turkish photos!
In general, the trip was successful wonderfully well and I am very happy with the provided conveniences and rest in BANANA CLUB hotel ****. Have a good swim with all the heart, sunbathed perfectly. For all travel and the organization of rest there is a wish to express huge gratitude to tour operator of "Aneks", and also Liol-travel intermediary firm, it was pleasant to cooperate with them!
I advise all, will not regret!
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