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That we know about a fireball

The fear of the person most often proceeds from ignorance. Very few people are afraid of a usual lightning — a spark electric discharge — and all know how to behave during a thunder-storm. But that such the fireball, whether is dangerous it and what to do if you faced this phenomenon? Also will tell about it today.
Шаровая молния, что мы знаем о шаровой молнии The fear of the person most often proceeds from ignorance. Very few people are afraid of a usual lightning — a spark electric discharge — and all know how to behave during a thunder-storm. But that such the fireball, whether is dangerous it and what to do if you faced this phenomenon? Also will tell about it today.

What fireballs happen?

To learn a fireball very easily, despite a variety of its types. Usually it has as it is possible to guess easily, a form of the sphere shining as a bulb on 60 — 100 Watts. Much less often lightnings similar to a pear, a mushroom or a drop, or such exotic form as a pancake, a bagel or a lens meet. But a variety of color scale simply strikes: from transparent to black, but shades yellow, orange and red are in the lead nevertheless. Color can be non-uniform, and sometimes fireballs change it, as a chameleon.
It is not necessary to speak about the constant size of a plasma sphere too, it fluctuates from several centimeters to several meters. But usually people face fireballs with a diameter of 10 — 20 centimeters.
Worst of all in the description of lightnings the situation is with their temperature and weight. According to scientists, temperature can be ranging from 100 to 1000 ° C. But thus the people facing fireballs at hand distance extremely seldom noted though some heat proceeding from them though logically, they had to get burns. The same riddle and with a weight: what the lightning was not the size, it weighs no more than 5 — 7 grams.
If you sometime from far away saw the object similar that described, we congratulate — it, most likely, and there was a fireball.

Behavior of fireballs

Шаровые молнии непонятным образом исторгаются из электрических розеток в доме и «просачиваются» сквозь малейшие щели в стенах и стекла, превращаясь в «сосиски» и затем снова принимая обычную свою форму The behavior of fireballs is unpredictable. They treat the phenomena which appear when want where want and create that want. So, was considered earlier that fireballs are born only in time of thunder-storms and always accompany linear (usual) lightnings. However gradually it became clear that they can appear and in a sunny clear weather. Believed that lightnings "are as if attracted" to places of a high voltage with a magnetic field — to electric wires. But cases when those appeared actually in the middle of an open country were recorded …
Fireballs are inexplicably extorted from electric sockets in the house and "filter" through the slightest cracks in walls and flew down, turning into "sausages" and then again taking the usual form. Thus does not remain any melted-off traces … They that quietly hang on one place at small distance from the earth, rush with a speed of 8 — 10 meters per second somewhere. Having met on the way of the person or an animal, lightnings can keep from them the distance and peacefully behave, can turn curiously nearby, and can attack and burn or kill then either to thaw, indifferently, or to blow up with an awful roar. However, despite frequent stories about injured or killed with a fireball, their number is rather small — only 9 percent. Most often, a lightning, having roamed on the district, disappears, without having done any harm. If it appeared in the house, usually back "filters" on the street and only there thaws.
Many inexplicable cases when fireballs "become attached" to some concrete place or the person are also recorded, and appear regularly. Thus in relation to the person they share on two look — what attack him in each emergence and what do not do harm or attack the people who are nearby. There is one more riddle: a fireball, having killed the person, it is perfect without any trace on a body, and the corpse long time does not grow numb and does not decay …
Some scientists say that the lightning simply "stops time" in an organism.

Fireball from the scientific point of view

В 1999-2001 сотрудники Петербургского института ядерной физики РАН (С. Петербург, Гатчина) Егоров Антон Ильич и Шабанов Геннадий Дмитриевич  получили компактный сферический плазмоид с временем жизни до полсекунды и с диаметром 12-15 см. Fireball — the phenomenon unique and peculiar. For history of mankind more than 10 thousand certificates on meetings with "reasonable spheres" accumulated. However scientists cannot still boast of big achievements in the sphere of research of these objects. There is a mass of separate theories about an origin and "life" of fireballs. From time to time in vitro it turns out to create objects, by the form and to properties similar to fireballs — plazmoida. Nevertheless, a harmonous picture and a logical explanation for this phenomenon nobody could provide.
The most known and developed before the others is the theory of the academician P. L. Kapitsa which explains emergence of a fireball and its some features with emergence of short-wave electromagnetic oscillations in space between thunderclouds and a terrestrial surface. However Kapitsa did not manage to explain the nature of those short-wave fluctuations. Besides, as it was noticed above that fireballs not necessarily accompany usual lightnings and can appear in a clear weather. Nevertheless, the majority of other theories are based on conclusions of the academician Kapitsa.
The hypothesis, other than Kapitsa's theory, was created by B. M. Smirnov claiming that the fireball kernel — is the cellular structure possessing a strong framework with a small weight, and the framework is created from plasma threads.
D. Turner explains the nature of fireballs with the thermochemical effects proceeding in saturated water vapor in the presence of rather strong electric field.
However the most interesting the theory of the New Zealand chemists D. Abrakhamson and D. Dinnis is considered. They found out that at a lightning stroke to the soil containing silicates and organic carbon the ball of fibers of silicon and carbide of silicon is formed. These fibers gradually are oxidized and start shining. So the "fiery" sphere warmed to 1200 — 1400 °C which slowly thaws is born. But if temperature of a lightning reads off scale, she explodes. Nevertheless, and this harmonous theory does not confirm all cases of emergence of lightnings.
For official science the fireball still continues to remain a riddle. Can therefore round it there are so many pseudo-scientific theories and still bigger number of fictions.

Pseudo-scientific theories about a fireball

Как минимум, шаровые молнии считаются приборами для исследования нашего мира. Как максимум — энергетическими сущностями, которые также собирают какие-то сведения о нашей планете и ее обитателях. We will not tell story about the demons with the burning eyes reserving a sulfur smell, infernal dogs and "fiery birds" here as sometimes represented fireballs. However their strange behavior allows many researchers of this phenomenon to assume that of lightnings "think". At least, fireballs are considered as devices for research of our world. As at most — power sushchnost which also collect some data on our planet and its inhabitants.
As indirect confirmation of these theories can serve also that fact that any collection of information — is work with energy.
And unusual property of lightnings to disappear in one place and to appear instantly in other. There are assumptions that the same fireball "dives" into a certain part of space — other measurement living under other physical laws — and, having dumped information, appears again in our world in a new point. And actions of lightnings of rather living beings of our planet too are comprehended — they do not touch one, another "touch", and at some simply pull out flesh slices, as if on the genetic analysis!
Easily explainably and frequent emergence of fireballs during thunder-storms. During surges in energy — electric discharges — portals from parallel measurement open, and their collectors of information on our world get to our world …

What to do at a meeting with a fireball?

Это фото шаровой молнии было сделано студентом из Нагано, Япония в 1987 году The main thing governed at emergence of a fireball — whether it be in the apartment or on the street — not to panic and not to do sharp movements. Do not run anywhere! Lightnings are very susceptible to air turbulences which we create at run and the other movements and which pull it for themselves. It is possible to come off a fireball only by car, but in any way not under the own steam.
Try to curtail silently from a way of a lightning and to keep further from it, but not to turn to it a back. If you are in the apartment — approach a window and open a window leaf. With high probability the lightning will take off outside.
And, of course — never throw nothing into a fireball! It can disappear not simply, and blow up, as a mine, and then serious consequences (burns, injuries, sometimes loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest) neotvratima.
If the fireball touched someone and the person fainted, it needs to be moved in well aired room, heat to wrap up, make an artificial respiration and it is obligatory to call the ambulance.
In general, technical means of protection from fireballs as those it is not developed yet. Only existing now "шаромолниеотвод" it was developed by the leading engineer of the Moscow institute heating engineers B. Ignatov. Sharomolniyeotvod Ignatova is patented, but is created similar devices – units, the speech about his active introduction does not go to life yet.
Therefore — take care and if meet a fireball, do not forget about recommendations which made to you!
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