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How to connect a bag from garbage packages

Today became very popular to find application for old unnecessary things, waste or it is simple to make useful hand-made articles of, apparently, materials absolutely improper for this purpose. And if about flowerpots from old ware and a shelf from boxes our grandmothers knew still, the last trend – bags from garbage packages!

Of course, it will be a question not of the used garbage packages, but even new they cost much cheaper than knitting threads of which usually do similar things. Besides, such handbag is not afraid of water and will not suffer if to fill in it with incidentally opened kefir or juice. Washed out in cool water, and it is ready!

It is a little more about the main material. Any, in principle, will be suitable for knitting of a bag from garbage packages, but recommends to buy superstrong packages (can be even for construction garbage). If you have available usual garbage packages as at me, for strengthening of a design it is better to use a strong thin thread (kapron, silk, synthetics).

This article serves more to give understanding that things absolutely ordinary, unnecessary at first sight can bring benefit to the house. For certain you in kitchen have a case in which you store all packages from shops and supermarkets. Use them for creation of a convenient bag for purchases and forever refuse purchase of new packages. This "vicious circle", by the way, is tried to be interrupted for a long time in America and the European countries where instead of plastic the recycled paper is used. For now in our country these innovations are not present, we will help ecology, having found application for polyethylene!

Necessary tools and materials:

  • packages garbage;
  • scissors;
  • thin strong thread;
  • thick scaffold or linen rope;
  • hook No. 2.1.

Knitting of a bag from packages

Accurately tear off one package and level it that there were no folds.

Put a package lengthways in half, and then once again that the long strip turned out. Cut off a bottom.

Cut a strip of the curtailed package on slices 2-2,5 cm wide. Develop them and connect among themselves, as shown in a photo.

Having cut in this way all packing of garbage packages, connect all slices and wind in a ball.

Further it is necessary to create the scheme of future bag. Width of a bottom will be about twice less than length. As length of this bag is 30 cm, bottom width – 15 cm.

Connect the first chain slightly more than 15 cm long as in the course of a binding it will become slightly shorter.

Provyazhite the second row, having added to the main thread from garbage packages a thin "intensifying" thread (silk, x/, synthetics) the corresponding color.

As the bottom has to be strong, it is necessary to strengthen in addition it by means of a steel linen rope or a thick scaffold. Start interweaving it into the basis, clasping threads. To knit usual loops without nakid.

That the bottom evenly extended and took shape necessary to us, on turns add on some loops and knit until the bottom reaches the sizes as on the scheme.

When it is ready, cut off a linen rope and tie a bottom with "a rachy step". It will make its edges more beautiful and accurate. The equipment "a rachy step" is given below on a photo. Its feature that the direction occurs on from right to left, and from left to right as if the crustacean moves back back – from here and the name. Gather an air loop, and then pass a hook head throughout a column under the following loop among and stretch a thread, provyazav all loops together. A magnificent beautiful row will turn out.

When the bottom is tied, we start creation of walls of a bag. For this purpose it is necessary to build the direction perpendicular to a bottom. Provyazhite the first row, passing a hook throughout columns under the last number of loops of a bottom.

When walls reach the necessary height, strengthen the last row, having added a linen rope, as during creation of a bottom.

That the product turned out "more cheerful", you can use packages of any coloring. The bag from garbage packages is almost ready, it was necessary to make for it suitable handles.

Choose length of handles at own discretion. For this bag short handles that it could be carried in hands or on a shoulder matched. Do not forget to strengthen them a thread!

Firmly sew handles to handbag inside.

We congratulate! You made the first bag of garbage packages, and made the contribution to preservation of ecology. Now it is possible to go safely behind purchases!

In this way it is possible to make not only bags for purchases or campaigns on a beach. From garbage packages wonderful cache-pots for plants which can be hung out on the street, and neither will turn out the rain, nor cold to them will not be terrible! It is possible to connect a stove bench for a favourite cat, having used for strengthening of a framework more than a strong linen rope. Cats, as we know, delighted with packages also adore getting into secluded corners. Present, how many joy of m will be brought by such rustling lodge!

Having shown a little imagination and sharpnesses, it is possible to do tremendous things of absolutely usual materials.

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