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Bad mood how to help itself?

The bad mood is the state familiar to all people. Someone is subject to it more often, someone is more rare. The person with bad mood is sluggish and apathetic, unpleasant in communication, everything irritates him. recommends to the readers to get rid quicker of bad mood, you will be helped by some ways.

The bad mood is a state familiar to all people. Someone is subject to it more often, someone is more rare. The person with bad mood is sluggish and apathetic, unpleasant in communication, everything irritates him. recommends to the readers to get rid quicker of bad mood, you will be helped by some ways.

Bad mood – causes and effects

If at you the bad mood, is an occasion to reflect that served it as the reason. Perhaps this some event: quarrel with the loved one, feeling sick, the conflict at work? If there is a specific problem, once you reflect, it to solve. Psychologists say that specific actions it is always better, than mental "crunching" of the same unpleasant event. Take a walk in park, postpone affairs and please yourself with something: meet the girlfriend (friend), indulge yourself with pleasant purchase, look at the comedy, be run on stadium or dance. It is important to remember that the choice of mood is our internal vision of life which depends on external factors a little. Smile to yourself in front of the mirror and tell aloud that everything obligatory will be good.

But it happens and so that it seems everything well and is not present the reasons for melancholy, and tears well up on eyes and everything irritates. Perhaps, you chronically do not get enough sleep and for a long time work very hard? Or you have a small child to whom you get up several times in a night? Then above the bad mood is explained by chronic fatigue and a sleep debt.

It is necessary to sleep and have a rest

If you are a captive of chronic fatigue and a sleep debt, it is necessary to sleep and have a rest. Take a compensatory holiday at work, postpone urgent matters, ask relatives or the nurse to sit with the child and simply sleep. You will see at once how life will play new paints. In spite of the fact that in life there are any difficult situations, it is necessary to try to do itself respites though sometimes. Otherwise the bad mood can turn into a depression which not to overcome without the assistance of the doctor. It is better not to lead up before.

How to find reasons for pleasure in the most usual and daily

To find reasons for pleasure we should learn at children. As they when you conduct them on a swing rejoice, promise a campaign in a zoo or at cinema, or buy ice cream! And it is simple to go slowly by a hand with mother or the father is a happiness! Having matured, we lost this ability to rejoice to every day of the life. Stop for a minute in daily vanity: admire as the first snow is beautiful, a lacy shadow from leaves in park, the kids molding a Kulichiki from sand. Inhale more deeply freshness of spring morning. It is your life! It is healthy to live! Thanks to daily small pleasures you will understand at once how to get rid of bad mood.

I got to talking somehow with one elderly woman. She told that all life waited for some unusual bright events, something special and when looked back, saw that life is already almost lived, and all life passed in expectation.

And still – our thoughts create the world round us. It was told by someone from wise men, and this is true. Try to track the thoughts: as soon as sad thoughts overcome you, drive them away! Think of something good and pleasant! Think of the achievements in life, of the granted desires, that your plans will surely be carried out.

Change of a situation

Change of a situation well is suitable for fight against bad mood. Go to the country, at the sea, in a trip – where your finance allows. Change of a surrounding situation and rest from habitual routine allows to look at themselves and at a situation from outside. Quite often people during travel understand something new about themselves and the life, they are visited by fresh, extraordinary thoughts and ideas.

Good luck loves optimists

After collapse of the USSR I moved from the city in which was born and where all lived my native and friends, to other city for 3000 kilometers. There I long looked for work, endured heavy divorce, remained without housing with the son school student. But never, even at the heaviest moments I did not dare to be given and lower a hand, to mourn and be depressed. I always knew that I will have the house and everything at us will be good. We lived on the rental apartment, I worked at three works, slept for 4 hours per day, the 12-year-old son cooked food and helped about the house.

We managed to buy the small and killed apartment literally some months prior to a jump in prices of real estate. "Good luck!", - all spoke around.

But we know that good luck loves optimists, those who does not give up, goes to the dream and does not give in to bad mood.

Study in fight against bad mood

Study perfectly helps with fight against bad mood. It is checked on own experience: so I finished English language courses and courses of drivers of category B.

In the course of study, acquiring new knowledge, all alarms and grieves leave on the second (and, maybe, and on farther) the plan. Acquiring new knowledge, we get new opportunities for search of new work which is pleasant, opening of own business or hobby for a new hobby more. When we start studying (not necessarily at university, it is possible to choose dress-making courses or ballroom dances) before us new opportunities open (including financial), we get acquainted and communicate with new people. Study will show you how to get rid of bad mood.

If all receptions recommended to do not help you, reflect on the life, in it it is necessary cardinally to change something. Because life is too rapid to spend it for unpleasant things and bad mood.

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