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Treatment of pains in a back

You are tormented by a back pain? And you have no time to take care of the own life and to descend in hospital? You always somewhere hurry, are afraid to be late, you are hurt by a back, but you continue "to run". Let's try deal with the magazine that can become the reason of pain in a back and as it is necessary to work in such situation.
Лечение болей в спине, боль в спине You are tormented by a back pain? And you have no time to take care of the own life and to descend in hospital? Of course, after all time so quickly runs, and you still should be in time everywhere: to descend in shop, to repair the car, to wash, prepare, beat a tack, to work with the child, to take a walk with a dog. You always somewhere hurry, are afraid to be late, you are hurt by a back, but you continue "to run". For the time being, without paying attention to a sore back, still it is possible to live and "run" but when pain becomes aggravated, and a back will be constantly intolerable to ache, will be already late, and you can simply be taken away by an ambulance car. But until it occurred, let's try deal with the magazine that can become the reason of pain in a back and as it is necessary to work in such situation.

Signs disease: overcooling

Let's begin with the most common cause of emergence of pain in a back: cold. For example, you do repair. Move furniture from one room in another, on the street summer, a heat +30, you it is natural, sweated. Having stopped transferring furniture, conditioners went to shop, and there. Your superheated body gets under a cold current of air of the conditioner, and you start freezing, to you is cold. Next day the back starts hurting. Here it is so simple and imperceptible, you elementary blew a back, and now cannot rise, be unbent, a back pain constant, sharp and aching. How in this case you can help yourself?

Treatment of pains in a back when overcooling

Лечение болей в спине при переохлаждении The first that you can make in that case: to rub a back with any warming ointment, for example, it is possible to take finalgon, nikofleks or fastum-gel. If near at hand there are no ointments, it is possible to rub a back with alcohol. Having rubbed a back with ointment or alcohol, wrap up a waist something warm: shawl, scarf. In the next days also to rub a back with ointment, to carry out actions to an absolute recovery. And every time at an exit to the street to put on warmly, tying something warm on a waist.
Secondly, if the back hurts very strongly better to descend to the doctor, he will appoint to you pricks. Pricks kill pain in a back almost at once if not at once, at least, relieve pain a little. To everyone pricks are appointed individually. For example, appoint to puncture within 5 days "мовалис" ampoules on 15 mg and "milgamma" on one ampoule every other day.
Thirdly, if often blows you, recommends strongly to wear a belt for a waist. Now in drugstores a large number of the warming belts for a waist from dog, sheep wool is on sale. Buy such belt and carry every day under clothes. The belt thin is also not swept up under clothes.

Symptoms of a disease: lumbago (1st stage of radiculitis)

Лечение болей в спине At first, you need to define that hurts you, what character pain (stupid, aching, sharp, sharp) when it develops. For example, you started repair in the apartment but as popular wisdom speaks, "repair cannot be finished, it can only be suspended", started moving furniture, to transfer a wardrobe, etc., something was not pleasant to you, and you started over again to move furniture, and so repeats periodically every week. And somehow, transferring once again a bed from one room to another, you had a sharp a waist pain, then pain entered a foot and quickly passed. Pain was short-term, and you did not pay attention. Then, again, moving furniture, you felt sharp a waist pain, thus you sharply got up and unbent a back, pain amplified, but then passed. It is a high time to reflect why so occurs? All cases of emergence of pain given in an example are a sign of the first stage of lumbar and sacral radiculitis which is called in the people a lumbago, in medicine - lyumbago.
In a stage of a lumbago of lumbar and sacral radiculitis pain develops in a waist as a result of heavy lifting or the sharp movement of a body (you sharply turned, sharply unbent a back, bent, etc.). Further pains can repeat, sometimes a waist pain gives to a foot. As a rule, pain amplifies at cough, sneezing, that is after tension of all body.

Treatment of pains in a back at a lumbago

First, when developing sharp lumbar pain it is necessary to lay the patient on a rigid surface (on a floor or a bed, thus to enclose the sheet of plywood under the patient's mattress) immediately. For reduction of pain in a back you can give to the patient an anesthetic (analginum, spazmalgon, pentalgin).
Attention! warns that in that case you should not put the patient in a hot bathtub at all, it will only strengthen pain.
Secondly, you can give to the patient a dry hot-water bottle if it does not help, the patient can rub in waist skin ointment butadionovy, indometatsinovy (it is also possible to use the ointments which are daily advertized on the TV which suit you and do not cause an allergy).
Thirdly, you need to limit salt and liquid in the patient's diet.
Fourthly, a bed rest for 3-5 days.
If a back pain does not pass or there was a sharp severe pain, call the doctor on the house, and he to you will appoint treatment.

Symptoms of a disease: hernia of intervertebral disks (2nd stage of radiculitis)

Боль в спине So, you suffered - suffered from pain in a waist, did-did repair, transferred constantly weights (that is furniture), thought pain itself will pass somehow, but far from it. A waist pain became a constant and amplifies when walking, you lighten only when lie in horizontal situation. "Got into a mess" - you will think. Of course, after all it is symptoms of hernia of intervertebral disks.
The second stage of radiculitis – hernia of intervertebral disks, the patient feels constant a waist pain which can be given in a foot and amplify during the walking, cough, sneezing. At hernia there can also be a sleep or decrease in sensitivity in a waist zone. Also severe pains develop if the patient bends forward or down, bends feet, gets up.

Treatment of pains in a back at hernia of intervertebral disks

First, it is necessary to provide to the patient absolute rest and a bed rest.
Secondly, to give to the patient an anesthetic (analginum, spazmalgon, pentalgin, etc.).
Thirdly, urgently to call the doctor.
Attention! To relieve pain when walking and raising the patient the belt of the weightlifter or a rigid lumbar corset will help.

Symptoms of a disease: lumbar osteochondrosis

A back pain can also be because of lumbar osteochondrosis. Lumbar osteochondrosis is such disease of a backbone at which food of an intervertebral disk which connects vertebras among themselves is broken. An intervertebral disk, without receiving, the necessary elements, "dries", load of vertebras increases, as a result intervertebral disks start being erased, there is a back pain.

Treatment of pains in a back at osteochondrosis

Лечение болей в спине при остеохондрозе Lumbar osteochondrosis is also chronic disease, only the patient, daily loadings and healthy nutrition can help the patient.
So, at osteochondrosis it is necessary:
  1. Massage.
  2. Manual therapy.
  3. Physical therapy.
  4. Special physiotherapy exercises.
  5. Healthy nutrition. The food has to contain microcells necessary for strengthening of bones. For this purpose you need to address to the doctor that to you appointed the individual program of food.

Symptoms of a disease: "occupational disease"

«профессиональное заболевание» спины Under the name "occupational disease" any illness, as a rule, gets, but in this case means a back pain. For example, your profession is connected with small mobility, you the manager, the operator, the cashier, the programmer, etc., long sit in one situation and do not get up. You sit, sit, perform intellectual work. And one fine day, your muscles of "zanyla", at you the back ached and continues to hurt to this day, it is available - "occupational disease". From small mobility your muscles become flabby and cannot long hold a back in one situation, still the wrong bearing is added to it, and starts hurting not only a back, but also a neck. So, a back pain can be because of small physical activity and not a correct posture.

Treatment of pains in a back at "occupational disease"

The one-stage method eliminating a back pain at such disease is not present, as it, as a rule, a chronic disease. The only thing that can help at once at severe pain with a back, it is a prick with the anesthetizing medicine.
It is possible to eliminate a back pain with daily procedures: Лечение болей в спине при «профессиональном заболевании»
  1. Daily five-minute physical warm-up each hour. You need to give load of back muscles that to strengthen them.
  2. To watch a bearing when you sit. Watching itself, try to sit and go with a direct back: straighten shoulders, a breast forward, shovels together, the head hold directly. Noticed how your tummy was tightened at once? And so, when you go with a direct back, for you work not only muscles of a back, but also a press muscle.
  3. Massage. Independently it is not recommended to do massage as you can not know painful points and do still bigger harm to the person with a sore back, it is better to address to the expert.
Today you, readers of, learned how it is possible to help the patient at a back pains. These are not all possible reasons, but the most often meeting. Anyway, it is necessary not to start an illness, and at once to work. And it is better, especially if are not sure that became the reason of pains in a back, to find time and to descend in policlinic for the help to the doctor.
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