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How to take away cheeks

Chubby and ruddy cheeks are decoration of small children, and here for adults is the real esthetic problem. And it is necessary to approach its decision in a complex. There are some methods which will help to take away cheeks.

Reasons of emergence of full cheeks

The most important reason of emergence of thick cheeks is a heredity. To fight against it very difficult, and happens, what even it is impossible. If you and at the husband have full round cheeks, almost for certain, as your child will have the same problem. And if you defined at yourself such heredity, you will be helped only by a diet which will need to adhere constantly, and performance of physical exercises which need also to be carried out systematically. And differently the problem will arise again and again.

The second reason because of which there can be thick cheeks are an improper feeding. But in order that there were big cheeks, has to pass enough time, at first fat is postponed on all body organs, and then on cheeks. So emergence of big cheeks in this case usually is not a surprise.

It is possible to deal with the problem of thick cheeks in the different ways. It is possible to resort to radical and to make a liposuction, but it is fraught with that on a face there can be traces of surgical intervention and in general all a face operations can have unexpected consequences.

It is possible to carry out a set of exercises, they surely will help to cope with a problem, but not at once. The matter is that on cheeks very slow physical activity. Besides fat is in these parts burned by an organism slowly therefore it will be necessary to stock up with patience.

To restore elasticity of skin on cheeks and on all face it is possible by means of masks and massage. recommends to carry out massages right after gymnastic exercises, and before going to bed to do masks, then the effect will not keep itself waiting.

Plan of action

To overcome a problem of thick cheeks has to pass some weeks, and even months. Therefore it is necessary to develop the plan of action:

  1. At first define for yourself the reason of emergence of thick cheeks. If this improper feeding, correct it, go on a diet and adhere to it. You will see, will leave not only thick cheeks, but also all body will become harmonous and tightened.
  2. Develop a set of exercises for cheeks. The matter is that them on the Internet or in special literature great variety, but it is necessary to pick up a complex for you.
  3. To pick up cosmetics which will help to hide defect. And here it is impossible to use weight loss creams by no means, differently it is possible to provoke emergence of spots.

Diet for chubby cheeks

It is for a short time difficult to make cheeks less, but it is possible. So those who adheres to a special diet consider. But with restriction in food it is necessary to be careful as it is possible to receive together with the reduced cheeks and dark circles under eyes, and the grown thin, tired face.

The basic principle of a diet is less flour and sweet, reduce fat and fried and any fast food, drinks and alcohol. And also it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  • you should not hunger, eat a few vegetables or fruit between meals better, but you should not starve. Because weight as it is paradoxical, will cease to leave, and at first "failure" in food, it will return in double volume. An organism you will not deceive, it will perceive feeling of hunger as a disturbing call that it is necessary to do stocks on the future;
  • eat food often, but not in large volumes. Eat 5-6 times a day, then you both will grow thin, and will not hunger;
  • all food, especially firm, chew carefully and long. It will be peculiar exercises for muscles;
  • for half an hour before meal it is necessary to drink a glass of usual drinking water, and after food not to drink within 40 minutes.

Add to the diet as much as possible vegetables and seafood. It is possible to eat and the porridges but only cooked on water, oil use in the minimum quantity and only the olive. Choose meat and fish low-fat grades, they and excess calories will not add, and hungry you will not leave. Surely add fermented milk products and milk to the diet, cottage cheese is useful.

To take away chubby cheeks, it is necessary to refuse not only sugar, but also salty food which will detain water in an organism.

Exercises for chubby cheeks

You can take away cheeks and by means of a diet, but skin, most likely, will droop and will be flabby. Therefore it is necessary to do exercises for cheeks.

To take away cheeks as soon as possible, exercises need to be carried out several times a day. There are many options of exercises, here some most effective:

  1. Gather air in a mouth, close densely lips and roll air on a mouth, you will feel as cheeks strain.
  2. Straighten a back, straighten shoulders, hold the head exactly, put lips a tubule and start singing vowels.
  3. Imagine that you have in a mouth a pencil, and you write by air letters, and can take a real pencil both clamp between teeth and draw in air. If carry out exercise correctly, have to feel how face muscles and necks strain.
  4. Cover with a lower lip top and throw back the head up. Count mentally to 10 hang the head, repeat exercise of 10 times.

If to carry out exercises it is constant, it is possible not only to take away cheeks, but also to make accurate a face contour, to smooth mimic wrinkles. Be not upset if do not see at once result, time for this purpose is necessary.

How to take away cheeks visually

If there is at you no time or desire for diets and exercises or it is necessary to take away urgently cheeks, that is some cunnings:

  1. Look at the person in a mirror, mentally draw a contour which you consider ideal. And those sites which appeared out of this contour, it is necessary to make more dark than the main tone. It is necessary to use foundation of different shades.
  2. Now apply powder. It needs to be selected in tone of your person, the make-up will look differently unnatural.
  3. Sharp strokes you should not impose a make-up. To shade powder use a brush for a make-up, all movements have to be smooth, move on a face contour.
  4. Do not forget to apply blush, they do an image complete. To make cheeks it is less, you need to select one blush of light tones, and the second – bright. Light put from the middle in the area of cheekbones, finishing at temporal parts. Below light blush walk bright tone. So cheeks visually will be less. It is possible to achieve an ideal make-up only by experiments, universal, perhaps, is blush of opaque color without gloss.
  5. If you have a swarty skin, you will suit shades of blush of color of dark clay or even the chocolate. In order that these shades looked naturally, it is necessary to apply from above blush powder.

Useful tips

  1. Pay attention as you sleep if you have a high pillow, change it on low or flat. Otherwise it is possible to increase cheeks and a chin. And watch how hold the head in the afternoon. Raise a chin a little, and your cheeks visually will be less.
  2. Do not forget and about a facial massage. It needs to be done daily, every time after gymnastics. Also do easy pats by small pillows of fingers and palms on cheeks. And before massage it is necessary to do compresses: wet a towel in infusion of a camomile, a sage and calendula. Also put to cheeks on half an hour.
  3. Well also face packs help, you need to select such which pull together skin. For example, from white clay.
  4. If you have big cheeks, hair have to be long and smooth and if cheeks drooped, it is better to do curls and ringlets.

Also remember that each shortcoming can be turned into the advantage, the main thing – the attitude towards him.

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