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Review of the movie of Avatars

To the planet Pandorum bring couple of hundreds scientists, miners and military. During the scientific Avatars program (its essence consists in creation of the beings of similar aboriginals of Pandora operated by the person – Navi) Navi force to study Jake Sallie and to persuade them to leave the settlement as it is on the largest field of a valuable mineral on the planet.
    Name: "Avatars" ("Avatar")
    Genre: fantasy, fighter, drama, adventures
    Duration: 162 min.
    Country: USA, Great Britain
    Director: James Cameron
    In roles: Sam Uortington, Sigourney Weaver, Michel Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribizi, Las Alonso, Stephen Lang, Joel Moore, Wes Studi, Xi Xi Eich Paunder, Peter Mensah, Matt Gerald, Zhulin Rennie, Zero McCool, Kevin Dorman, Dean Nousli, Dilip Rao, Nick Miller, Sean Anthony Moeran, Grant Roa, Woody Schultz
    Scriptwriter: James Cameron
    Operator: Mauro Fiore
    Composer: James Horner
    Producers: Brook Breton, James Cameron, John Landau, Colin Wilson

The movie which waited for 15 years

Having removed one of the most expensive movies in the history of mankind – "Titanic" which right there became one of the most profitable – James Cameron declared the new grandiose plan. Having written the scenario, James understood that those technologies which existed at that time, critically are not enough completely to recreate the picture conceived by it.
Shootings began only eleven years later, in the 2006th year. Only then James was convinced that in the world there are technologies which will be able to display his imagination. In particular, the Reality Camera System technology developed by Cameron's company, allowing to create the three-dimensional picture of the highest quality with the greatest immersion possible for today.


It everything because of an anobtanium. In what the value of this mineral, in the movie does not speak. It is supposed that it has extremely high power consumption.
Details are unknown, but that fact that one kilogram of an anobtanium costs twenty million dollars, forces to bring Pandorum where the largest fields of a mineral, the huge spaceship with couple of hundreds scientists, miners and military settle down on the planet.
Among the mass of the useful and clever people who arrived on Pandora there is a casual guest – the former marine Jake Sallie (the actor Sam Uortington who gained the world fame thanks to Markus Wright's role in the fourth part of "Terminator"). It got because of death of the brother here – the scientist participating in the scientific Avatars program. Namely, because of similarity of their cages of DNA.
    James Cameron admitted that the movie was not forbidden by censorship in one country of the world, it had to remove from "Avatar" of a scene in which Jake Sallie and Neytiri make love.
The essence of the program consists in creation of the beings having DNA, created from DNA of people and DNA of aboriginals of Pandora – Navi. These beings are also so-called avatars. In something the principle of work of avatars is similar to substitutes in recently appeared movie of the same name with Bruce Willis in a leading role, difference consists that communication of the person and an avatar happens not on electronic, and at the biological level.
Jake lost opportunity to go in one of the burning points therefore new opportunity freely to move literally okhmelyat his head. It completely plunges into Pandora's world. In one of the first departures in the planet woods, Jake faces the representative of local fauna – the aggressive predator similar to a huge panther, and loses touch with other members of expedition.
In the wood Jake meets the local native Neytiri who at first wants it to kill, however the secret signs clear only with her, let know Neytiri that Jake – special. The native brings it into the tribe. Locals understand that to Jake here not the place, however the signs given them from above force to leave Jake in a tribe and to train it in local traditions.
Meanwhile, while Jake's avatar learns the world Navi, Jake becomes a subject of interest of the mission manager of Park of Selfbridzha and the commander of terrestrial troops colonel Kuoritcha. They force Jake to study Navi and to persuade them to leave the settlement as it is on the largest field of an anobtanium on the planet.

About policy and about avidity

Human avidity is the main villain of this picture. For the sake of money people are ready to destroy Pandora's woods, to expel indigenous people from the places and to kill everything that will become at them on the way.
    For the inexplicable reasons hire of the movie "Avatars" in the form of the "flat" picture was forbidden in China. The authorities of Celestial Empire explain this fact to that "Avatar" makes too big competition to local movies which they seek to protect. Chinese will be able to watch this movie only in a 3D format. would like to emphasize that in this movie James Cameron bears the major message to all mankind. Not without reason Pandora's world was presented to many scientists very similar to our world before we began to transform it beyond recognition. Not just like that the colonel Kuoritch calls operation on destruction of the settlement Navi "Shock and awe" – the military doctrine of the USA applied by the government of this country in Iraq quite so was called. And itself says that participated in military operations in Nigeria and Venezuela – these countries have the richest reserves of oil, but in them for the present did not find "weapons of mass destruction". Nobody doubts that it will be found as soon as control over these countries and their resources is required.
The heavy trace on heart is left by Jake's phrase: "Why when someone has that is necessary to us, we declare it the enemy". How it is close to us, isn't that so?

World of the Avatar

James Cameron's movie of "Avatars" – it is unconditional, the new word in a cinema genre. It, first of all, opening in the world of special effects. From now on each director wishing to shoot the extremely profitable blockbuster should take the highest level put by the master James.
    It will be joyful to all admirers of a picture to learn that the exit of the second and third parts "Avatar" is quite probable and will depend on the size of a box office of the first movie.
"Avatar" captures the viewer with the head, transfers it to the wonderful and huge world of Pandora, forces to forget for two and a half hours about all friend. Also let Jake and Neytiri's history has a set of analogs, let the plot seem slightly simple-minded. "Avatar" in the flowers and paints awakens in adults children's emotions – sincere surprise, pleasure or fear in pure form.
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