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Operation of the car with akpp

It is no secret that to operate the car equipped with AKPP it is much simpler, than "mechanics". However, those who the first time took the wheel of such car, steadily met certain difficulties. The automatic transmission – the most difficult element of the car, and leaving it demands the corresponding.
It is no secret that to operate the car equipped with AKPP it is much simpler, than "mechanics", however, those who the first time took the wheel of such car, steadily met certain difficulties – what to do farther?

How it is correct to operate the car with AKPP?

Особенности эксплуатация акпп For a start it is necessary to start the engine and to warm up it. By the way, if the car with MKPP is not so exacting to warming up of a transmission, it is more important for AKPP – not heated-up the check point can not switch to the highest transfers. It is necessary to start the car only at the AKPP selector installed in the mode P ("parking"). So, after several minutes of operation of the engine transmission liquid in AKPP will be warmed up to the working temperature, now it is possible to begin the movement. For this purpose press a brake pedal, then translate the selector of transfers to the mode D ("movement"), release a brake pedal – the car will start! By the way, the widespread mistake of the drivers who were earlier operating only the car with "mechanics" – to release a brake smoothly, grabbing the start-off moment – in their understanding the brake system imitates coupling. It is wrong – in the car with AKPP smoothness of start-off is reached not by means of gradual inclusion of coupling, and the special device – the hydrotransformer which does not demand management of the driver.
The automatic transmission too has the switching lever, only it is called the selector and serves for a transmission operating mode choice. Of course, each model can have the features, and, so and the additional modes, however their standard set is as follows:
  • "Р" – the parking mode. In some way the analog of the parking brake – is used for blocking of an output shaft of a transmission, used at long parking. However, it is not recommended to leave the car in this mode on a bias – under weight of your car clamps of a shaft can be broken;
  • "D" – the movement mode. It is the AKPP main mode – there is an automatic switching of speeds, it is usually recommended to move in this mode, without switching to others. There are also other modes of the movement, for example, "1", "2", "L" – are meant that "machine gun" will switch only to 1 speed, on 1 and the 2nd speed and so on. It allows to move with a small speed constantly, or to apply braking by the engine.
  • "R" – a backing, it is possible to switch in this mode (as well as in the parking mode) only at a full stop of the car!
  • "N" – a neutral, gear shifting does not occur. It is used during a short stop and towage (about what it is told further).

How it is correct to look after "machine gun"?

Особенности эксплуатация акпп The automatic transmission – the most difficult element of the car, and leaving demands the corresponding. Many experts claim that the overheat is most dangerous to "machine gun", because of it the resource of the unit decreases, there are deformations in sealants, begins flowing oils from a case. From this it follows that it is not necessary to load such car excessively.
The main maintenance of automatic transmission is reduced to check of level of oil and its timely replacement. Unlike a mechanical transmission where oil changes seldom, "machine gun" demands annual replacement of transmission liquid, or through each 30-40 thousand kilometers. So, what rules should be followed? First, to check oil level in a box – the lack of transmission liquid will lead to pro-slipping of the hydrotransformer, so to its overheat, too high level of oil leads to foaming, and it is fraught with AKPP exit out of operation! Therefore watch closely liquid level, if necessary add strictly measured amount of oil! It is easy to check liquid level – for a start warm up "machine gun" a trip of kilometers on 8-10, then install the car on an equal platform, get the probe from a nest, wipe it, insert again and take – the characteristic trace of oil will specify its quantity in a box case.
By the way, appearance of transmission liquid can tell about much. Oil in a serviceable automatic transmission has reddish color, but at the same time it is transparent, has no special smell, does not contain any small particles, shavings, sawdust, metal grains. If liquid has brownish color, is more dark, than usually, so it needs to be replaced. By the way, dark color of liquid, and also a smell of burned metal, a part or a grain in the form of impurity of oil speak about the future malfunctions of AKPP – perhaps, start burning the rubbing details. In that case try not to postpone the moment of visit of specialized car service – in case of breakage repair of AKPP will be many times more expensive.

How not to put AKPP out of action?

Особенности эксплуатация акпп As it was already told – the machine gun more difficult device therefore demands more careful attitude, than a mechanical box. If "mechanics" cannot almost put out of action, AKPP cannot brag of such reliability – during its operation it is necessary to consider some features.
It is forbidden to switch the AKPP selector in the R or P mode during the movement of the car. Of course, if your "machine gun" is quite reliable, the car will simply decay, however, most likely, transmission will simply fail. It is possible to switch in these modes only after a full stop of the car!
AKPP have the interesting function called kik-Down. It is possibility of sharp acceleration of the car due to switching on the lowest transfer – engine turns sharply increase, and, so it becomes more priyemisty. Switching of this sort happens because of sharp pressing a gas pedal. However, constantly you should not use this property is reduces a resource of a transmission and fuel consumption increases.
As it was already told, try not to overload the car is treats towage of other cars heavier than yours or big trailers. However, quite is suitable for transportation of standard machine gun trailers, the main thing to know when to stop!
The automatic transmission does not love dirt and a weak paving – you should not slip on such car, there is a risk of that "machine gun" will overheat and will fail. By the way, if you started slipping on the car, it is impossible to get out on a dry place by method of rocking of the car "back and forth", it is possible to damage transmission, it is better to ask the help for other drivers that you were extended on an equal site. However, if nearby there is nobody to help, try to get out nevertheless in such a way, only make switchings with a delay – seize the moment when the car hits "the dead nail", that is practically does not move.

How to tow the car with AKPP?

Особенности эксплуатация акпп This point should be taken out separately though towage of such car too belongs to service regulations of AKPP. Many motorists consider that such cars cannot be towed, however, it not so – simply at towage is required to follow certain rules. The main danger of towage of such car – AKPP overheat besides. It is desirable to tow the car with the working engine when the check point selector costs in situation N, and speed should not exceed 40 km/h. Range of towage too is limited – kilometers 25-40, everything depends on the speed of heating of "machine gun". If you feel that AKPP starts overheating, stop, cool a box, and then continue towage.
All this is good if your car has the drive on one axis. If you have all-wheel drive "machine gun", it is forbidden to tow it thus – it is necessary to call the wrecker. By the way, if there is no desire completely to load the car on a wrecker platform, it is possible to disconnect the drive on one axis, having left to move on the ground. In the same way it is possible to transport and cars with the drive on one axis – leaving not driving wheels on the earth.
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