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Augmentin's application

For fight against various bacterial infections in an arsenal of physicians there are antibiotics. One of them – Augmentin. will characterize this preparation, will explain, when and as to apply it.

General information about Augmentin

In a drugstore three kinds of this preparation meet. On packing there can be an inscription of "Augmentin", "Augmentin of SR" or "Augmentin of the EU". Active agents in these commercial options identical therefore indications to application, the rendered effect and rules of application for them are identical. Distinctions are only in forms of release and a dosage. There are some dosage forms of Augmentin:

  • the powder used for suspension preparation;
  • the powder used for preparation of injection solutions;
  • tablets.

"Augmentin SR" are tablets for which the modified release and longer action are characteristic.

"Augmentin of the EU" – powder which is intended for receiving the suspension used for the internal use.

Pay attention that when the doctor writes out this preparation, near the name "Augmentin" he writes a type of a dosage form and a dosage (For example, 400+57). And why two figures? It will be a question of it later.

As a part of any version and a dosage form surely there are two main components:

And here amount of these substances in the made dosage forms variously.

The antibiotic amoksitsillin belongs to group of penicillin. It has a broad spectrum of activity. It is capable to ruin a set of pathogenic bacteria, responsible for a number of the infectious processes developing in different bodies. It is possible to refer good tolerance to pluses of an amoksitsillin patients, insignificant quantity of by-effects. Are allowed to appoint this antibiotic babies and women during pregnancy. And everything would be fine, if not one essential shortcoming. The matter is that in some days of application of an amoksitsillin for many bacteria stability is developed. It is connected by that bacterial cages start developing laktamaza enzymes – the special substances destroying this antibiotic. Therefore by production of a preparation the klavulanovy acid capable to eliminate the described antibiotic defect is added to its structure. It inactivates laktamaza therefore efficiency of an amoksitsillin does not decrease.

Time of active ingredients in this combined preparation two, and a dosage the doctor specifies in a type of two figures. For example, 400+57 means that an amoksitsillina in a preparation there have to be 400 mg, and here klavulanovy acid – 57 mg.

If it is necessary to carry out treatment by means of injection solution, Augmentin can be written out in such dosages:

  1. 500+100 (an amoksitsillina of 500 mg, klavulanovy acid (it is the second figure) – 100 mg). Then it is accepted to specify in appointment "Augmentin 500".
  2. 1000+200 (amoksitsillina of 1000 mg, and klavulanovy acid of 200 mg). Then in appointment it will be written "Augmentin 1000".

The powder intended for preparation of the suspension used inside is issued in such dosages:

  1. 400+57 (on 5 milliliters of already ready suspension).
  2. 200+28,5 (it on 5 milliliters of ready suspension).
  3. 125+31,25 (it on 5 milliliters of ready suspension).

When writing it is allowed to omit quantity of the second component (klavulanovy acid), having specified only quantity of an amoksitsillin, that is "Augmentin 400", "Augmentin 200", "Augmentin 125".

As suspension is appointed most often to children, its time name "children's Augmentin".

And in what dosages the tablets "Augmentin" are issued?

  1. 875+125 (amoksitsillina of 875 mg, and klavulanovy acid, respectively, 125 mg).
  2. 500+125 (amoksitsillina of 500 mg, and klavulanovy acid of 125 mg).
  3. 250+125 (amoksitsillina of 250 mg, and klavulanovy acid, respectively, 125 mg).

As you can see, one tablet contains different quantity of an antibiotic and identical quantity of the second component. Therefore briefly it is accepted to write so: "Augmentin 875", "Augmentin 500", "Augmentin 250".

"Augmentin" is only intended to the EU in order that from this powder prepared suspension. A dosage here only one – 600+42,9 (the amoksitsillina of 600 mg, and klavulanovy acid undertakes 42,9 mg). The quantity is specified 5 milliliters of suspension.

"Augmentin" is made by SR only in the form of tablets. A dosage only one – 1000+62,5. In one tablet 1000 of an antibiotic and 62,5 mg of klavulanovy acid.

This preparation is intended for destruction of the bacteria provoking infections of an inflammation of bodies of respiratory, urinogenital system, skin, hypodermic cellulose, peritonitis, sepsis, osteomyelitis.

The range of action of Augmentin is wide. It treats the infections provoked by bacteria, sensitive to it. Mirsovetov will list the main indications:

  • infections of airways and ENT organs are tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitises, pneumonia, bronchitis, abscesses of lungs, empiyema;
  • infections of the urinogenital sphere, among them – cystitis, vaginita, endometritises, salpingita, adneksita, uretrita, pyelonephritises, gonorrhea, soft shankr;
  • infections of integuments and soft fabrics – furuncles, phlegmons, abscesses;
  • infections of joints and bones – osteomiyelita;
  • odontogenny infectious processes – maxillary sinusitis, periodontitis, maxillary abscesses;
  • the mixed infections, for example, the sepsis, peritonitis, cholecystitis, infections which developed after surgeries.

Injection solutions are used for the purpose of the prevention of postoperative infections.

How to apply Augmentin?

Tablets should be swallowed whole, washing down with water (100 ml). It is not necessary to crush and chew them.

The necessary amount of the prepared suspension is measured, using a measured cap or a syringe. The dose should be swallowed simply. To children previously measured amount of suspension is admissible to part in water (1:1), and then to drink. Surely after reception well wash out a syringe or a measured cap water.

Augmentin before food is best of all to accept.

The nurse enters injections only into a vein (using droppers or syringes).

It is important to know

  1. Intravenous administration, and also reception of suspension and tablets should be made with equal time intervals. For example, if is appointed to drink tablets twice per day, the interval between their receptions has to be 12 hours.
  2. The minimum course of application has to make not less than five days. The most admissible course should not exceed 14 days. Only the doctor, having conducted the corresponding examinations, can prolong treatment term till 21 or 28 days.

  3. The dosage for treatment is calculated by the doctor, considering thus age, severity of an infection, the diagnosis, body weight.
  4. In a drugstore get only that dosage of Augmentin which was written out by the treating doctor.
  5. To make suspension, it is necessary to add 60 ml of water to contents of a bottle. It has to be boiled, cooled down. Close a bottle a lid, vigorously shake it. Leave a bottle for 5 minutes on a table. Then look – whether there were on a bottom no not dissolved particles. If remained, so it is necessary to stir up still some time a bottle. Your purpose: that after five-minute upholding has to remain at the bottom of nothing. Then it is possible to open a lid and to add to a metochka of boiled water.
  6. It is necessary to store the prepared suspension on a refrigerator door. If within seven days you used not all solution, the rest cannot be used already, he jumps out.
  7. Before each reception suspension should be stirred up, and already then to dose a syringe or a measured cap.
  8. If for treatment suspension is used, several times a day rinse a mouth, surely brush teeth to avoid their coloring.
  9. It is allowed to carry out treatment by Augmentin during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. But appointment is done only by the doctor.
  10. If the patient has a liver disease, at treatment by Augmentin it is necessary to carry out control of work of this body.
  11. Only those people who have no allergy to antibiotics of a penicillinic and tsefalosporinovy row can appoint this preparation. If after Augmentin's reception there are allergic reactions, medicine is cancelled at once.
  12. If there is a suspicion on an infectious mononukleoz, this medicine is not appointed.
  13. If high doses of this preparation are written out, it is necessary to drink not less than two liters of water within a day. It will prevent formation of crystals in urine.
  14. For the period of treatment refrain from driving of the car. It is connected by that this medicine can cause dizziness in some people.
  15. There are data that Augmentin can reduce efficiency the COOK (these are the combined oral contraceptives). Therefore it is recommended not to neglect additional methods of contraception.

About by-effects and contraindications

In certain cases at treatment by Augmentin such side effects were recorded:

  • candidiases of mucous fabrics and skin;
  • dizzinesses, headaches;
  • skin rashes, Kvinke swelled, vaskulit;
  • changes in composition of blood;
  • podtashnivaniye, diarrhea, vomiting;
  • hyperactivity, excitement;
  • sleeplessness;
  • changes of behavior, uneasiness;
  • spasms;
  • darkening of tooth enamel;
  • damage of a liver;
  • crystals or blood in urine. warns that it is impossible to apply Augmentin under the following circumstances:

  • if at the person the allergy to antibiotics from group of penicillin or tsefalosporin was noted earlier;
  • at an allergy to other components of structure;
  • if earlier during drug intake, containing amoksitsillin and klavulanovy acid, violation of work of a liver and jaundice were already observed;
  • if age of the kid less than three months;
  • if age of the child less than twelve years, tablets are not appointed;
  • suspension is not given to children at a fenilketonuriya and some violations of work of kidneys.

If Augmentina is not present in a drugstore, the druggist has the right to offer you his synonyms, for example, of Amoksiklav, Medoklav, Ekoklav, Flemoklav Solyutab, Panklav.

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