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Sights of Georgia

The Caucasus was always famous for the natural miracles, the most tasty kitchen and hospitable inhabitants. Such Caucasian country as Georgia did not become an exception. Being on crossing of two continents - Europe and Asia, Georgia absorbed in itself the best of two cultures. Therefore Sakartvello (Georgians so call the country) will be pleasant also to fans of the countries of Asia, and adherents of the European service.

Georgia is a small European country which from two parties is surrounded with the Small Caucasus and Big Caucasus Mountains. Georgia is attractive to tourists that it has an exit to the Black Sea. The total area of Georgia is small - if to aim, in 12-14 hours on the car it is possible to reach from the country, western to east point.

The government of Georgia is very interested in attraction of a large number of tourists therefore Georgia is open for all visitors. For some countries the visa-free regime is introduced. These are such lucky as Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, Israel, the European Union countries, the countries of the Union of Cooperation of the Persian Gulf. In total, more than 120 countries. Of course, visit of the country available and for other countries, but will be required additional acquisition of the visa, worth more than 60 dollars.

Territorially Georgia is divided into some lands, each of which is in own way beautiful and full of sights and the finest natural miracles. To study, understand and try all variety of this country, it is necessary to tell about each earth separately, but in this article will tell about places which in Georgia need to be seen surely.

Everyone for himself has to choose the visit reason to Georgia itself. Georgia – the country not unambiguous. Entertainments both fans of sea rest, and adherents of backpackings to mountains, and persons interested to try a local cuisine, wine and fruit will find in this district for themselves. Georgia will satisfy all.

How to reach to Georgia

Not difficult to reach to Georgia. The good paving of the country opens a way for all travelers of motor transport. From Ukraine the shortest way - through Abkhazia. But Mirsovetov recommends not to hurry to use this way as after the military conflict of 2008 between Russia and Georgia entry into Georgia through the territory of Ossetia and Abkhazia is complicated.

Therefore the most optimum way to reach to the country of mountains and wine is to use the air transport. From Ukraine for quite some time now the Wizzair airline started some flights to the Kutaisi airport. So, in Kopitnari's airport for an hour and a half it is possible to reach from Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov. The cost of air tickets different also depends on the city of a departure and term of purchase of tickets. recommends to plan a trip, after all in that case in advance, you can become the lucky person who bought air tickets in Kutaisi at the ridiculous price - from 319 UAH (a little more, than 38 dollars).

If you plan to visit right after arrival resorts, for example, Batumi or the capital of the state, you will be able to get with ease there, having bought the bus tickets directly in the building of the airport of Kopitnari. The most expensive ticket – in Tbilisi - costs about 25 lari (about 15 dollars).

It is also possible to use also services of other airlines, but in that case the air ticket in one party will be much more expensive – from 80-100 dollars. All large resorts and the cities of Georgia I have the airports. Therefore to reach Tbilisi and Batumi, doing not stop by thus in Kutaisi it is possible.

There is one more way to get to Georgia which, most likely, will be to the taste to romantics is a trip by sea. Route duration Ilyichevsk - Batumi makes about 3-4 days. The cost of such travel is quite great from 150-200 dollars. But the feeling of the coming nearer rest and sea fresh air wholly will pay back both monetary and time expenditure.

For those who is afraid to fly by plane and is sea-sick, there is an opportunity to reach to Georgia and by means of the train. This way – the most expensive. Trains of direct appointment from Kiev and Moscow are not present therefore changes will be required. Besides purchase of tickets will cost much to travelers enough.

Therefore recommends to the readers the fastest and inexpensive way of travel – by means of planes.

Where to stop

Georgia is very hospitable country even for the budgetary tourist. Therefore problems with a lodging for the night will not arise. In Sakartvello there are both expensive hotels, and a Spa hotels, both hostels, and delivery of rooms in rent. To everyone by opportunities.

It is easiest to find housing in tourist the developed regions of the country – Adjara with the center to Batumi, and the central region led by the capital of the country – Tbilisi. In these regions is most of all rezort-hotels and hotels which cost begins from 30 dollars in days. Almost all hotels of Georgia are presented on the booking resource. com on which it is possible as well to reserve room without providing information on a credit card.

For family rest rent of the apartment will become ideal option of residence in Georgia. It not only is convenient, but also is available. The daily cost of the one-room apartment, for example, in Batumi makes from 35-40 dollars, but thus you have an opportunity not to be spent for daily visit of restaurants, cooking food in house conditions. Rent of the apartment is good that you can independently choose the area suitable you – closer to the sea, or in the downtown, in epicenter of resort life of Batumi or the business center of Tbilisi. hurries to warn you that you should not conclude the bargain on the first option which was pleasant to you. If you rent the apartment beforehand on the Internet, request from owners of the photo of the apartment. So you will be able to estimate a condition of the room and to see all conveniences of future housing – existence of the washing machine, a plate, the conditioner.

If you do not imagine travel without communication – that will suit you hostel. These are inexpensive guest houses in which either the bed, or the certain room is given. Advantages of hostels is the good signal of wi-fi (that is good for the younger generation), a common kitchen with free coffee and tea, and also constant communication with other lodgers.

Depending on the region of location of hostel, the option chosen by you the cost of one bed in hostels of Georgia begins from 10 Lahr (6 dollars) and 15 Lahr (9 dollars) can reach. As well as a hotel accommodation, it is possible to reserve a place in hostel on the room reservation sites, one of which

But even, if you did not manage to reserve residence in the highland of Georgia in advance – you should not despair. Always on bus stations, railway stations you will be able to meet people who offer the apartments for rent. To tell about the cost of such service in advance very difficult as Georgians very much like to bargain.

As it is better to travel around the country

Transport Georgia is very developed. Travel between the cities do not take a lot of time. The most optimum way of travel is or own, or leased car. This way is good that allows to see all sights of Georgia. The matter is that the most beautiful natural places in Georgia are not collected in one territory. Therefore, reaching, for example, Kazbegi from Tbilisi on the car, you will be able to see about ten small ancient churches of the X-XV century which will strike you with the pacification and tranquillity on the road.

Traveling around the country on the car, you should not worry about fuel. Along highways in Georgia there is a large number of gas stations which offer both gasoline, and gas. But it should be taken into account that in the country of mountains only unleaded gasoline (And 95 and A 98), which cost from 2 Lahr for liter (1,2 dollars) is available.

If you have no car, and the desire to travel is – that good option for you will become services of the taxi driver. In comparison with Ukraine or Russia, rent of a taxi in Georgia quite available pleasure. The cost of 1 km of journey – 50-80 cloth ears (30-50 cents). For example, the trip from Tbilisi to the spiritual center of the country – to Mtskhet – you will manage approximately at 30-40 Lahr. Mirsovetov recommends not to forget at communication with the Georgian taxi drivers that they like to bargain and when bargaining the trip can manage to you 3-5 Lahr cheaper than the posted price.

For travel on long distances in Georgia there are railroads. The longest and popular routes: Batumi-Tbilisi and Kutaisi-Batumi. The cost of the ticket is small – from 10 dollars for the ticket in a couchette car. But it is necessary to understand that reserved seats in Georgia cardinally differs from couchette cars in other CIS countries. A reserved seat place in Georgia it does not provide lying on the shelf the place for sitting is exclusive.

Also at travel railway transport in Georgia it to be necessary to consider that east cities of the country, such as Telavi and Signakhi, for example, are not equipped with railway stations, and it is possible to get to the region of winemaking only on the car.

There is one more way to see all Georgia is a movement over the country by bicycles. This movement very actively develops recently in the country. The big tourist centers, such as Tbilisi, Batumi, Signakhi, are equipped with modern bicycle paths. Local authorities of Batumi for inhabitants and city visitors entered service of municipal cycle hire according to which any resident can use city bicycles for a symbolical payment.

That each tourist in Georgia has to see and try

Each corner of Georgia is full the fine places – and the fine miracles made the nature, both man-made monuments, and parks of rest. It is very difficult to count all these places as even locals know not all places. But there is a list of sights which any tourist who arrived to Georgia has to see.

The first such place is Mtskheta and Jvari Monastery. These places shrines for each Georgian and the orthodox believer. Places, the baptism of Georgia from where began. Two most ancient temples which are entered in the list of heritage of UNESCO. Being near the capital, they inspire visitors tranquillity and the pacifying action. The center of a complex of Mtskhet is Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in which ashes of Andrew the First-Called and governors of Georgia in the XVIII-XX centuries are based.

It is possible to feel all power of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia in Stepantsminda – the region in which there is Mount Kazbek. The five-kilometer giant will leave nobody indifferent. Also this edge is considered the khinkali homeland therefore do not pass opportunity to try the most tasty khinkalis in Georgia at a mountain foot.

The most tasty the khachapuri is Adzharian – with cheese of suluguni, crude egg. He is trained best of all on its homeland – in Adjara which center is the sea resort of Batumi. Batumi – the most beautiful city of Georgia. Annually the government of the country allocates huge amounts of money for improvement therefore Batumi becomes peculiar paradise for vacationers. The streets of the old city paved by a stone blocks, connecting to modern constructions of a freakish form, create a surprising image of the modern developing city.

If at you at the disposal of about a week, recommends to visit also Kakheti – the winemaking homeland in Georgia where you will be able to visit wine-making plants and to taste different wine brands. Interesting places is also Uplistsikhe (the cave city near Burn) and the park of Sataplia near Kutaisi storing traces of dinosaurs.

Georgia cannot leave negative impression – hospitable, benevolent and sympathetic people in connection with the virgin nature and beautiful architecture do Georgia by the country to which there is a wish to come back.

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