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Independent assembly of the computer

So, before you all necessary accessories of your future system unit lie. With what to begin? First of all, it is necessary to clear working space. The place of assembly of the computer has to be, first of all, spacious that details did not lie the friend on the friend, were "near at hand" and incidentally did not fall from a table.
    Important!!! Before assembly of the computer be convinced of correctness of selection of accessories and their compatibility with each other. If you not the expert in this question, upon purchase ask the help for the acquaintance understanding this question or for the manager of computer salon.

Preparation for assembly of the computer

So, before you all necessary accessories of your future system unit lie. With what to begin? First of all, it is necessary to clear working space. The place of assembly of the computer has to be, first of all, spacious that details did not lie the friend on the friend, were "near at hand" and incidentally did not fall from a table, thereby, increasing risk of reduction them in a disabled state.
Process of assembly of the computer can be divided into some stages:
  • Assembly of "skeleton" of our computer, i.e. installation of the processor and random access memory on the motherboard.
  • Preparation of the case and installation of pereferiruyushchy devices (CD/DVD drive, disk drive etc.), connection of loops and other wires.
The main thing that it is necessary to learn before starting business, that in the personal computers modern devices, whether it be the motherboard, or the disk drive, is created the system of protection which is not allowing to connect or install them it is wrong. I.e. each detail is inserted "on a key" - in a different way it cannot be inserted, without using forces. Further this moment will be considered in more detail.

Installation of the processor

Let's start the most scrupulous process of assembly of the computer – installation of the processor, memory and the videocard.
At first we will be defined, what type of the processor you chose: the way of its installation in our motherboard directly depends on it. On the site in the article "We Choose the Computer" distinctions in models from Intel and AMD firms therefore especially we will not begin to go deep into it were already described. Further we will describe ways of installation of modern processors of both platforms.

Processors from Intel
Today, the firm releases processors for motherboards on a socket 775 (a socket – a place of fastening of the processor). Unlike the previous models, these processors are not equipped with "legs", the risk thereby decreases to damage it at the inaccurate address. On processors 775 of a socket contact points are located, and "legs" are located on the motherboard.
So, before us the motherboard and the processor. In the center of a payment the socket protected by a protective cover is located. To install the processor, execute the following actions:
Установка процессора Intel
  • take away and lift the nest lever on a socket;
  • open a fastening plate;
  • remove a protective cover of a socket;
The motherboard is ready.
Further, get the processor from a box and remove a black protective plate. Hold the processor only for edges, do not concern contacts! Lower the processor in a motherboard socket strictly vertically, without allowing a distortion. Pay attention to a yellow arrow in one of corners of the processor and – these shooters specify an arrow on a socket, what party the processor needs to be placed in a socket. Besides, from two parties of the processor dredging is placed; on a socket in turn there are ledges are and there is that protection "on a key" which mentioned earlier. After the processor was installed, close a fastening plate, and lower the nest lever into place.
On the following step of assembly of the computer we need to establish a radiator on the processor. Pay attention to four openings near socket corners. Now look at a radiator – it is equipped with four "feet". Establish a radiator on the processor so that all four "feet" got to openings. Further it is serially pressed them. When pressing each fastener click will be audible.
Установка радиатора на процессор
Be convinced of that all fastenings are reliably fixed. It was necessary only to connect a processor cooler in the socket with CPU-FAN mark on the motherboard. Everything, our processor is installed.

Processors from AMD
Processors of this firm differ from above described in existence of "legs" on the processor, therefore, assembly of the computer will differ a little. As well as in a case with the Intel platform, installation takes place also "on a key".
Сокет AM2 платформы AMD
Look at your processor (a socket 939, AM2 socket), in one of its corners some "legs" settle down differently, than in the others. This place is marked with a yellow strelochka, the same strelochka is and on a motherboard socket.
Ключ на процессоре и на сокете
As you can see everything is very simple. As well as in the previous example, we remove the socket lever, we install the processor and we return the lever into place.
The radiator is established absolutely differently: from two parties of a socket plastic ledges to which the metal plate of a radiator clings are located. Further we lower a small rychazhok, for the best clip of a radiator to the processor, and we connect a cooler.

Random access memory

Установка оперативной памяти
After installation of the processor, with random access memory there should not be special problems. The only thing that it is required – to remove slot latches to place memory there and small pressing to fix it. Besides, you will not be able to make a mistake and at this stage to assembly of the computer. Random access memory is inserted only in one way, differently you will not be able simply to insert it since the slot on the motherboard has a partition which corresponds to dredging in a memory payment.

Videocard and additional PCI devices

Installation of the videocard will also not take a lot of time. It is inserted into the slot of PCIExpress which is horizontally under the processor. Anything difficult in it is not present, we establish it in the slot and we press before click.
Additional devices of type of TV-tuners, sound or network cards, are inserted similar to the videocard, but in slots PCIExpress which PCI are called simply are a little lower.
It is possible to tell, "skeleton" of our computer is ready. Let's start preparation of the case, and the room in it all accessories.


Having unpacked the case, you will find in it a set which is required to you for the subsequent assembly of the computer. I think, there is no sense in detail to describe preparation of the case, and installation of the drive and disk drive since it is quite simple (the drive is inserted into the most top compartment of 5,25 inches in the case, and the disk drive is slightly lower – in 3,5) and does not need further explanation.
In more detail will pay attention to installation of the motherboard. It is fastened to a back internal cover in which the supports which are delivered complete with the case are twisted previously. To the room of a payment, the cap from the motherboard (Schild) created for protection of accessories against hit in the system unit of dust and other alien subjects is inserted into the case. Be convinced that to all openings of a payment there correspond the supports twisted in the case, and fasten "materinka" bolts.
At this stage assembly of the computer can be considered almost complete, it is necessary only to inhale life in our iron, having correctly connected it wires.
The special attention should be paid to connection of the forward panel of the case to special sockets of the motherboard. Generally producers, both cases, and payments, adhere to one standard therefore all sockets are signed with the corresponding names.
I will give the most widespread option of marking:

HDD-LED – the red diode on the case face (the color scheme of designation of wires, red-white is generally used)
PWR-LED – the green diode, the network indicator (green-white)
PWR-SW – the inclusion/switching off button (orange-white)
RESET-SW – a personal computer reset button (black-white)
SPEAKER – the system loudspeaker (red-white, often yellow-white)

Подключение передней панели корпуса
We connect all wires to the corresponding sockets of the motherboard taking into account polarity (white – minus, color – plus, except for RESET-SW). You will find more detailed instruction in documentation which is applied to it.

Connection of loops

Further it is necessary to connect corresponding a loop for the drive (IDE), the disk drive (FDD), the hard drive (SATA), and also power unit sockets to all specified devices and to the motherboard.
Подключение шлейфа IDE
Подключение шлейфа FDD
Pay attention that power unit sockets for connection of the drive and some hard drives (generally old IDE format) have a trapezoid form, as well as entrances to the connected devices therefore there is no fear, incidentally to turn the socket at connection.
Подключение разъёма блока питания привода (жёсткого диска)
The disk drive is powered from the small chetyrekhpinovy connector which is also easily connected only in the necessary direction.
Подключение разъёма питания дисковода
In more detail will describe connection of SATA winchesters. Food of such format has the key: if to look at the connector of the power unit it is possible to notice that it looks as the letter "g" turned on 90 degrees, the entrance of the hard drive has the same form. Be very accurate at connection since the slightest distortion can cause "short circuit" and your winchester will fail.
Подключение питания SATA-винчестера
In completion of assembly of the computer it was necessary only to connect two connectors giving food on the motherboard and on the processor (24-ekh and 4-ekh pinovy). Both sockets have a small latch which at the correct connection to a payment is latched for a special ledge.
24-пиновый коннектор питания
4-пиновый коннектор питания
At connection of sockets of the power unit pay attention that wires did not hang in the case and did not get to a cooler of the processor and additional fans. Accurately fix them special couplers - "ties", or simply a wire.

That's all! Our first computer assembled, it was necessary only to close it lateral covers and to include! One cheerful "пип" the system loudspeaker means the correct work of system and now it is possible to relax and start installation of an operating system.
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