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Application of preparation ASD fraction 2

Experimental Dorogov's antiseptics stimulators is a product of chemical distillation of a myasokostny flour of animals which appeared very effective remedy in fight against many diseases.

In the difficult destroying years of World War II of laboratory of many scientific institutes of the USSR diligent worked on creation of an effective preparation for treatment of diseases of various origin. The organisms of the Soviet people weakened by systematic malnutrition even more aggravated with a constant nervous tension demanded fast restoration of forces and energy. As under natural conditions activity this process takes the long period of time, the decision of the invention of a special medical stimulator was made.


In 1943 many scientific medical institutions secured the superconfidential government order for creation of special medicine of new generation. This remedy had to is effective to protect people and animals from the raised radiation, to promote essential strengthening of immunity, and also to be available and inexpensive for mass production. It is necessary to notice that not all research collectives managed to cope with this serious and responsible task.

After long-term researches and dedicated work of scientists in 1947 the All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science (AUIEVS) showed the new developed preparation under the name "ASD Fraction 2" which is completely meeting the requirements of a government task. The head of special research laboratory A. V. Dorogov offered absolutely nonconventional approach. As available initial raw materials the tissues of frogs recycled by method of long heat treatment and further condensation of liquid were applied. Application of this means for the person had surprisingly wide range of influence that was caused by the immunostimulating, antiseptic and wound healing properties of a preparation.


The idea of use of animal fabrics in treatment lies in successful tselitelsky practice of mother of Dorogov which applied ancient recipes of "wonder-working potions". Throughout centuries of the witch and sorcerers successfully treated various diseases by means of a live scorpion, heart of a lion, an eagle wing, frog legs and many other materials of an animal origin. Having persistently been engaged in scientific researches of this phenomenon, the scientist Dorogov achieved outstanding success. The known phrase from the Scriptus saying was his favourite statement: "Death having trampled on death …".

At the beginning of the first experiments of creation of "ASD of fraction 2" which received the reduced name "Dorogov's Stimulator" subsequently fresh tissues of dead frogs were used. However in further production the outstanding scientist Alexey Vlasovich Dorogov started using a myasokostny flour. High temperature at chemical sublimation completely erases information on what type of an organism was used in the form of initial raw materials. The first received preparation had no biological and medical value, but fractions at number 2 and 3 possessed unique medical properties. These substances were easily soluble in alcohol, water and fat.

The second and third ASD fractions were suitable for considerable influence on organisms of people and animals, thus the third formula was intended only for external application. The second fraction of a stimulator had the widest range of medical influence, it effectively helped with treatment of cancer educations, gynecologic pathologies, impotence, obesity, baldness, a hypertension. The improbable effect of positive influence was revealed at cardiovascular diseases, diseases and disorders of a digestive tract, tuberculosis, spasms, various ulcers, colds, and also at many infectious diseases. Various proportions of application and the scheme of treatment were applied to treatment of different diseases. The revolutionary preparation was the real panacea of the XX century.


The preparation "ASD Fraction 2" is a liquid form of medicine of dark red or dark orange color with a pungent, unpleasant smell. It is issued in 100-millilitre bottles and as a result of long storage can give a deposit which is easily filtered. On the pharmacological properties Dorogov's stimulator belongs to biogenous preparations with the expressed antiseptic action. Under its influence there is an essential activization of nervous system, intoxication decreases, immunity increases and considerably the general tone of an organism rises.

"ASD the fraction 2" contains cyclic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, active connections with sulfgidrilny group, carbonic acids, water and derivatives of amides. This unique remedy can be used as for external application, and orally. External application of a stimulator of Dorogov is intended for the accelerated regeneration of the damaged fabrics as an anti-inflammatory antiseptic, and also for stimulation of retikuloendotelialny system. Internal application of this medicine is shown for activization of vegetative and central nervous system, stimulation of digestion, increase of a rezistention (resilience) of an organism, and also for normalization of an intracellular ionic exchange.

Now modern medical practice for the unclear reason does not provide application of "ASD of fraction 2" for the person. Perhaps, it occurs because the secret of miracle impact of this preparation on an organism was not more exhaustively studied. In 1955 the laboratory of the great alchemist was disbanded, and 1957, without having lived till 50 years, Alexey Vlasovich Dorogov suddenly died from heart attack. However this medicine can be ordered in veterinary drugstores. Numerous positive responses testify to high efficiency of this preparation in treatment of the most difficult pathologies. Usually resort to this means when does not remain any chances of recovery. It is a pity that the modern medicine does not show interest in further studying of works of the great healer of the present.

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