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Hand-made articles from a papier-mache

Having shown a little imagination and patience, it is possible to create a beautiful decorative bagatelle by means of a papier-mache. Often this equipment is applied in production of dolls, scenery and other theatrical attributes.

It was necessary to see so beautiful works performed by hands of simple people that it was not even believed that all these unique things are made of simple paper. And many, looking at hand-made articles, have no concept of what they are made and that is hidden inside.

Instead of the preface

Production of subjects by means of technology of a papier-mache initially arose in China, but they already won broad application and popularity in France. By the way? French gave also the name to this equipment that in translation into Russian "the reaped or chewed paper" means. And if Chinese used equipment to make slips and helmets, French by means of a papier-mache created figurines, dolls, masks and even furniture.

Today hand-made articles from a papier-mache are prepared practically in each House of children's creativity. Besides, this good occupation with children of the house as the equipment is simple performed by and it is cheap.

One of minuses of this equipment consists that creative occupation will not be suitable for fidgets and fastidious people. And all because appearance of weight and a consistence of a molding looks not really pleasantly. Besides women can be afraid for the manicure. For them masters open a small secret – it is possible to put on thin rubber gloves which fit hands. In them tactile feelings remain, and nails do not spoil. Also this equipment loves assidious people and patient, all work takes a lot of time as becomes step by step therefore for those who loves instant option, the equipment too will not approach.

Necessary materials

To prepare a papier-mache in house conditions, it is necessary to stock up with such tools and materials:

  1. Any paper is there can be old newspapers, notebooks, boxes from a cardboard, toilet paper, trays from under eggs.
  2. Glue – ready for wall-paper or PVA or to make most (I will tell about it below).
  3. Dyes and paints.
  4. Brushes.
  5. On a table oilcloth.
  6. Liquid soap or vaseline, either fat melted, or a little sunflower.
  7. Form for pasting.
  8. Knife or scissors.
  9. Rubber gloves, at will.

After you prepare all materials for performance of hand-made articles from a papier-mache, it is necessary only to choose the technology of preparation suitable you.

Options of preparation of a papier-mache

Conditionally masters allocate three variations of creation of a hand-made article:

  1. Stratification method.

    To use this equipment, it is necessary to find model, to grease it with vaseline, then small to tear paper, to soak it in glue and layer-by-layer to paste on model. Layers has to be very much. Layers are imposed at each other not in a row, and with intermediate drying. Layers can be five and more, everything depends on what is necessary thickness and durability of a product. This method is used most often in production of carnival masks or easy and round suspended forms.

  2. Molding from dough.

    To make a hand-made article this method, take paper, small pick it, fill in with boiled water and leave for a couple of hours that it properly became limp. Then paper needs to boil, cool, wring out and to be dried. Then the turned-out paper lump is rubbed on a grater and add glue to shaving, well kneaded until weight does not begin to remind elastic dough. From it it is possible now as from plasticine, to mold everything that it is necessary for soul. And it is possible to fill in it in the prepared form or to stick round a basis.

  3. The pressed method.

    This method of production of a papier-mache is based on pressing cardboard flat preparations which are missed the mark with glue. Use the same principle even for production of a chipboard. This method in creation of hand-made articles is used for production of separate elements and flat designs.

Glue for a papier-mache

Usually masters use simple wallpaper glue. But there are different options, it is possible even to prepare glue the hands.

  1. Glue on a flour.

    For preparation of this glue it is necessary to heat five cups of water in a pan. Separately in ware to mix the fourth part of a flour and a cup of cold water. It is good to mix that was lumps, and the consistence was, as at a custard. Then to add this weight to a pan with water. On fire it is necessary to hold glue three minutes, thus continuously to stir slowly until weight thickens. Now glue needs to be cooled. As a result glue will turn out liquid and if dense glue is necessary for you or it is necessary to reduce drying time, the recipe can be changed a little: to mix one full cup of a flour and three cups of a flour. And to prepare on the same technology, as for liquid glue.

  2. Glue pastelike.

    This glue is on sale in shops, and it is necessary to dissolve it according to the instruction on packing. Only add waters a little less, than it is written. Then shift this glue in densely closed packing. It is possible to store it in the refrigerator some days. This glue the antiseptics has properties. But to children to give them it is possible to use only under supervision of parents.

Master class for the smallest

If you decided to try to execute a hand-made article from a papier-mache with the child, it is necessary to begin with the elementary. And the simplest is a saucer. For its production it is necessary to take a napkin, an oilcloth, a brush, paste, the newspaper, gouache paints and scissors.

  1. To put a saucer on a table upside down, and to oil vegetable a thin layer. So do in order that a ready hand-made article then easily lagged behind preparation.
  2. We tear the newspaper to small pieces and each leaflet covers with glue and we paste to a plate, since the middle and moving ahead to edges. Slightly to impose leaflets at each other. After four layers are pasted, we put aside work and we allow it to dry out. Then again four layers, and again to dry. And so several times.
  3. After the last layer dried out, we separate our product from preparation and scissors we equal edges.
  4. Now we apply some layers of white gouache on a saucer.
  5. When gouache dries, it is possible to paint a saucer with paints, any pattern.
  6. From above to varnish a finished product.

Useful tips

It is not necessary to use the hair dryer, the battery and to heat quicker to dry a product, it has to dry only under natural conditions on air. Otherwise the hand-made article can burst or be deformed.

Not important, what method of preparation of a papier-mache you will choose, but anyway the finished product still needs to be ground to clean zaloma and to achieve a smooth surface. After polishing the product needs to be grounded, and then to paint and decorate.

If it is necessary to reach still the bigger durability of a product and thus it is desirable to keep its ease, add the gauze fabric impregnated with glue to inside layers of a papier-mache. This way is called reinforcing and it is used generally for formation of sculptures from a papier-mache.

For filling it is better to take acrylic weight though it is possible to use and plaster. All products at the end of work become covered by a varnish to consolidate result. And paints it is best of all to use the usual acrylic water emulsion.

And the most important council – be not afraid to experiment. Combine technicians, paints, show the imagination. Connect children to creativity. Such works very much unite and give a positive spirit.

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