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Treatment of arthrosis of joints

Arthrosis is very widespread disease at which the cartilaginous layer in a joint or between vertebras owing to what the joint "crackles" slowly collapses, hurts, and in the started cases limits your movements. will tell you about arthrosis of joints: it is informed – means it is armed.
Артроз суставов Arthrosis is very widespread disease at which the cartilaginous layer in a joint or between vertebras owing to what the joint "crackles" slowly collapses, hurts, and in the started cases limits your movements. will tell you about arthrosis of joints: it is informed – means it is armed.
Statistically arthrosis about 15% of all inhabitants of our planet have. Most often this disease is shown after 30 years, and by 60 years almost everyone suffers from arthrosis! Women suffer twice more often, than men. And if you think that a crunch in knees or a coxofemoral joint pain are harmless and arise from overfatigue – you are mistaken. Over time pains will amplify, mobility of a joint will be limited and if to start arthrosis, the probability of a full immovability and disability is great. As you can see, with arthrosis do not joke. And the before it to reveal, the for you this disease can turn back smaller consequences.

Arthrosis symptoms

Артроз чаще всего поражает коленный и тазобедренный суставы Arthrosis most often affects knee and coxofemoral joints. But, sometimes, arthrosis and humeral, elbow joints and the arthrosis affecting phalanxes of fingers meets. Practically all pianists suffer from the last. The group of risk includes the athletes, workers connected with hard physical work, the people who are carrying out the most part of day in a standing or sitting position. If you treat one of these categories, attentively read the list of symptoms of arthrosis.
  1. The aching a joint pain. Especially it is shown during circulation on a ladder, at various loads of a sore joint.
  2. Crunch and ache in a joint. The crunch first not strong, but over time in the absence of treatment it will be heard also by people around. The ache in a joint is shown when overcooling.
  3. Emergence of a swelling. This symptom is characteristic for one more disease of joints – arthritis (a joint inflammation). But at arthrosis the swelling arises only at aggravations and is followed aching, but not sharp pain. It is quite noticeable and gives a considerable inconvenience.
Each of the listed symptoms it is impossible to ignore by no means. Pain, a crunch or a swelling of a joint – an occasion to make an appointment with the doctor.

Reasons of emergence of arthrosis

 Артроз коленного сустава на ранней (слева) и на поздней (справа) стадии заболевания
As well as at many other diseases, the reasons of emergence of arthrosis there is a lot of. In spite of the fact that arthrosis is considered an age disease, there is it and at youth. Can cause arthrosis:
  • injuries of joints (such arthrosis is called post-traumatic);
  • hereditary factor;
  • long static load of a joint;
  • as it was already told, age changes in structure of an articulate cartilage;
  • excess weight which many times increases load of joints, in particular joints of the lower extremities.
  • metabolic disorder (diabetes, disease of endocrine glands) which leads to failures in synthesis of cartilaginous tissue;
  • platypodia – displaces the center of gravity and raises load of joints;
  • problems with vessels of the lower extremities which complicate food of cartilaginous tissue.
It is not excluded that some other reasons of emergence of arthrosis over the years will be found. But at the moment, if you get to "group of risk", surely be engaged in prevention of arthrosis!

Treatment of arthrosis

Массаж и физиопроцедуры являются в частью лечения артроза At once I will tell readers of that it is up to the end impossible to cure arthrosis. In our forces only to suspend a course of disease, not to allow an articulate cartilage to collapse. Treatment of arthrosis has to be only complex, that is unite in itself some types. To establish the diagnosis, the doctor will direct you on a X-ray, and only having on hands a picture, he will be able to establish a stage of a disease and to appoint treatment. It is also necessary to establish the reason which caused emergence of arthrosis whenever possible to eliminate it and immediately to start treatment. So, what stages enter treatment of arthrosis of joints.
  • To anesthetize. Most often, address to the doctor at a stage of emergence of pain in joints. Therefore anesthetics – analgetics are usually appointed.
  • To remove an inflammation. If there is an inflammation, a joint swelling, it needs to be eliminated. Anti-inflammatory preparations are appointed.
  • To restore cartilaginous tissue. It is the most important problem of all treatment. Even if it is not possible to restore it, it is just necessary to suspend degenerate processes. The medicines containing hondroprotektor are for this purpose appointed. You should not expect instant result. Nevertheless, if to accept preparations at individually picked up course within several months, the result will be available.
    The diagnosis "arthrosis" to me was made in 23 years. And not the first doctor to whom I addressed made it. Both the traumatologist, and the surgeon of policlinic looked at me as on the feeble-minded young woman who with boredom goes on doctors. To me it was not cheerful at all, at work I was constantly wound from a floor on a floor, and each step of a ladder brought intolerable pain. While I pestered doctors, pain amplified, and to rise even by the second floor became intolerable torture. That with my knees and why they wildly hurt and crackle, I could not understand.
    But, fortunately, the familiar doctor of my friend (orthopedist) volunteered to help. He told that it is arthrosis, and that it is very serious. Rescued my knee joints the whole world. The doctor attributed to me an anesthetic and the preparation (Terafleks) containing hondreytin. The familiar druggist advised to use "Dikul's balm for joints" and one more gel containing a sabelnik. Within two months I drank tablets, greased sore joints and did not leave woolen kneecaps. In a month pain left, the crunch decreased.
    With arthrosis I live 6 years, time in half a year I drink two months Terafleks, I try to strain less knees and I eat many jellies (grandmother's advice). By the way, during pregnancy the crunch in general disappeared, probably, it is feature of an organism. I advise all to protect joints and not to suffer from pain!
In a complex with three main stages of treatment physioprocedures (the electrophoresis, acupuncture weakening massage, a magnetotherapy) are carried out. They are carried out only under supervision of the doctor, according to the individual scheme and are forbidden at the moments of aggravations.
In many clinics will offer you treatment of arthrosis bloodsuckers who will effectively kill pain, a joint inflammation.
Для лучшего восстановления хряща необходимо пройти курс грязелечения For the best restoration of a cartilage it is necessary to complete a course of mud cure or radonic bathtubs. Thus arthrosis treat in sanatoria of Yevpatoria, Sak, Pyatigorsk. If it is too expensive for you to get the permit, try to escape at least at the sea and to float more.
As prevention of arthrosis and for unloading of tired joints during treatment to you will appoint a course of physiotherapy exercises. Feature of exercises that they do not create load of a sore joint, are carried out in a prone position, sitting or in the pool. Thus any exercise should not cause a joint pain.
Some words about national ways of treatment. It is impossible to cure arthrosis in exclusively national ways but as addition to treatment in such a way it is possible to use. Well the gels and ointments on the basis of a sabelnik and also containing mumiyo influence cartilaginous tissue.
    My neigbour because of arthrosis of knee joints did not leave some years the apartment. And recently met her at an entrance. It went itself and is quite sure. Told that cured the knees in a week. Bought internal fat in the market (is on sale at butchers, not salty!), wound with it sore knees, from above cellophane and a woolen scarf. The neigbour could not get out of a bed without assistance long ago therefore to lie down week (as it was told in recommendations of national doctors) for it was not difficult. At first pain left, and in a week it developed a bandage, and from a centimetric layer of internal fat there was a thin plyonochka – all fat was absorbed by a knee. Literally right after it the neigbour got on feet, and in a week repeated a wrapping once again, and now goes to the nearest shop.
    Everything I want to be influenced by this recipe and here to lie week with our fussing rhythm of life it is almost unreal.
There is a wish to tell that in especially started cases of arthrosis of joints when the joint becomes motionless, and cartilaginous tissue is destroyed, resort to surgical intervention. In especially hard cases prosthetics of joints is possible even. But joints are better and cheaper to such state not to start.

Prevention of arthrosis

Not to allow emergence of arthrosis of joints, it is necessary to minimize static load of joints. Refuse continuous carrying high heels, do not sit, having crossed the legs, alternate standing positions and sitting. Get rid of the excess weight if that is available. To weight loss both joints, and vessels of the lower extremities will be glad. Try not to lift weights. "Unload" joints after the working day – accept a prone position, do several times exercise "bicycle". Arrange holiday in the summer and to the joints – swim more, do underwater gymnastics.
Be not ill!
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