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Treatment of arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most widespread diseases of joints which, in fact, is inflammatory process. tells about arthritis symptoms, its reasons, ways of treatment and preventive measures.
Arthritis is one of the most widespread diseases of joints which, in fact, is inflammatory process. tells about arthritis symptoms, its reasons, ways of treatment and preventive measures.

What is arthritis

Руки, поврежденные артритом As it was already told, arthritis is an inflammatory disease of joints. It involves thinning of an articulate cartilage, change of sheaves and an articulate capsule. In hard cases leads to deformation of a joint.
Very often arthritis affects hands (a phalanx of fingers), feet, knee and elbow joints. Women have arthritis more often than men. This illness is shown even at children. Every seventh inhabitant of the planet "is familiar" with arthritis.

Reasons of developing of arthritis

Рентгеновский снимок кисти руки, поврежденной артритом
  1. Infectious diseases. It is the most frequent reason. Having had a SARS, cold you get to group of risk. It is possible to carry to it also diabetics, people having venereal diseases, tuberculosis. As a rule, the causative agent of arthritis is golden staphylococcus or streptococci.
  2. Injuries, bruises, operations. Arthritis often is a consequence of injuries of joints, frequent bruises or surgical interventions in a joint.
  3. Hereditary pathology of joints. It is impossible to say that arthritis is descended, but to you it is not necessary and to deny that pathologies of a structure of joints are often put genetically. Anyway, if in a family someone has arthritis, you should find more time for prevention.
  4. As the factors provoking emergence of arthritis it is possible to call the excess weight, overcooling, smoking, immunity easing.

Symptoms and types of arthritis

Суставы наиболее часто поражаемые артритом As arthritis is an inflammatory disease, its symptoms are any signs of an inflammation in a joint:
  • swelling, skin redness;
  • pain, especially after a long immovability;
  • increase in body temperature (at sharp arthritis);
  • constraint in the movements (happens and at exacerbations of chronic arthritis).
Arthritis happens sharp when its current is followed by pain, a swelling, high temperature, and chronic – when the course of arthritis slow, begins with constraint of joints. It is hard to say what of them is more dangerous, after all sharp is easier to notice, and chronic can practically progress not considerably for years. Arthritises also divide on infectious or purulent (arises because of a bacterial infection), rheumatoid (connecting tissue of a joint inflames, small joints are surprised), osteoarthritis (the cartilage is worn-out). In total at the moment distinguish to 150 types of arthritises. By the way, spurs (bone outgrowths), gout (cones on feet) is too kinds of arthritis.

Treatment of arthritis

Лечение артрита As well as in a case with arthrosis, only timely, expeditious and complex treatment will be able to prevent changes in a joint structure, to rescue the patient from an immovability and disability. Therefore at the slightest discomfort in any joint address to the rheumatologist. At early diagnostics and individually picked up treatment it is possible to cure arthritis. That treatment of arthritis was successful, it is worth defining the reason and a type of arthritis correctly. Therefore diagnosis of arthritis – very important step to recovery.
Treatment includes:
  1. Application of antibiotics. If arthritis infectious, to you appoint a course of antibiotics.
  2. Anti-inflammatory treatment. At sharp arthritis it is important to remove a joint inflammation. The protivospalitelny preparations, ointments removing an inflammation and reducing pain are for this purpose applied (for example, Diclofenac gel).
      By the way, woolen socks and mittens from natural sheep or dog wool perfectly take off pain in the affected joint and fight against an inflammation.
  3. Restoration of cartilaginous tissue. As well as at arthrosis, in a case with arthritis slowly but surely help to restore (or at least to prevent further destruction) cartilaginous tissue hondroprotektor (Terafleks, Artron Hondreks).
  4. Mud cure, warming up, ultrasound, massage and magnetotherapy. All these methods are selected especially individually!!!
  5. LFK. During remission the doctor appoints special gymnastics, as a rule, it exercises in a pose lying or occupations in the pool. Any of exercises should not cause discomfort, and furthermore pain.
  6. Medical diet. It is possible to suspend development of arthritis by means of the diet rich with antioxidants and vitamin E. There is a lot of them in vegetables and fruit, salmons and a herring, walnuts, seeds of pumpkin and sunflower, bran.
  7. Surgical intervention. It is carried out in cases of especially started arthritis. As option – prosthetics of a joint, but it in fact already extreme measures.Лечение артрита
  8. Treatment in the national ways. Usually it is compresses and ointments which part the mummy, blue clay, mustard, grass collecting is. Recipes there is a weight, and the means offered by Vangoy, and healers compatriots. Only before their application consult to the doctor.
      My neighbor (the man for 50) constantly suffered because of arthritis of knee joints. And once saw it going by bicycle. He bragged that got blue radioactive clay, did of it flat cakes compresses for 2-3 hours – and the aggravation left. However, the package of this clay cost about 100 dollars, though extract it near Artemovsk (Ukraine) on the closed pit. Years five as the uncle Vova simply flies. Only sometimes complains of "moaning" of joints. By the way, doctors offered only operation …
Sick arthritis it is IMPOSSIBLE to lift weights, to run, jump, long to stand, make the sharp movements. It is NECESSARY to carry out exercises on an extension, to float, do daily exercises without loading.
At everything thus treatment means continuous supervision at the doctor. If there came the simplification, it does not mean that arthritis is eradicated. Unfortunately, the panacea from this disease is not found yet.

Prevention of arthritis

To avoid development of arthritis, it is necessary:
  • in due time to treat any infectious diseases. And we so often have cold "standing";
  • to become tempered, play sports less often to be ill and to get to group of risk;
  • 2-3 zubk of garlic per day – excellent prevention of arthritises;
  • not to allow fluctuations of weight in addition not to load joints;
  • to minimize consumption of sugar and salt, alcohol. To give up smoking;
  • between acceptance of food to eat a pineapple slice, a handful of bilberry or to drink ginger to tea.
Be not ill!
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