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How to apply foundation

Foundation of the woman got used to mask roughnesses on a face, heat-spots and dark stains. But the main destination of foundation is to level face skin. From how it will be made, and the result depends.

Let's talk about technicians of drawing voice-frequency means. Cosmetologists still cannot tell in the affirmative as it is correct to put it. And ways of overlaying of voice-frequency means exists a little:

  • by means of a sponzh;
  • brush;
  • hands.

All ways finally result in equal tone of the person and without defects if to adhere to the main recommendations.

Preparatory moments

Before starting applying foundation, it is necessary to choose the correct lighting. For a make-up the daylight will be ideal, it has to be soft and scattered.

Mirsovetov, perhaps, will surprise nobody if tells that your skin before a make-up has to be cleared and slightly moistened. This golden rule of all cosmetologists. If your skin has the remains of powder, dirt – do not wait for result of ideal causing tone.

How to apply cream with a brush

To receive the expected result from foundation, it is desirable to get a special brush. It has to have an elastic bristle and to be flat. It is undesirable to use the brush having a natural bristle as it will absorb bigger amount of cream.

So, the necessary quantity of means is squeezed out from a tube on a palm, in a depression in the ground about a thumb. From this part of a hand a brush to take cream very conveniently.

Attention! For the lefthander cream needs to be squeezed out on the right hand, and left to shade it a brush. If such option seems to you inconvenient, then cream directly from a tube put pointwise on a face in four places: on a forehead, a chin and cheeks.

Brush it is necessary to try to shade cream accurately, quiet movements moving from the middle to edge of a face. Peripheral sites of skin carefully smooth not to allow sharp border. Especially it concerns sites on which tone is not applied: it is a neck and ears. A soft brush from the remains of means it is necessary to achieve equal smoothing.

About eyebrows, a nose and lips tone is imposed slightly clapping a brush.

Eyelids are also subject to toning. Means is imposed it is thin, moving from a nose to border of growth of hair. Under eyes surplus of cream needs to be got wet with a napkin accurately. If not to make it, means will be hammered in small wrinkles, and it will be ugly to look.

After end of a make-up, the brush should be washed out well water and to dry. If it to leave dirty, on it bacteria can accumulate, and it will lead to irritation and even rashes on skin.

We apply cream by means of a disk

To put voice-frequency means with the most even layer, use latex sponzh. If to humidify it a little with water then it is possible to disguise all roughnesses on skin.

As well as during the work with a brush, foundation is applied on a palm or on the person and shaded. It is possible to squeeze sponzhik and to drip on it cream, and then to shade on a face. At such method tone is evenly distributed on a sponzha and more convenient to put it.

Cream roundabouts is distributed on the person. If it is insufficiently, voice-frequency means will quickly dry and it will be more difficult to receive ideal skin.

The special attention when putting foundation should be paid lines of growth of hair. Means has to be distributed carefully, thus so that hair were not painted.

After application sponzh it is necessary to wash out water and it is good to dry.

We apply cream with fingers

In open spaces of the Internet there is video of the young girl who "teaches" all as it is correct to put cream on a face. It squeezes out it from a tube, distributes on hands as hand cream, and then the movements similar to washing, applies on skin. To steam of seconds - and any efforts. Funny. But so it is impossible to do! The person turns into a mask. Such equipment really exists, but it is necessary to touch the person fingers carefully, and accurately to distribute cream on skin. Only then such make-up will look natural.

To receive easy and almost weightless covering which will look naturally, it is necessary to work only with small pillows of fingers, gently and accurately.

When cream gets on finger-tips, from their heat it melts a little and it becomes easier to put it. The main thing - not to be overzealous and not to stretch skin. If on a face there are islands of the shelled skin, they need to pay more attention. These places process the patting movements.

Uniform rules for all ways

  1. After foundation was applied on skin, it is necessary to leave the person alone before full absorption of voice-frequency means. On average it borrows from three to five minutes.
  2. If skin looks shining, surplus funds need to be withdrawn a napkin, accurately promakivy.
  3. If the liquid voice-frequency basis is put – better to resort to a "manual" method of drawing, then it will be less noticeable and the make-up will more long hold on.
  4. If it is necessary to work with a firm voice-frequency basis (as dense powder) then fingers will also best of all cope with drawing. It is necessary to drive in a basis easily, patting. The firm basis will well close problem sites on skin: acne, reddenings, hillocks.
  5. Irrespective of the fact which with way voice-frequency means, area round eyes, especially under eyes was put, and also about a mouth it is necessary to get wet with cosmetic wipes also.

After end of a make-up, it is necessary to estimate the work. Your reflection in a mirror is not pleasant to you? Perhaps, you caused bigger amount of tone, than it is required. Now in fashion naturalness therefore watch that tone of cream not strongly differed from a shade to a zone of your decollete and a neck. Too noticeable difference does not look naturally.

About mistakes

It happens so that not only very young girls, but also adult women make widespread mistakes. That to avoid them, recommends:

  • not to put a thick layer of foundation. Thus, defects will not disappear, and on the contrary, "will get out" outside. Besides, surplus of cream will lie in nosogubny folds and corners of a mouth, small wrinkles;
  • do not use cheap brushes and sponzhik, they will not be able to provide you an ideal covering especially as cheap materials lead to a bigger consumption of cosmetics;
  • nose wings – the most visible part of the face. Therefore it is necessary to shade means with special care. Let in this area there will be a smaller amount of cream, but the make-up will be natural;
  • the widespread mistake – to squeeze out from a tube cream on small pillows of fingers and right there to rub it in skin. Thus, the bigger amount of tone will be caused, it will lay down spots that will lead to effect of a mask;
  • if on your face the dense bed of cosmetics "sits", it can "float", and skin to be clogged;
  • if right after tone to put on a face powder which will differ on color, all defects and will be more visible;
  • the classical option of a day make-up assumes to powder after a voice-frequency basis a face powder, but cosmetologists recommend to apply a thin film of cream and to ignore powder.

If you follow recommendations of, your make-up will always be faultless!

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