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Useful properties of a marjoram

Marjoram call a plant from Yasnotkov' family. The name of this spice is translated from the Arabic language as "incomparable". It is necessary to tell that it actually indeed. About features of this spice there is a mass of legends. For example, in Ancient Egypt the bouquet of a marjoram was given as a sign of sincere admiration.

The countries of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean are considered as the homeland of this spice. In these countries this spice grows not one millennium. Today the marjoram as spice is grown up in the countries of Europe, in the USA, India, Transcaucasia, in China, the countries of Central and Near Asia, and also in North Africa.

It is a little about a plant

Today all there are two types of a marjoram – sheet and flower. So, the first kind of a marjoram is a branched long-term bush, and the second - an annual plant with small leaflets. The marjoram possesses sweetish aroma and bitterish and sharp taste. Aroma of this spice reminds a camphor smell.

Reproduction of a marjoram happens by means of seeds, a green cherenkovaniye and division of a bush. A crop of green material which is used for spice preparation, it is possible to remove two times a year, namely at the end of July and in September. Cleaning of a marjoram is carried out only to dry weather. Stalks cut off at the height not less than five-six centimeters from the earth. It is necessary that the plant could grow again. The marjoram is dried on air in the form of bunches. This spice can be stored quite long time in well closed vessels without loss of its valuable qualities.


The power value of a marjoram makes 271 kilocalories on 100 grams. As a part of spice there is a water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, ashes and food fibers. The marjoram is rich with such vitamins as A, C, E, K, PP, and also vitamins of group B. From macrocells this spice contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. This spice also contains some microcells - manganese, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.


The marjoram is useful as a part of dietary food of people with stomach diseases and is generally useful to digestion normalization. Besides, this spice is used instead of salt in diets for patients with diabetes, and also in any other saltless diets.

The marjoram is useful at diseases of a liver, kidneys and a gall bladder, and also to patients who had a myocardial infarction. This spice is quite widely used in traditional medicine. In particular it is applied at spasms, menstrual pains, at migraine, headaches, to treatment of cough, diseases of lungs and diseases of nervous system.

Thanks to useful properties the marjoram is applied actively as a diuretic and as rheumatism medicine. Besides, this spice is used at a meteorizm and applied as a demulcent. Spice is used at a toothache, for treatment of a scurvy, at a mouth inflammation, from a headache and at problems with a dream.

The marjoram is recommended to include in a diet at a depression and other nervous diseases. It is useful to patients with bronchial asthma. In medicine the oil received from this spice is used outwardly for treatment of bruises, cuts and for normalization of a menstrual cycle. Ointment from a marjoram is applied at dislocations, neuralgia, stretchings, and also to treatment of abscesses and badly healing wounds. Besides, such ointment is used for treatment of cold.

Fruits of a marjoram contain a lot of essential oil. It looks as colourless liquid or liquid of a pale yellow shade which is easily dissolved in alcohol. Essential oil of a marjoram possesses a strong smell which reminds at the same time a camomile smell, aroma of mint, pepper and cardamom. The main components of this oil are terpenes. It is used as cure for grinding for varicosity, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritises and gout. The grass of a marjoram contains carotene, tannins.

Marjoram in cookery

The marjoram found the application and in cookery. When cooking leaves and flower buds of a plant, and both in fresh, and in a fried, and also dried look are generally used. This spice is added to various vegetable salads, sauces, soups (including cream soups), meat and fish dishes, puddings, and also used at aromatization of some drinks. In addition the marjoram is not bad combined with spaghetti and pizza. Therefore it is replaced often in these dishes together with an oregano. This spice is a part of many spicy mixes.

The marjoram is actively used in the food industry. In particular, it is applied by production of sausages, beer, cheeses, wine and other alcoholic and soft drinks. It is used for preservation of cucumbers, bush pumpkins, tomatoes and vegetable marrows. Essential oil which turns out from this plant, is applied to aromatization of various soft drinks. So, essential oil of a marjoram as we learned above, is applied in cookery and medicine.

In soups and sauces the marjoram is quite often put in the form of infusion. For this purpose this spice is filled in with a small amount of hot water, brought to boiling and filter the turned-out broth. Then add it to sauce or soup. The grass of a marjoram needs to be extinguished only in a shadow. Spice is stored only in tight packing. The matter is that during the drying and storage aroma of spice is lost. When using to cookeries the marjoram is added usually at the very end of preparation of a dish.

The toning tea with a marjoram

Preparation of such drink requires black leaf tea in number of two teaspoons and the marjoram is, actually, necessary. For a start we make tea in two glasses of water and then we add marjoram infusion. For infusion on a glass of boiled water it is necessary to take a small spoon of a ground marjoram. This tea is recommended to be cooled a little before the use.

Harm of a marjoram

As well as the majority of spices, a marjoram has the contraindications. In particular, you should not use it in large numbers. Otherwise abuse of a marjoram can cause a headache and feeling of oppression, depression. It is not necessary to abuse a marjoram and to pregnant women. Mirsovetov does not recommend it to add to food at individual intolerance of the plant and its separate components.

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