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Use of oil of a lavender

The lavender is a most ancient Mediterranean plant which unique properties are widely applied in the household sphere, and also an aromatherapy. Trays, massage oils, cream, lotions and other cosmetics are urged to grant youth, elasticity of skin and a healthy look.

Lavandovy air is received when using technology of steam distillation to what stalks and inflorescences of a medicinal lavender are applied. To receive 1 kg of extract, it is necessary to process 100 kg of raw materials. According to external characteristics oil turns out transparent or pale yellow color, is more rare – a greenish shade. Thus it has bitterish taste, saturated fresh aroma which includes notes of flowers of a plant and a soft smell of wood. Medicinal properties in which lavender oil differs, are actively applied in the medical sphere, the perfumery industry, cosmetology and even cookery. Mirsovetov will tell readers about unique characteristics and curative impact of extract on health of the person.

Natural source of poleznost

The main component of extract of a lavender are spirit esters and acids: acetic, oil, kapron, ursolovy and valerian. Besides the structure is extremely sated with such important components, as bergamoten, nonanal, beta farnezen, borneol, germakren D, nerol, camphor, geranilatsetat, bornilatsetat, beta kariofillen, lavandiol and geraniol. As flowers of a plant contain tannins, pitches, benzopyrone and gerniarin, all these components remain and in extract, and the last even pass into essential oils.

Curative properties of oil of a lavender

Undoubtedly, national sorcerers and medical experts could not but notice so wide range of useful influence of air of a lavender. It is possible to distinguish such from the main properties which are possessed by oil of this plant:

  • the diuretic;
  • the soothing;
  • the calming;
  • antiseptic,
  • spazmolitichesky;
  • the anti-rheumatic;
  • the sudorific;
  • glistogonny;
  • the hypotensive;
  • the healing.

Lavender oil: medicinal properties

In the medical purposes essential oil of a lavender is applied rather widely, thanks to the balanced structure of substance and its characteristics. So, such extract can be applied in the following cases:

  1. Removal of a stress, improvement of a dream and general relaxation of an organism.
  2. Stimulation of warm activity, processes of the central nervous system, lowering of arterial pressure.
  3. Strengthening of a motility of intestines, and also secretion of gastric juice.
  4. Removal of neuralgia and pathological migraine.
  5. The inhalation method of use of oil promotes antimicrobic and expectorant influence that helps to cure a number of diseases of bodies of respiratory system.
  6. Air acts as antidote at a sting of some species of insects, snakes and parasites, however before use it is necessary to consult at the socialist.
  7. Application of warm compresses with addition of oil of a lavender have soothing and anti-rheumatic effect.
  8. Overlaying of a cold compress will allow to remove symptoms of a thermal or solar burn, purulent damage of skin and an ulcer.
  9. Regular aromatic bathtubs with addition of air promote the strengthened sudorific and diuretic effect, than it is possible to cure pyelonephritis, an urolithic illness, and also inflammatory processes of bodies of a small pelvis.
  10. Acupressure with use of oil of a lavender intensifies exchange processes, than relieves of skin diseases, a dermatosis, eczemas, vitiligo, mycoses.
  11. Thanks to the expressed antimicrobic properties of extract, it is applied often to the inhalations directed on treatment of pneumonia, bronchial asthma, an osiplost and bronchitis. The substance quickly eliminates spasms of airways.
  12. In the period of a disease of a SARS or flu, physicians recommend to fumigate the room with lavandovy oil not to allow a disease of other people living in the room.
  13. Oil of a lavender has the wound healing and regenerating effect thanks to what it is recommended to apply to healing yazvochek, cuts, wounds, cracks and other injuries of skin.
  14. Air allows to smooth an integument after an acne.
  15. Oil is also used for removal of symptoms of antritis and chronic cold.

Lavender oil in cosmetology

Valuable extract of a plant is actively applied and in the sphere of cosmetology, production of household chemicals and an aromatherapy. As a rule, it is used for care of skin of hands, by persons, hair and nails. Let's consider more in details as it is possible to apply lavender air to giving of beauty:

  • curative properties of substance allow to balance production of hypodermic fat that prevents a blockage of a time, formation of a greasy luster, thus skin becomes smooth and saturated moisture;
  • preparations which part lavender oil is, are effective means for care of the weakened and injured hair: regular application reduces fragility, gives vital strength and eliminates a hair loss;
  • air helps to get rid of dandruff and an alopetion;
  • it is recommended to enrich with oil from a lavender cosmetics – to add some drops in cream, lotions and tonics thanks to what it is possible to cure skin diseases quickly;
  • rubbing in of pure extract in a nail plate allows to strengthen nails and to give them a healthy look.

Aromatic bathtubs with a lavender

Experts claim that extract from a lavender possesses soothing influence, allowing to find emotional balance and to eliminate stress symptoms. It will allow you to take off fatigue, to find a peace of mind and to cure a headache, spasms in joints. Besides, similar procedure allows to get rid of cystitis, an uretrit, osteochondrosis, an itch and a peeling of skin.

For this purpose it is recommended to take a bath with a lavender: fill petals of a fresh plant in water, drip some drops of essential oil and put an aromalampa to which also add 1-2 drops of oil. Carry out such procedure once a week, lasting 30-40 minutes.

Clarification of skin srub

Natural srub from extract of a fragrant plant – not less pleasant and useful procedure. For this purpose mix some drops of oil with sugar or salt, and then to pound on face skin the quiet massing movements. Such procedure will not simply eliminate the become horny parts, irritation and inflammations from skin, but also harmonizes a psycho-emotional state.

Lavender extract for care of a body

The massage made with lavender oil use allows to eliminate a headache, to remove alarm and overexcitation, to reduce manifestations of herpetic rash, and also to eliminate painful symptoms in muscles. Also is shown to apply it at rheumatism, arthritis and it is simple to use as a reliable immunostimulator. For this purpose you only will need to add to 10 ml of vegetable oil, 6 drops of extract and carefully to place contents. It is possible to carry out a massage session every other day, napityvy skin useful components and inhaling salutary aroma.

Cautions to use

Oil of a lavender rather universally, and therefore it is not ranked as the category of allergenic means. However as contraindication to application the following can act:

  • pregnancy period;
  • pathology of bodies of cardiovascular system;
  • hypotonia.

Except these cases, negative impact of essential oil it was revealed not, but for establishment of individual shipping of substance carry out the test: put 2 drops of funds for skin near an elbow bend and track. If there were reddenings and irritation, it is better to refuse use of oil.

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