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Laktofiltrum's application

Even more often in the lexicon people use such words as "stress", "an organism zashlakovannost", "dysbacteriosis", "an imbalance in a metabolism", "weak immunity". These states differ, but there is at them the general causal factor – modern style and a way of life at which among cares, vanity, efforts and alarms people do not find free time to be engaged in the health.

Even more often in the lexicon people use such words as "stress", "an organism zashlakovannost", "dysbacteriosis", "an imbalance in a metabolism", "weak immunity". These states differ, but there is at them the general causal factor – modern style and a way of life at which among cares, vanity, efforts and alarms people do not find free time to be engaged in the health. Prompt speed and a rhythm of life worsens our health. The organism tries to give to us signals that we paid attention to ourselves. To such the first to "disturbing calls" can carry dysbacteriosis. He leads to other problems – allergies, skin diseases, violation of a chair and process of digestion. As to cope with dysbacteriosis that intestines functioned correctly? Preparations it is at the moment created much. One of them is Laktofiltrum. Today readers of receive particulars about it – how to apply that is a part, whether there are by-effects and than it differs from other drugs.

Structure and description of a preparation

Laktofiltrum (Latin of Lactofiltrum) treats group of the sorbents having a phytogenesis. These means are applied to desintoxication at different poisonings, treatments of an allergy and creation of the correct microflora in intestines. Makes this means the Russian company JSC AVVA RUS in the city of Kirov. Tablets have a kapsulovidny, biconvex form with risky in the middle. Color at them brown, it is possible to notice white or grayish impregnations. In packing happens 30 or 60 described tablets.

I will call 2 main components of structure – a laktuloz (prebiotic) and a lignin hydrolytic (sorbent). Excipients: magnesium stearate, sodium of a kroskarmelloz.

Pharmacological properties

Let's understand, what action the dosage form possesses?

Lignin – the organic compound received as a result of wood hydrolysis. It is capable, having got into intestines, to attract all negative, to connect, neutralize and hold toxins, salts and compounds of heavy metals, allergens, alcohol, pathogenic microorganisms, medicines, the rotting products, harmful substances which got with foodstuff, a cholesterol molecule, bilirubin, a histamine, urea, serotonin – that is the components which are considered by the main responsible for the endogenous toxicosis developing in an organism. In blood the lignin is not soaked up, toxicity does not possess and is safely brought out of an organism within about 24 hours, having made the positive work. Thus no influence on secretion and motor function appears. In the connected look the lignin brings all allergens which caused allergy symptoms in the patient out of intestines. And one more positive fact. Some people note that after a course of treatment a preparation they grew thin a little. The explanation simple – occurred removal of "heavy" fat and the slags which collected in a digestive tract.

And now we will talk about that, why our intestines need prebiotics, in particular – a laktuloza. It is created in the synthetic way, contains the remains of fructose and a galactose. Getting to an organism, the laktuloza in an invariable look passes through a stomach, a small intestine and it appears in a large intestine. There it will carry out functions of a nutrient medium that to normal microflora (to bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) was comfortable to exist and breed in the necessary quantity. During hydrolysis of a laktuloza important organic acids, such as dairy, acetic and ant, actively overwhelming reproduction and activity of pathogenic microorganisms preventing emergence of nitrogen-containing toxins are formed. All this very well for a good vermicular movement and a motility of intestines, normalization of a chair.

Though live bacteria in a preparation are not present, but it remarkably restores a microbiocenosis on mucous a large intestine. It is normalized gradually fatty, carbohydrate and proteinaceous (protein) exchanges. Absorption of vitamins, microcells is adjusted. The phenomena, characteristic for intoxication and an allergy disappear.

Gradually also the general immunity increases.

Indications to application

  • dysbacteriosis, violations of microflora owing to the different reasons (an antibiotikoterapiya, improper feeding, after intestines operations);
  • meteorizm, rumbling, tendency to locks or diarrhea, so-called syndrome of the angry intestines;
  • manifestations of an allergy on skin – a dermatosis, eczemas, urticaria, neurodermatitises;
  • food poisonings (salmonellosis, dysentery);
  • endogenous intoxications at which there is an organism poisoning at cirrhoses, hepatitises, CRF (chronic renal failure) with the products which are formed at a metabolism;
  • for an immunity raising before the seasonal outbreaks of flu and ORZ;
  • integrated approach to elimination of cosmetology problems – eels, a hair loss, a skin peeling.

Method of application

Tablets apply inside for an hour to food or reception of other drugs. Crushing if it is necessary is allowed. Medicine is washed down with water. After 12 years it is enough to adults and children to take 2 or 3 pill three times in days. If to the child from 8 to 12 years, to him it is necessary to give on one or two tabletochka three times a day. At the age of 3-7 years there are enough three receptions on a tablet. If the kid of a year to three – needs to give a tablet half also three times. The course of treatment usually makes two or even three weeks, it is defined by the doctor. If the child does not want to swallow of a tablet, they can be replaced Laktofiltrumy EKO in pastils or a sachet. Sachets are poroshochka which should be mixed with water that the uniform suspension having taste of a peach turned out.


It is impossible to use Laktofiltrum at gastric or intestinal bleedings, impassability of intestines, a galactosemia or in case of individual intolerance. At an atoniya or aggravations of ulcer processes the preparation is not appointed at all.

Side effects

Meet seldom, but nevertheless warns about them readers: meteorizm, diarrhea (diarrhea) or, on the contrary, lock, allergic reactions.

Overdose and special instructions

Emergence of belly-aches or lock can testify to overdose, then a preparation stop accepting.

Often Laktofiltrum appoint at complex treatment of diseases together with other drugs. In such cases the principle of separate reception is used, that is Laktofiltrum use for an hour or even two to or after other medicines appointed by the doctor. Sufficient data on safety of application of means during incubation of the child or a lactation are not present. Therefore only the doctor solves about expediency of invoicing to women of this preparation during these periods of their life. Special storage conditions it is not required to Laktofiltrum, only the place has to be inaccessible to small kids.

Now it is clear to readers of as Laktofiltrum acts. Its feature is that he creates favorable conditions that own useful microorganisms grew in it in intestines. Gradually their number is restored and supported. Protect the health and if necessary consult at the skilled doctor.

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