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Use of camphor oil

Camphor oil in traditional medicine is used not one decade, but recently even more often it is possible to hear, as about its advantage, and harm. Where the truth and where lie, and how exactly it is necessary to apply camphor oil that it brought to health only benefit - these questions are in detail considered in article.

Camphor oil against diseases

This oil is extracted from wood of camphor laurels. It is easy to recognize him on specific sharp aroma. Oil happens two types: brown and white, the last use in cosmetology. There are at this oil many useful properties: it remarkably heals wounds, possesses the clearing action. Most often it is applied to prevention of decubituses, at people who cannot get up, and also at an inflammation of muscles and arthritis. If to combine treatment by camphor oil with kastorovy, it is possible to achieve impressive results.

If to enter camphor under skin in solution with vegetable oil, this mix will be able to tone up respiratory system and will well affect vessels. Remarkably camphor and influences a cardiac muscle, under its influence in heart the metabolism is activated.

And very often camphor alcohol catarrhal diseases treat. So, if you have a cold, it is necessary to take in identical parts propolis tincture, vegetable oil and, naturally, camphor. It is good to stir and this substance to dig a nose. A dosage – three drops. If you had an ear-ache, it is necessary to take a wadded tampon, to moisten it in camphor, to put in an ear and from above to tie up a warm scarf. But it is possible to use these tampons only during the first hours as felt pain. If after these manipulations the ear continues to hurt, go to the doctor. And one more important point: do not mix oil of camphor and alcohol, because effect from them absolutely different. By no means it is impossible to insert a spirit tampon into the affected ear, differently it is possible to injure an eardrum. Also at a choice of oil pay attention that it was a natural, but not synthetic origin.

At strong cough do a useful pulverizing. For their preparation on a water bath warm up oil and pound feet, a back and a breast. From above it is necessary to dress cotton clothes and to lay down under a warm blanket. It is desirable to do it before going to bed. Itself can make a bathtub to which to add 10 drops of oil at cold, it too will help to facilitate unpleasant symptoms.

Compresses from oil

Women who nurse the child, very often have a mammary gland pain, it can bulk up, milk will cease to go. You should not be frightened, camphor oil will help to cope with this illness. To do compresses with it also skilled pediatricians advise. Train him by such method: oil is warmed up a little, dip in it fabric and with it tied a breast or put from above. Put a package or a film on it, and for the night cover a warm blanket. Since morning it is possible to lighten, the breast will become soft. Before feeding it is necessary to wash a breast. Such compresses need to be done at once as soon as felt unpleasant feelings in a breast.

Besides, warm compresses impose and if you hurt. Put a compress, wind it and hold, pain will not cease yet and bruise will not descend. It is possible in order that the wound was tightened, to use and not a compress, and camphor in pure form.

The compress helps and at a toothache and gumboil, for this purpose it is necessary to take a half-liter can of water, to pour in it in two tablespoons of camphor, to warm up this mix, to moisten in it fabric and to put to ear area, from above put food wrap and lie down with a hot-water bottle. This compress needs to be changed in 10 minutes.

Camphor for appearance

Oil of camphor not so popularly as kastorovy, but it too with success is applied in cosmetology. According to cosmetologists, oil well clears skin, fights against its fat content and pigmentary spots, raises its general tone.

Oil is a part of medical masks, creams and lotions. If you have a problem skin, it is possible to prepare the clearing lotion, for this purpose it is necessary to mix oil from sprouts of wheat and caraway seeds oil, on a tea spoon and to drip three drops of camphor. This structure will help to narrow pores, will not allow to be formed to spots. Wipe lotion a face in the morning and in the evening.

Mature skin will be brought into a tone by lotion from a table spoon of oil of a thistle and three drops camphor, it is necessary to wipe a face for the night. And here the tablespoon of oil of a sea-buckthorn and three drops of camphor will help to bleach skin. This substance process freckles or pigmentary spots, and it is possible to smear simply as cream for the night.

If at you quickly zhirnet hair, you need to make a mask of one yolk, two table spoons of water and a half of a teaspoon of camphor. To mix everything and to apply on a couple of minutes on hair during washing, then to wash away warm water. And if hair dry then too the yolk needs to be mixed with a spoon of almond oil to add five drops of camphor and three drops of a tea tree. To smear with a mask hair for five minutes and to wash away warm water. This means is very effective, but here is frequent it you should not use better. It is no more than five procedures in a row.

If at you the hair drops out, prepare a mask from juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of oil of camphor. It is necessary to apply this mix on head skin and to rub within 20 minutes, then to cover on half an hour with a package the head. And to wash away water. For good effect, such masks do daily for 15 days. And that hair grew quicker, it is necessary to mix a yolk, with a sesame oil tablespoon, a spoon of tea tincture from pepper and a camphor oil half-teaspoon. To rub a mask in head skin, from above half an hour to put on a package, to wash away shampoo. Such mask is recommended to do time in 3 days for a month.

Camphor oil will help to look live and brilliant to your eyelashes. For this purpose it is necessary to mix it with castor oil and to apply mix by means of a brush before going to bed.

And those whom tortured in the summer mosquitoes or a moth, steam of drops needs to drip simply on cotton wool and to put on a table, unexpected guests will disappear.

Harm of camphor oil

About that camphor oil is remarkable means for treatment of external diseases, know many, but here inside it is impossible to drink it by no means because because of the high-toxicity, camphor is poison. Also it is worth not to forgetting and about the correct dosage.

Besides, camphor is contraindicated to people with heart problems because oil will increase load of this body. Also it excites nervous system so neurasthenics need to think well before treating them other diseases.

Children about one year camphor are not given at all because at these children immunity is not created yet and there can be complications after an illness. Also the child's skin so thin and sensitive that absorbing oil, it can cause organism poisoning.

Hypodermic treatment by oil is contraindicated to epileptics and those who suffers from hypersensitivity to means. Thus, it is possible to provoke spasms and an attack. And outwardly it is impossible to use a preparation when on skin there are some violations of integrity. In spite of the fact that recommend to treat oil an ear-ache, doctors of it do not recommend to do, it can lead to a burn and not worsen hearing at all. And it is natural, before procedures it is better to consult to the attending physician.

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