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Apple cider vinegar at varicosity

Varicosity (in the people it is simple – varicosity) call quite artful and dangerous illness when blood vessels are corked and cannot cope any more with that work for which they are intended. Blood cannot circulate more normally, from here – consolidation and increase in veins, pain, hypostases.

The illness meets generally at women, but also men often have this illness. Unfortunately, varicosity, despite all attempts, is almost incurable. It is only possible to facilitate symptomatology and to improve health, for example, apple cider vinegar a little.

Usefulness of apple cider vinegar

Mirsovetov it is sure: the people having varicosity are very poorly informed that apple cider vinegar works wonders. The structure of this product is very rich therefore it is capable to have effective medical effect. Thus it helps not only at varicosity, but also at emergence of some other diseases.

Vinegar from apples, in fact, is continuous vitamin "cocktail", after all vitamins A, In and With, and here contain in a ratio, quite attractive to a human body. Besides apple cider vinegar contains a number of minerals and microcells – in total them more than 20 here. For this reason there are various recommendations from experts both for external, and for its internal application.

Apple cider vinegar is used at varicosity, because it:

  1. Strengthens walls of vessels.
  2. Tones up skin.
  3. Removes hypostases.
  4. Intensifies functions of blood system.
  5. Thanks to the content of acid (and in vinegar are perfectly combined: dairy, propionic and lemon), and also enzymes and amino acids, valuable substances which are necessary for the person come to an organism, but are not developed independently
  6. Is excellent means for therapy of skin diseases, including fungi and herpeses.

You should not forget that vinegar from apples is an excellent supportive application in cosmetology as it clears skin and reduces extensions. It perfectly strengthens hair, doing them magnificent and healthy, and still – promotes weight reduction.

It is possible to speak about usefulness of this vinegar long, but you should not forget that you will only achieve a positive effect when use a natural product – 100% qualitative apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to get a product at the checked suppliers or in general to prepare independently.

Apple cider vinegar in fight against varicosity

Apple cider vinegar and varicosity "are combined" in several ways. Remember to reach positive result, continuous treatment at least for one month, but in an ideal – not less than two months is necessary, and making the procedures described below, strictly twice a day: in the morning as soon as you woke up also in the evening when you were going to go to bed.

  1. Wrappings. 6% apple cider vinegar – in pure form or diluted with warm water in a proportion 1:1 are required (it depends on that, skin is how sensitive to this product). In vinegar it is necessary to moisten a piece of soft fabric (a scarf, a napkin) and to put to that part of a body where you have a varicosity. Over fabric it is necessary to put cellophane (a polyethylene film or food wrap), and then – to wrap up with something warm (a towel, a blanket, etc.). In an ideal it is necessary a few – to lie down no more than 40 minutes under a warm blanket then the compress needs to be removed. Such actions are recommended to carry out every other day.
  2. Rubbing in. Daily at once after a shower or a bathtub it is necessary to rub apple cider vinegar in those sites of a body where you have a varicosity. Procedure needs to be carried out twice a day. Specially it is not necessary to wash away vinegar.
  3. Douches. To part in a bowl in two liters of warm water 150 ml of apple cider vinegar. Take two bowls (in them two feet have to be located normally) in a bathtub. Put feet in one bowl and pour out slowly on those places where you have a varicosity, water with vinegar. Trade places of a bowl and repeat procedure. In total douches should not take more than five minutes. It is not necessary to wash or walk after the end of procedure – let they will dry independently.
  4. Compress. To wet a gauze (any other fabric, suitable for a compress) in apple cider vinegar. If skin is too sensitive, vinegar needs to be dissolved in a proportion 1:1. To put to part of a body with varicosity, to wrap up cellophane and to wrap up with a towel. Raise a foot on height about 50 cm up (it is possible to enclose a pillow etc.). To sustain 30 minutes. Procedure can be carried out daily.
  5. Inside. Apple cider vinegar can be used inside, but only on condition that it natural and qualitative – in an ideal, prepared independently. "Cocktail" prepares as follows: to take a glass of warm water, to pour in it 2 h. l. apple cider vinegar.

To drink slow drinks. The norm is considered if to drink water with vinegar in quantity two glasses in day: glass in the morning and glass in the evening.

Choose for yourself one option which was pleasant to you most of all and start acting! Remember that varicosity is not treated at all, but is capable to facilitate to itself a state any of those who has this illness.

Especially treatment of varicosity apple cider vinegar will take effect if to carry out it in a complex, for example, with a girudoterapiya (treatment by bloodsuckers) or at least wearing special dense compression stockings.

Apple cider vinegar: how to prepare houses

Unfortunately, today unscrpulous producers instead of the real apple cider vinegar sell usual table, previously a little tinted and flavored by essence. This product does not correspond to all those qualities about which wrote above. That there was a confidence in apple cider vinegar, it is possible to try to make it independently. Yes, it will take from you a lot of time and forces, but you will know for certain that the product made the hands conforms to all quality standards!

Ways of preparation of apple cider vinegar in house conditions exists much. We suggest you to examine one of the best recipes:

  1. Apples to wash up, cut more small.
  2. To lay apples in a pan (it is desirable enameled).
  3. To fill in apples with water which has to not only cover apples, but also to be above fruits on 4 cm.
  4. To add sugar – on kilogram of apples of 50 grams (for sweet) or 80 grams (for sweet-sour).
  5. If apples very sour, it is necessary to put 100 g of sugar on kilogram of fruit.
  6. It will be good if you instead of sugar put honey as he will add to vinegar potassium. However, if you the allergic person, it is worth refusing this product.
  7. To set aside a pan for two weeks, but thus twice a day stirring slowly with contents that oxygen was in a free access, and on a surface there was no crust.
  8. In two weeks it is necessary to filter liquid, at least, through two layers of a gauze.
  9. To pour preparation of vinegar in banks with wide necks (in an ideal in two or three-liter) but so that up to the top there were not less than seven centimeters.
  10. To leave banks with liquid for two weeks.
  11. Carefully to filter vinegar.
  12. To pour ready vinegar in glass container (glass bottles) and densely to cork.
  13. Store house apple cider vinegar in a dark place, in cool (no more than 20 °C) a place.
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