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Apple cider vinegar for the person

Apple cider vinegar is used by tens years not only as an additional flavoring component to different culinary masterpieces, but also as effective cosmetic. In it accept for weight loss, treatments of some diseases, and outwardly – to look after problem face skin.

Preparation of apple cider vinegar

At the word "vinegar" each of us has associations, as a rule, connected with kitchen and cooking. However very few people know that this product with success is applied in the therapeutic purposes and in the field of cosmetology. Acetic essence from apples actively helps with fight against small heat-spots in the person, cleans minor defects, does skin elastic and rejuvenates it.

Apple cider vinegar is recommended both for external, and for internal application as has medical effect for all organism.

It is available to acquisition in any shop, costs not much, however advantage brings much. Mirsovetov in particular problem and fat skin recommends to look narrowly at this product of subjects, at whom.

If you want to look after correctly and effectively the skin, note apple cider vinegar, and it will help you to keep for years youth and beauty. On its basis it is possible to prepare various masks, creams and lotions, thus the main component is absolutely natural which prepares on the basis of apple juice.

Independently to prepare apple cider vinegar should be remembered that it is process not fast, after all that the qualitative and "dozrely" product turned out, it is necessary to have patience and to wait.

So, fruit will be necessary for you for preparation of vinegar from apples. It will be much better if you use apples from the kitchen garden, overripe or a little spoiled, in it there is nothing bad. Having gathered apples, prepare yeast and sugar for use.

Having crushed fruit in the blender or the meat grinder, shift them in the enameled capacity and fill in with hot water. Then, until liquid cooled down, fill sugar at the rate of 100 g on 1 kg sour apples and 50 g on 1 kg sweet. The amount of water in a basin has to be such that it covered fruit 3 cm higher.

Place ready mix together with a basin in the warm not blown place, but only not on the sun. Leave all this alone approximately for 14 days, only do not forget to mix periodically apples with water that the top did not dry up.

Apples wine which will turn out at you in 2 weeks, well filter and pour on banks and leave for the same time. Then pour apple cider vinegar in bottles and a zakuporta pure covers. It is necessary to store a product in a kitchen case.

Vitamins and useful components of apple cider vinegar

If you are not familiar with structure of this product yet, will be surprised when learn as far as it is unique. Apple cider vinegar contains the major and such vitamins A, E, C, B1, B6, B2, sodium, potassium and calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, apple, lemon and oxalic acid, and also enzymes necessary for a human body.

The separate attention in this list is deserved by potassium as in 200 g of its apple cider vinegar 240 mg contain. Doctors unanimously emphasize importance of potassium in a human body for normal functioning of muscular and nervous system. Potassium also suppresses excess of sodium and restores arterial pressure. He interferes with accumulation of liquid in bodies and fabrics, and also fights against hypertension symptoms. Because of the high content of potassium experts on traditional medicine recommend apple cider vinegar to the people suffering from chronic fatigue and obesity. Besides, if you use diuretic and diuretichesky preparations, including coffee and tea with sugar which bring potassium out of an organism, apple cider vinegar simply has to be present at your diet. The day norm of this component has to make 1,875 mg.

Auxiliary components of apple cider vinegar:

  1. Beta carotene – a strong antioxidant, participates in neutralization of free radicals, and also kills malignant cages.
  2. Pine forest - an important element of bone system of the person.
  3. Enzymes – promote digestion normalization.
  4. Cellulose (pectin) slows down digestion of fats, lowers the level of cholesterol and reduces risk of a disease of bodies of cardiovascular system.
  5. Amino acids – are useful to normal work of a brain, adjust an emotional background.
  6. Hydrochloric acid participates in process of digestion of food, normalizes work of a stomach.

Properties of apple cider vinegar for the person

In fact, apple cider vinegar is acid which plays an acidity regulator role. In this case when drawing apple cider vinegar on the person it regulates acid-base balance of skin thanks to what disinfects it, kills fungi and bacteria. The main properties of apple cider vinegar are:

  • the toning effect;
  • disinfection of skin;
  • the peeling influence;
  • clarification and fight against black points;
  • reduction of fat content and giving to skin of an opaque shade.

Indications to application of apple cider vinegar in cosmetology:

  • the fat or combined face skin;
  • the growing old skin;
  • seborrhea;
  • excessively dry skin.

Advantages of apple cider vinegar as cosmetic:

  • on a face forms the sour environment interfering emergence of rashes;
  • perfectly disinfects, easily clears skin of the become horny parts;
  • promotes the healthy and shining look, reducing fat content;
  • thanks to apple cider vinegar spots leave, and new do not develop;
  • brings toxins out of skin, deletes dirt and bacteria;
  • eliminates pigmentary spots which were formed against hormonal changes;
  • means is available to acquisition, besides, it can be prepared in house conditions.

Shortcomings of means and contraindication to its application:

  • people with diseases of a digestive tract and the increased acidity are categorically forbidden to use;
  • when drawing on sensitive skin it is possible to get burns;
  • the concentrated apple cider vinegar is capable to injure gentle face skin;
  • if there is an allergy to separate components of a product, it is undesirable to apply it;
  • the made cosmetics on the basis of vinegar are stored not for long.

Application of apple cider vinegar

Lately apple cider vinegar began to be applied very often in house cosmetology. On its basis of the woman prepare various masks, creams, peelings and lotions. Their use works omolazhivayushche and toniziruyushche, thus secretion of sebaceous glands is normalized, skin looks beautiful and healthy.

The readily available product can be bought in any shop, however it has to be completely natural, after all only such vinegar will approach as cosmetology means. If there is no trust to producers, it is possible to make it independently.

As a face treatment we suggest you to note such recipes on the basis of apple cider vinegar:

  1. Face toner. Effectively treats spots. At the rate of 1:5 dissolve vinegar with water and the received mix wipe a face daily. It is not necessary to wash away it as lotion is not shown on a face in no way, on the contrary, does skin opaque. At desire water can be replaced with camomile broth or green tea. You should not forget that such means can dry up already dry skin. To avoid such effect, it is necessary to add more water or other liquid.
  2. Clay mask against an acne. It is necessary to dissolve cosmetic clay with mix from water and apple cider vinegar, observing a proportion 1:4. The mask is applied on the skin which is previously cleared of cosmetics. Having kept 15-20 minutes, it should be washed away. It is recommended to application once a week.
  3. The sparing exfoliation. That the become horny parts of skin peeled better, it is necessary to prepare a peeling. To add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 tablespoon of honey. If salt is too large, it should be dissolved a little in water. To mix all components and to apply with the massing movements on face skin. Depending on type of skin it is necessary to mass more or less intensively. After procedure the mask is washed away. It is necessary to carry out it not more often than 1 time a week.
  4. Reception of apple cider vinegar inside. For face cleansing cosmetologists recommend internal reception of a product. It promotes not only to external clarification, but also an internal detoks as apple cider vinegar effectively fights against excess weight. Thus you should not forget that such method is strictly contraindicated to people with stomach diseases. To prepare drink it is necessary to dissolve 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 200 ml of warm water, having added also not enough honey for taste. Cocktail is ready, and it is necessary to take it in the morning after a breakfast small drinks. If there is a heartburn, it is possible to add 0,5 h to means. l. soda for restoration of acid-base balance.
  5. To clean fat content a zone of a forehead and round a nose the active mask with oat flakes will help. It is necessary to add 1,5 h to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. l. honey and as much flakes. Having mixed components, it is necessary to apply a mask on the cleared, dried up face skin, and 30 minutes later to wash away warm water.
  6. Mask all-type skin. On the structure it is universal and becomes on a cucumber basis. Having grated one ripe vegetable on a large grater, it is necessary to add to it a yolk of one egg and 1 h. l. vinegar. To mix everything, to distribute on the person, to sustain half an hour and then to wash out everything carefully. The mask not only works otbelivayushche, but also relieves of pigmentary spots, traces of spots and excessive fat content.

Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and many other diseases of skin forever. The natural and natural product influences integuments from within, thereby helping to find the blossoming, healthy and attractive look.

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