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Apiotherapy (treatment by bees)

For fifty thousand years before appearance of the person on our planet already there lived bees. Many rock paintings and prehistoric monuments indicate that, as our ancestors liked to regale a medical lump. And today the bee is considered nearly the best druggist, and treatment by bees practices around the world. Products which it makes, treat many diseases.

Bee sting

Most often in food we use bee honey, we consider it not only tasty, but also useful. But not only this product which is made by remarkable insects, is useful to our organism. Not less useful properties are and in a uterine milk, wax, pollen, propolis and in the poison of bees. All these products successfully apply in agriculture, the industry, cosmetology and medicine.

At the end of a paunch of a honey bee the stinging device settles down. Having stung, the bee departs and through a couple of hours dies, and the sting together with poison remains in a body of the person. The chemical composition of this poison is so confused that up to the end it was not studied by scientists, it is known only that it consists of amino acids, mineral substances and proteins.

Does not influence influence of bee sting acid and alkaline environments, it is steady and against fluctuations of temperatures. Its structure will not change if poison to heat or freeze, but will lose the properties under the influence of digestive juice if to accept it inside. Almost instantly poison dries on air, but also in a dry form it keeps the active properties a lot more years. It has so strong disinfecting properties that even if to part it 1:50000, it will be all the same sterile and in it there will be no microorganisms.

In spite of the fact that in a surplus side effects of poison are so strong that can lead to a lethal outcome, correctly chosen dose makes poison the irreplaceable assistant in fight against many diseases. Because of complexity of a dosage the method of uzhaleniye does not find approval in scientific medicine. And in medicines poison is used in the cleared look and applied in the form of injections, ointments, inhalations and a pulverizing. But nevertheless healers consider that pure and fresh poison is much more useful.

Treatment by poison or apiotherapy is generally directed on disposal of pains and inflammatory processes at rheumatism, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, a hypertension, migraine, at ulcers or not healing wounds, thrombophlebitis and other diseases. Treatment happens due to expansion of vessels, reduction of coagulability of blood and analgesic effect.

Apiotherapy at treatment of bronchial asthma is widely applied. If approximate time of an attack is known, enter poison in three hours prior to it a small dose. At this disease the organism is very sensitive to components therefore it is necessary to be attentive to a dosage. The course of treatment usually lasts about two months. And at the majority attacks of asthma do not repeat.

Treatment is forbidden by bee sting at diseases of a liver and pancreas and kidneys if there is a diabetes, tuberculosis or tumors, at failures in work of heart, at infections and exhaustion of an organism.

At rheumatism put a bee on a sore point, thus hold her by wings and wait until stings. In the first day use only one bee, in the second day take two bees and put everyone slightly above the previous sting. For the third day – three bees, and so bring to five bees. Then two days of rest also put bees upside-down. If pain up to the end did not leave, in a week a course repeat.

Bee honey

Honey is a vegetable and animal product, in its structure there is a phosphorus, chlorine and copper, magnesium and calcium, and other useful microcells. Besides, there are in it also vitamins of group B, K, E, pantothenic, nicotinic, folic, ascorbic acids, carotene. It is considered that in a product there are also certain stimulators which increase activity of the person. Squirrels who are in a product, participate at creation of enzymes and hormones. Mineral substances influence excitability of nervous system, processes of blood formation and breath of fabrics. Enzymes well promote work of digestive system and stimulate assimilation of useful substances. In honey there are also growth hormones. Sahara are remarkable anti-toxic substance. They regulate work of nervous system, increase of pressure, improve food of a cardiac muscle, well influence blood vessels, accelerate a metabolism, increase diuresis, stop bleedings and accelerate a warm rhythm.

If to accept inside bee honey, it will adjust acid level in a stomach, will increase quantity of a mutsin for this reason it is recommended to eat at an ulcer of a duodenum and if the acid environment is broken.

To children if there is no allergy, advise is on a honey spoon in day. As the proteins containing in this product influence growth rate. Besides, the regular use of a product, strengthens immune system of an organism and does it protected before infections.

At a sore throat it is necessary to pour in a glass of water in a pan, to add a half-glass of anisic sunflower seeds, to boil within 15 minutes, then to filter from sunflower seeds and to add the fourth part of a glass of honey and a tablespoon of cognac to broth. To Zakipyatit, then to cool and accept on a broth tablespoon everyone half an hour.

At a hypertension recommend to mix honey and juice of beet in equal proportions and to use five times a day on a tablespoon. And the honey tablespoon mixed with a glass of warm milk for the night will help to fall asleep strong.

Pollen and uterine milk

Scientists found about 50 biologically active agents in pollen, all of them make versatile impact on an organism. In traditional medicine it is used at anemia, a breakdown and an inflammation of a prostate gland. Besides it treat gastritis, a hypertension, a lock, neurosis, violation in work of nervous and endocrine systems, gout.

Involves scientists and one more element which is developed by the bee – a perga. Her insects get from pollen. It is appointed at gastrointestinal tract diseases, hepatitis, diseases of a thyroid gland, atherosclerosis, sleep disorders, a depression, neurosis.

From a perga insects make also a uterine milk. It possesses bactericidal property and most often him will appoint patient who are on the verge of exhaustion and to children with a lack of food. The uterine milk is a good stabilizer of arterial pressure and is appointed after the postponed heart attack. Besides, it improves a condition of patients with cancer cells, scientists assume that its action is covered in radioactive properties.

To women during a climax the uterine milk helps to stabilize mentality. Well the use of this substance in public of advanced age affects, it gives them forces and increases working capacity.

Other products of beekeeping

In medicine are applied also beeswax. It is added to ointments, some plasters, cream, it is remarkably soaked up by skin and does it gentle and equal. Therefore wax still is well used and in cosmetology.

Use in traditional medicine and propolis, especially at wounds, it possesses the good anesthetizing property. In it use at pneumonia, catarrhal diseases and at tuberculosis. Scientists proved that reception of propolis strengthens tooth enamel and prevents emergence of caries.

Is at beekeeping and the by-product which possesses not less useful properties is a subpestilence of bees. Is its part hitozan which has ability to heal wounds. Especially often it is used after burns, after application of preparations from podmor does not remain from wounds and hems. Also hitozan it is capable to stop bleedings. The second active component of a bee subpestilence is a melanin. It absorbs ultraviolet rays, protects skin and can connect heavy metals. From a bee subpestilence prepare tinctures, ointments, broths, raspara.

It should be noted that all these products, are quite active agents, especially it concerns a uterine milk and bee sting. They very often cause an allergy and if to use the wrong dosage or there is a hypersensitivity to components, useful components will become toxic for an organism. Therefore before an initiation of treatment bees it is necessary to pass medical examination and to accept beekeeping products under supervision of the doctor.

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