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What is the antioxidants

Advertizing made the business and, having looked back around, the impression is made that each of living on the planet Earth thinks of antioxidants. Between two boxes though food though cosmetic production the consumer by all means will choose that on which it is written "contains antioxidants".

Concept "antioxidants"

It is necessary to begin with that everything on our Earth is subject to final fracture which occurs under the influence of oxygen, and in other words – to oxidation. If for an example to take a metal pipe, we know precisely that under the influence of environment it can rust and that it did not happen – it needs to be coated. Similarly also antioxidants influence – they protect an organism at the cellular level from influence of the molecules capable to damage an organism. Such molecules are called as free radicals.

Free radicals are abnormal molecules which have an unpaired electron at the last electronic level. Getting to an organism, they interact with enzymes, lipids, and sometimes and with the whole cages, taking away from them electrons, thereby breaking chemical balance of an organism. The described process goes constantly, there is a failure at the whole systems, the person gets sick. And these diseases can be as usual cold, and cardiovascular, and oncological. It is enough to tell about lipidic oxidation by free radicals which result are lipidic peroxides which education scientists directly connect with the beginning of a cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and also with aging of skin and an immunodeficiency only.

So than here the antioxidant is capable to help? It completely neutralizes a free radical, giving it the electron. Thus, the reactions breaking chemical balance stop. This process is put in the person since the birth, first it very powerful, but calms down over time therefore to it additional feed from the outside demands.

Where it is possible to meet an antioxidant?

Scientists of the whole world urge to include antioxidants in the diet. Actually their range is very wide. Most often in their role vitamins to which name we already so got used and which contain in the most usual products act. The most important, is correct and balanced to eat.

Antioxidant protection happens in two stages: fermental and vitamin. At the first stage active forms of oxygen which at first turn into hydrogen peroxide, and then already into water are brought out of an organism. And at the second stage for protection of an organism there are antioxidants vitamins of absolutely different groups which completely stop any destroying mechanisms. Enter into these vitamin groups: zinc, vitamins A, E, C, P, K and karotina. The basic rule of work of antioxidants is that they need to work in group. Why – let's sort in detail below.

Vitamin C

Perhaps, the most powerful and known antioxidant. The "standard" opinion on it meets to that he warns catarrhal diseases, however it is its not only quality. The matter is that ascorbic acid accompanies production of collagen, thereby slowing down process of aging of skin. Also vitamin C promotes support of health of bones and cartilages, an important role plays health of teeth and gums. Ascorbic acid is simply necessary in order that the blood system and, respectively, cardiovascular system correctly functioned. Here the list of the main diseases which vitamin C warns:

  1. Catarrhal diseases. Promoting immunity strengthening, it reduces risk to ache, and also reduces weight and duration of diseases.
  2. Diseases of cardiovascular system thanks to the ability to lower cholesterol, to lower pressure, and also are prevented by formation of the sclerous plaques conducting to atherosclerosis.
  3. Scurvy. This disease meets at the exhausted people (for example, alcohol or hunger) and follows just from an acute shortage of vitamin C in an organism.
  4. Reduces the general harm done by environment, smoking. It is important to know that nicotine destroys vitamin C in an organism and the person can test his acute shortage.

It should be noted that together with all the useful properties, ascorbic acid has one more not less important: to restore vitamin E and beta carotene while they are influenced by free radicals, and also removes such dangerous metals as copper, mercury, lead, etc.

The daily dose of the use of ascorbic acid has to make not less than 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men. Actually it is not a lot of, it is enough to have daily only in the diet (something of one) the citrus, potatoes, onions, greens, strawberry and similar products containing ascorbic acid. For an example, one glass of orange juice already contains not less than 90 mg of this vitamin that completely fills daily need for it.

Vitamin E

It is very widely known, as the natural substance capable to slow down aging of skin. It is also very widely applied in medicine to prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. The most available sources of this vitamin are nuts and cereals, vegetables and a liver, and also the vegetable oils which are not subjected to heat treatment (for example, in salads). Vitamin E perfectly influences blood, preventing formation of blood clots and reducing its coagulability.

The daily dose for the person makes about 15 mg of this component. As one of signs of a lack of this vitamin weakness and apathy therefore having felt similar symptoms can act, try to reconsider the diet.


First of all, selenium reacts with the heavy metals containing in an organism such as cadmium and mercury. As an antioxidant, it improves work of cardiovascular system. If to add such vitamins as C and E to selenium, it is possible to raise considerably intellectual and powers of thinking, to get rid of a depression and to reduce fatigue.

Researches confirm that selenium takes part actually in functioning of all systems of an organism, beginning from reproductive and finishing cardiovascular. Also participates in prevention of cancer diseases of intestines, mammary gland and lungs. Selenium reduces influence of radiation and consequence of radiation.

Selenium can be found in seaweed, fish, a liver, cereals, usual seeds of sunflower. Its daily necessary dose makes about 55 mg per day, both for men, and for women.


Stop the processes started by free radicals. Stop developing of diseases of cardiovascular system, a breast cancer, skin, neck of a uterus, lungs, a thick gut and a bladder. Also protect DNA cages from destruction. Increase immunity and the general resilience of an organism to harmful factors of environment.

Norms which would be recommended by doctors, do not exist. The high maintenance of this component is observed in carrots, a sorrel, cabbage, green onions, spinach, parsley, their contents in beef liver, green peas, melons, broccoli and in many other products is also high.

Medicinal herbs and plants

There are special medicinal herbs and plants possessing antioxidant properties. It is connected with that they grow in such conditions that high resilience to external factors is necessary for them for a survival. Using such products, we also increase the resilience.

Here the most known plants and herbs:

  1. Ginko of a bilob – the only plant in the world which did not change since even Ice Age exactly thanks to the ability to counteract environment. Today there are many dietary supplements created on the basis of extract of this tree. The main thing not to run into a fake.
  2. Rhodiola pink.
  3. The root of ginger which can be bought actually in any shop also today is excellent antioxidant protection.
  4. Thistle dairy.

But the leading position among the most available and means rich with antioxidant properties researchers call tea. It is best of all to stop the choice on green, but also black it is also not deprived of components, useful to organisms. The main thing governed – any sugar, a maximum – honey.

Myths about antioxidants

Thanks to advertizing we learned about antioxidants and, thanks to it, they acquired uncountable number of myths. Let's try deal in detail with the most popular.

Myth 1. The cosmetics with antioxidants promotes rejuvenescence. It not a fact in evidence untwisted thanks to rollers on TV. However it is well known that such cosmetics prevents influence of an ultraviolet, and also heals small wounds and removes an inflammation. Thus, the most effective cosmetics with antioxidants is a cream after shaving and sun-protection means.

Myth 2. The daily food is not vitamin-rich antioxidants. It is very controversial issue – everything depends on a diet. If to eat it is balanced and it is correct, useful substances will be enough, and they will quite cover requirement of an organism. It is only enough to include in the obligatory menu nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, sunflower seeds of sunflower and pumpkin, vegetable oils, fish and a liver.

Myth 3. It is necessary to accept at least one antioxidant. We already said above that antioxidants work with groups and in a complex their effect increases many times over. When the antioxidant gives the electron to the free radical, becomes at once are inactive but as it possesses ability to be restored, chain reaction is here too observed: the substance glutathione restores ascorbic acid, ascorbic – vitamin E further on nakatanny.

Myth 4. Usefulness of artificial antioxidants is proved. Of course, it is possible to accept vitamins, but the researches which are not affecting advertizing say that there is nothing more usefully than natural substances which contain in our food. Therefore advantage always on the party of natural products.

Proceeding from all aforesaid, it is possible to tell precisely that the best source of health and longevity – balance in everything: since our food and finishing with balance at the cellular level when every second there is an invisible fight between free radicals and antioxidants. Having found balance, we will be able to control almost completely the health and to be assured in tomorrow.

Good luck!

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