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Kvinke swelled

Among many there is a wrong opinion that the allergy is a though unpleasant disease, but quite harmless. But, unfortunately, also such allergic reactions at which there is a real threat for human life quite often meet. And if people around do not give the correct help to such person, for example, at Kvinke's hypostasis, consequences can be irreversible.
Among the people who do not have basic medical knowledge there is a wrong opinion that the allergy is a though unpleasant disease at which in many respects it is necessary to limit itself, but quite harmless. After all it is possible to constrain itself in desires – not to eat strawberry, oranges or red apples if from them there are rashes on skin. Not to smell a flower if from its aroma you cough or you sneeze without stopping. But, unfortunately, quite often meet both such quickly and suddenly happening allergic reactions at which there is a real threat for human life. And if people around do not give the correct help to such person, for example, at Kvinke's hypostasis, consequences can be irreversible …
So it is necessary to know about this disease what to take actions in the circumstances to secure itself or close and native against complications? How to distinguish Kvinke swelled, the reasons of his emergence, first aid and readers of learn from this article.

Short data on a disease

Synonyms of hypostasis of Kvinke are huge urticaria and angioneurotic hypostasis. It is suddenly arising and promptly happening allergic reaction of an organism to influence of chemical or biological factors at which there are otekany skin, fatty cellulose under it, mucous membranes. In most cases such hypostasis arises on a face, a neck, back area of hands and on feet. Less often damage of joints, brain covers and even internal meets. The most dangerous form of a disease arising at every fourth patient is hypostasis of a throat, trachea, throat that can lead to critical complications. For the first time this disease was described in 1882 by the German doctor Heinrich Kvinke. By doctors it is noticed that the huge small tortoiseshell is much more often shown at children and women, than at men. As it is instant reaction of an organism to allergen therefore it also is most dangerous. At impact on the person of any allergen, in reply there is a rough development by an organism of a histamine, the leykotriyen, prostaglandins and other mediators causing hypostasis of fabrics because of increase of vascular permeability.

Emergence reasons

Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь Can be responsible for such fast allergic reaction:
  1. The accepted medicines – most often it is sulfanilamida (Biseptol, Sulfadimethoxine), antibiotics (for example, penicillin), vitamins from group B, bromides, iodides, Aspirin, anesthetics.
  2. Foodstuff – protein of milk, egg, fish, chocolate, fruit, a peanut or other nuts. In my practice cases when the boy had a huge small tortoiseshell met after he bit off a slice from a pie in which there were nuts. The same reaction happened at the little girl in kindergarten after she ate a slice of fish for lunch.
  3. Food additives, such as dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives, amplifiers of taste. And these substances can be in those products which we even will not suspect – of sausage, sausages, ketchups, candies, pies, cakes …
  4. Stings of insects – bees, wasps; poison of snakes.
  5. Flower pollen in the period of a fragrance of plants, sticky substance at disclosure of buds of some trees.
  6. Household and production dust, peryevy pincers in pillows, construction materials.
  7. Cosmetics – cream, spirits, varnishes and hair-dyes, mascara.
  8. Laundry detergents.
  9. Physical factors – a bright sun or cold.
  10. Hereditary features of an organism. It is a so-called pseudo-allergic form at which congenital shortage in an organism of a number of the enzymes necessary for prevention of development of hypostasis of fabrics is observed. Usually at a hereditary version there is a painful hypostasis of a stomach, intestines, skin, airways. The aggravation happens at strong stresses, sharp diseases of other origin, sharp temperature drops of environment …
Each organism is individual, as allergens there can be different substances. Recently my acquaintance went down to the cellar, the house to bring there an order. After contact with a mold and basement dust it began the strongest hypostasis. And only urgently carried out medicinal help helped to prevent throat hypostasis.
Physicians noticed that the greatest number of hypostases occurs in the spring, in the summer and in the period of holidays – plentiful food, reception of alcoholic beverages provoke an illness.

Characteristic symptoms of hypostasis of Kvinke

Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь Puffiness on a face, mucous membranes of an oral cavity, a neck, external genitals, extremities is most often observed. At the person the swelling on lips, cheeks, from the back party of hands, feet suddenly increases. Sometimes the itch, dull ache and feeling of a raspiraniye and burning join. When hypostasis extends on a gullet, a stomach and intestines, are noted pain in subspoon area, vomiting, a diarrhea, swallowing is complicated. Also hypostasis of covers of a brain is dangerous. For such state are characteristic: dizziness, the holding apart headache sharp as if and other distinctive symptoms of damage of a brain. Function of kidneys and release of urine is temporarily broken.
It is considered the most dangerous Kvinke in the field of the nasal courses, a throat and airways swelled. The voice of the person becomes hoarse, it is difficult for it to breathe, there is a barking cough. The victim is covered by a panic, alarm, fear. The person gets cyanotic shades. Everything occurs in a few minutes, the sky and almonds swell, the pharynx gleam is narrowed. If swell language and mucous airways, access of air to lungs almost stops that can lead to a lethal outcome if in due time not to provide medical care. Sometimes hard proceeding angioneurotic hypostasis can be the beginning of anaphylactic shock – even more dangerous allergic reaction.

First-aid treatment

All actions go for suppression of strong allergic reaction. Also it is necessary to remember that hypostasis can pass to airways and cause asthma. And if you see at the patient development of symptoms which are characteristic for damage of a throat, drinks, tracheas, it is necessary to call "Ambulance" immediately. At once explain to the dispatcher that there are symptoms of hypostasis of airways, then the team of doctors will arrive to the victim first of all, after all every minute is expensive. Such patients need intensive therapy and resuscitation actions.
Algorithm of the correct actions:
  1. If it is possible, at once eliminate contact with the substance which caused such reaction of an organism, that is allergen. For example, it is necessary to take out a sting of an insect, to stop reception of medicine or the food which provoked an allergy.
  2. It is important to calm the patient, after all at a nervous and emotional pressure negative processes are aggravated.
  3. To open windows that fresh air well got into the room. To undo the top buttons on a shirt or a blouse, to take off a tie, to weaken a belt on waists or a belt.
  4. On hypostasis area for reduction of its intensity to put a cold compress.
  5. If as the reason of an allergy introduction of an injection of medicine or a sting of an insect to a hand or a foot served, it is necessary to impose a plait above this place. At stings in other parts of a body it is necessary to put to them only cold.
  6. Surely give to the patient an antihistaminic preparation – Diazolin, Ketotifen, Fenkarol, Suprastin, Tavegil, Klaritin (Loratadin). Most often these means checked by time meet in home first-aid kits.
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Diazolin, dragee
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Ketotifen, tablets
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Fenkarol, tablets
    There are also means, modern, more powerful on action: Dezloratadin (Erius, Eridez); Tsetirizin (Tsetrin, Zodak, Zirtek, Tsetirinaks); Feksofenadin (Telfast).
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Erius, tablets
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Zodak, drops and tablets
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Tsetrin, tablets
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Tsetirizin geksat, tablets
    At an easy form of a disease it is possible to manage also tablets. And here at heavy forms it is necessary to enter as soon as possible intramuscularly or intravenously antihistamines.
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Suprastin, tablets and ampoules
    To the people inclined to allergic reactions, by all means it is necessary to carry a preparation which will be recommended by the doctor in a handbag to avoid serious complications.
  7. For the prevention of hypostasis of airways experts from "Ambulance" will enter glucocorticosteroids – the Hydrocortisone, Prednisolonum or Dexamethasone. If the section of a trachea (tracheotomy) is required, the patient hospitalize. If arterial pressure in serious conditions falls, adrenaline solution is entered.
    Отек Квинке, симптомы и первая помощь
    Adrenaline, ampoules
  8. At puffiness of nasal bosoms the instillation of the vasoconstrictive drops having local effect (Naftizin) is admissible.
If all measures are in due time taken, the huge small tortoiseshell will pass in some hours or days, without having left also a trace.


That in the future to avoid such quickly developing reactions of an organism, it is necessary to know, of what substances and factors it is necessary to be careful. Sometimes help to establish the reason the allergologichesky tests appointed by the doctor. When substances are revealed, the doctor will appoint antihistaminic preparations, will tell, in what time to accept them. If an allergy to pollen, plants and the period of a preventive course of treatment are specified. In case of medicinal allergen to the patient will forbid to accept such means and will bring data in his medical card. At food allergens will give the list of food which should be excluded from the diet. And still such people by all means should treat all potential centers of an infection, for example, chronic quinsies, tonsillitis, bronchitis, helminthoses and teeth that there was no caries. All these states can provoke Kvinke and his complications swelled. For faster removal of allergens and toxins it is recommended to accept absorbent carbon or other adsorbents, Polisorb also belongs to them. And traditional medicine advises to drink courses the tea from blackcurrant leaves possessing diuretic and antiallergenic action.
Mirsovetov hopes that the knowledge of this information on Kvinke's hypostasis, will help readers not to become puzzled and take the necessary measures for rendering the pre-medical help if suddenly in life it is necessary to face episodes of instantly developing allergic reactions at surrounding people.
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