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Treatment of an anal crack

This problem brings to many people strong discomfort, but it is not accepted to speak about it aloud. The majority of adult population tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings independently because it is a shame to them to address to the expert. What to do in case of an anal crack and as to get rid of it, we also will talk.

The crack in back pass represents defect of walls of a rectum. It can have a form of the line or an ellipse. The average amount of damage makes from one to one and a half centimeters in length and less than a millimeter width.

The main symptoms of a disease – pain in an anus, bleedings and spasms.

If to consider statistical data of medical institutions of Russia, in comparison with such widespread disease as hemorrhoids – anal cracks meet less often. On one thousand people of the population twenty five cases with a similar problem are noted. Women are subject to this disease more often than men. Average age of the people who asked experts for the help – from twenty to fifty years.

Most often emergence of a crack on the wall of back pass located closer to a tailbone (90% of cases) meets is more rare – in a place of forward soldering (10% of cases), and parallel cracks of forward and back walls (1%) absolutely seldom can be observed.


Often, if to exclude anomaly of walls of a rectum, most often cracks can appear owing to such factors:

  • at frequent locks;
  • at the angry intestines;
  • in the period of an exacerbation of colitis, a proktit and hemorrhoids;
  • diseases Krone;
  • at the frequent use of alcohol, hot, smoked and salty dishes;
  • at sex through an anus;
  • at a tension in an anus at the time of delivery;
  • in the first weeks after the delivery (the first excrement is not caused by an enema);
  • at a raising of heavy subjects;
  • traumatizing walls in the mechanical way (during surveys, introduction of an enema and candles);
  • at firm Calais;
  • violation of process of blood supply of fabrics of back pass.

As it occurs

Often at emergence of pains and insignificant bleeding, people ask a question as there is a crack and why it begins to live very long. During locks, an exit of large kalovy masses, and also during patrimonial activity there can be an anguish mucous back pass. Subsequently this site constantly is affected by pathogenic microflora that can lead to deterioration of a situation. The wound is damaged even more and goes deep - there is a created crack (longitudinal) which has accurately outlined edges.

That the person can feel

At emergence of an anal crack there can be such symptoms:

Difference of the sharp phenomenon from the chronic

Together with we will consider the main symptoms of a sharp anal crack:

  • pain can arise only during a defekation and for ten-twenty minutes after depletion;
  • pain can be so strong that the person is capable to lose self-control;
  • the spasm of a sphincter strengthens sharp pain;
  • from back pass droplets of scarlet blood are allocated, in certain cases it can go struyno.

At a chronic disease when the person is tormented by not healing cracks more than six weeks, experts note such symptoms:

  • during a defekation pain amplifies and stops two-three minutes later;
  • the spasm of a sphincter can be not such painful;
  • presence of a small amount of blood to Calais.

Diagnosis of a disease

Can reveal a disease and make the accurate diagnosis only the doctor-proctologist. On reception he will listen to the patient and will conduct examination.

How tool examination is conducted? On a gynecologic chair (one of the best options for inspection) the patient holds position - lying on a back or a "elbow" pose to lower a sphincter spasm. In certain cases, when the patient addressed to the doctor with sharp pain to perform full inspection, carrying out anesthesia is required. Five or ten milliliters one - or two-percent solution of novocaine are entered into a rectum (directly under a crack). In certain cases anesthesia can be executed with use of aerosol liquids. Then by means of special tools survey of the patient is carried out.

How to treat an anal crack

In more than seventy cases the doctor will recommend to treat sharp cracks in the conservative way.

Main objectives of treatment:

  1. To remove a pain syndrome by means of candles and ointments.
  2. Removal of a spasm with use of candles, ointments or applications of blockade.
  3. Disposal of locks – application of a depletive or use of an enema.
  4. The healing procedures with use of ointments and candles.
  5. Observance of hygiene and special diet.

Drug treatment

The good effect at treatment of cracks of an anus is rendered by such candles: "Ultra-prokt" - possess the wound healing, anesthetizing and protivozudny action; "Proktozan" - is dried mucous, healed and anesthetized; "Natalsid" - stop bleeding, heal and relieve of pains.

Nitroglyceric ointment, Levomekol and Sokoseril - are directed on healing process acceleration.

Besides, after detailed studying of a problem, the doctor can appoint to the patient anti-inflammatory preparations (for example, Salofalk), vitamins A and E (promote fast healing of wounds), and also laxatives and blockade.

Good recommendations received such laxative preparations as to Normaza and Senada. In Normaz active ingredient of a laktuloz softens kcal. Medicine also promotes improvement of intestinal microflora and does not allow development of microbes. It is necessary to drink medicine three days on forty milliliters, and then - on twenty five. A course of treatment – one-four months.

The senate – a vegetable preparation, which main action it is directed on stimulation of walls of a thick gut. After Senade's reception in eight-ten hours it is possible to receive the first result – a soft chair. Does not cause accustoming. It is possible to take for the night one-two pill every day.

Blockade is an introduction under the basis of a crack of medicinal solution which will allow to eliminate a spasm and to kill pain. An effective type of blockade – use alcohol-novokainovogo solution. Liquid is entered under the crack basis on depth of one-two centimeter. At first novocaine, and then – alcohol (70%) is entered. A course of treatment – one-four blockade.

The enema is an important component at treatment of a crack of a rectum.

We do an enema by rules:

  • zakipyatit liter of water and cool a little;
  • grease a trunk of an enema and a place of back pass with oil (best of all approaches vaseline);
  • enter a tip so that it settled down on other party from a wound;
  • slowly enter all liquid;
  • it is possible to go to a toilet seven-ten minutes later after liquid was entered.

Besides warm water, grass infusions can act as liquid. The number of procedures needs to be defined independently is will depend on how often to you it will be wanted to empty intestines.

Doctors recommend strongly not to allow an independent defekation during treatment as it can significantly do much harm.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Along with treatment of cracks drugs, it is possible to carry out also some other effective procedures. So, the good effect is rendered by warm trays. They need to be done after an enema.

How to do a tray:

  • pour in a wide basin warm water (temperature – thirty five degrees);
  • add potassium permanganate that at you light pink liquid turned out to water;
  • squat so that anal pass was shipped in water;
  • duration of a tray makes ten minutes;
  • after the end of procedure it is necessary to put a candle or to put anti-inflammatory ointment.

Good means for treatment of cracks – an aloe. Grease with it the struck place. Scarlet before use well wash up a leaf under a stream of flowing water. It is necessary to grease with the soft party a crack. It is necessary to carry out such actions every day after a tray.

If the crack is located deeply, it is possible to do candles of a leaf of an aloe. By means of a pure teaspoon cut out pulp of a leaf so that in a form she reminded a candle. Medicine needs to be put in a foil and to send to the freezer. To apply as required.


At tendency to emergence of cracks it is necessary to adhere to a sour-milk diet, and also to use every day vegetable food.

Good work of intestines is promoted by such products:

  • boiled vegetables;
  • prunes;
  • bran.

If it is frequent and in large numbers to use vegetable cellulose, the frequency of a chair and gas generation will be strengthened that will negatively be reflected in treatment.

During observance of a diet it is necessary to use enough proteinaceous food.

It is necessary to exclude fat, smoked and hot dishes, and also seasonings and alcohol. recommends to drink a lot of the cleared water that a large amount of liquid promoted advance and a softening of kalovy masses.

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