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In total about alpine skiing clothes

For good pastime in a ski resort you need convenient and warm clothes. Before departure to the resort beforehand pick up for yourself all necessary clothes. If you the beginner in this case, for certain it is necessary to buy a set of alpine skiing clothes.
Всё о горнолыжной одежде For good pastime in a ski resort you need convenient and warm clothes. Before departure to the resort beforehand pick up for yourself all necessary clothes. If you the beginner in this case, for certain it is necessary to buy a set of alpine skiing clothes, in the proved online store of alpine skiing goods and equipments. In usual warm clothes which many got used to carry in the winter, you will sweat, will get wet, will blow a wind – as a result it is possible to catch a cold and not to derive any pleasure from rest.

Alpine skiing suit

Куртка с брюками удобнее горнолыжного комбинезона - если жарко, куртку можно снять The alpine skiing suit has to keep heat, not get wet, protect from a wind, and plus to it to show resistance to sliding downhill when falling. At what all this can look accurately and stylishly therefore such winter suit can be worn in the winter and on streets of the city.
It is worth putting on in some thin layers. Under the bottom it is necessary to put on thermolinen. Not to keep its basic purpose warmly, and to take away moisture from a body. If because of incorrectly picked up linen you sweat and will get wet, for certain will quickly freeze and feelings will be not the most comfortable. Therefore the usual cotton linen does not approach, in shops it is possible to get special for those who plays mountain skiing. Select the fitting thermolinen that it sat on you, without forming folds.
The following center is responsible for preservation of heat. Sometimes will be to put on one-two woolen sweaters quite enough. Yes, such option too is allowed. But as such clothes are quite volume and heavy, to move in it, naturally, not always conveniently. And even beginners are recommended to choose easier option. For faster development of skills of skiing your movements have to be free, are constrained by nothing. Easier and convenient element of an alpine skiing suit unambiguously are the clothes from knitted fabric - fleece (fleece). Such clothes not only rather well keep heat of your body, but also do not get wet though thus passes the moisture proceeding from thermolinen. If one vest or fleece sweater is insufficiently for protection against a frigid climate, it is better to put on from above one more same.
Besides, fleece is used as a lining of the top layer of clothes, and membrane fabric which has to protect you from a wind and moisture is outside used. It can be a jacket together with trousers or overalls. The outerwear also should not pass moisture inside, but in too time to allow to leave to moisture. The hood is very useful at windy weather even if you have a warm cap. The hood can, both to come unfastened, and to hide in a collar (conveniently for those who will ride in a helmet). It is convenient when the hood can be regulated in a shape of the head, but is not similarity of "a cover for the head".
Correctly to pick up to itself an alpine skiing suit, look at such indicators:
1) the water resistance coefficient, is estimated in millimeters. In a standard situation of rather alpine skiing suit with water resistance in 5000m.
2) vapor permeability coefficient. Transmittivity is estimated in millimeters on square meter of fabric in 24 hours. Generally this indicator should not be lower than 5000 mm / кв.м*24ч.
But in principle, the more these two coefficients, the better, though will cost such alpine skiing suits respectively. For the beginner the outerwear with both of these indicators around 7-8 thousand will be optimum option. And even the alpine skiing clothes with high rates in resorts where average temperature is close to zero can be necessary for skilled skiers (it is necessary to ride both during a rain, and at a sleet).
To buy overalls or a jacket with trousers – depends on your personal preferences. In principle jackets do at such level for today that when falling under them snow is not hammered. It is possible even to choose a jacket shorter, but then trousers have to be with a high back (usually on straps).

Alpine skiing boots

Выбор горнолыжных ботинок зависит от размера и стиля езды At a choice of alpine skiing boots it is necessary to follow two basic rules. First, they have to fit tightly a foot, not press at all, but also not dangle. Resemble in boots of 5-10 minutes to experience how well they sit standing. At rise on a sock the heel should not come off an insole. Secondly, depending on style of a driving rigidity of alpine skiing boots gets out.
The boots from less rigid plastic assuming switching "walking driving" that will give big freedom on a foot bend in a shin will be necessary for beginners. Such boots at expectation of turn on the elevator are especially convenient. If you assume and to visit further ski resorts, it is better to choose rigid boots, even in spite of the fact that feet will be quicker tired. For women special alpine skiing boots which more softly, and easier, and to that have a few other block, taking into account features of their feet are created.
Besides, there is so-called a tourist option of average rigidity.
Fasteners on alpine skiing boots help to fix accurately a foot in footwear. They can be both metal, and plastic. Metal fasteners on boots it is more preferable as it is more reliable – probability of that they will break, is happy is low, even at frequent falling.
Special socks also will be necessary for mountain skiers. On length they have to those that the foot was closed above a boot. Alpine skiing socks how ridiculously it sounded, thin and elastic, promote a moisture conclusion from a boot. They also more dense in such places as a heel and fingers. It is enough one couple such socks in order that it was warm and convenient to you. The main thing that at putting on of boots on tiptoe it was not formed folds.
Moreover, now in production of alpine skiing socks reached before that do in them special massage inserts for foot.

Alpine skiing gloves

Всё Горнолыжные перчатки сохраняют тепло и защищают от травм Usual gloves are not intended for ski resorts – they will quickly get wet, and as a result, hands will begin to freeze. But purchase of alpine skiing gloves rescues your hands not only from cold. They it is just necessary for protection of your hands when falling, especially if the snow layer is small also a slope stony. They are sewed the same waterproof material, as an alpine skiing suit, or from skin. On more advanced models of alpine skiing gloves there is a carbonic protection of a brush, a wrist and fingers of hands.

Ski glasses

Горнолыжные очки с оранжевым светофильтром обеспечивают лучшую видимость при тумане In addition to an alpine skiing suit will be necessary also points. For those who will ride on flat descents, points are not so important. But when it is snowing without them to ride without them – any pleasure from the snowflakes "arresting" attention. Besides, ski glasses in a clear weather will protect your eyes from sunlight patches of light on snow. Purchase of mirror ski glasses will be the optimum decision. If you wear usual glasses, for such cases special ski glasses which are put atop are created.

Price of an alpine skiing suit

Let's try estimate an overall cost of a complete alpine skiing set.
If you want to choose something from average price category, suits of producers who are engaged not only alpine skiing clothes, for example, in Columbia most of all will approach. The firms specializing on clothes for mountain skiers (Millet, Lafuma, Eider) for the production demand also the corresponding money. Let's stop on average price category. I can tell that the professional alpine skiing clothes will leave time in two more expensively.
So, the thermolinen stands up around 80 c.u. (on 40 c.u. for top and drawers), it it is necessary vzyt 3-4 couples. Pants will manage to you approximately in 20 u.a, naturally, also get a little, on the discretion. The vest will add about 40 more c.u. to the cost of alpine skiing clothes. The average price of an alpine skiing suit (trousers with a jacket or overalls) lies within 150-250 c.u.
We add the cost of boots to everything (from 100 c.u.), gloves (from 40 c.u.) and points (from 50 c.u.). Also we receive that all set of alpine skiing clothes will manage to you in the approximate sum of 800-900 c.u. on one person. The price impressive, but, believe, it is a payment for comfortable driving.

Upon purchase of an alpine skiing suit and a boot, of course, it is worth being guided by the general rules, as well as at a choice of any other clothes. That is, seams have to be accurate (but also, and are glued for protection against moisture penetration), the lightning accurately to work, without jammings, etc. The main difference that the alpine skiing suit has to be better protected in such places as elbows and knees which are most subject to injuries. Pockets best of all zipped that to lose nothing when driving. Pleasant addition will become also additional fixture for gloves.
Choose not only the price, but also comfort is the best way to pleasant rest in mountains.
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