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As the allergy to a condom is shown

Safe sex – guarantee of health as men, and women. About it start learning younger generation nearly from the cradle today. And the most known and widespread means of protection from pregnancy and venereal diseases is, certainly, a condom.

Though it also sounds comically, quite often people have a juicy problem – an allergy to this rubber product. If your young man refuses flatly to use condoms, perhaps, the problem and is covered in it?

In what allergy reason?

Alas, but physicians had to establish that fact that the allergy to condoms after all exists is not the myth which was thought up by men not to use a product. Besides, this rare illness (according to the latest data provided by World Health Organization in the world only about 5% of the people inclined to such allergy) both men, and women have equally!

Experts, however, cannot explain why this or that person is more or less inclined to allergic manifestations, but it is possible to allocate two groups of people at which the risk of manifestation of an allergy to condoms is high with an accuracy of 80%.

  1. Genetics. This subject quite delicate – too with inquiries you will not stick to relatives, nevertheless, there is a high probability that the allergy to condoms is a hereditary illness which is transmitted at the genetic level. And, by the way, if your parents have a tendency to manifestation of allergic reactions, say, to strawberry, chocolate or citruses, predisposition to an allergy is and at you, only as it will be shown is already other question. It is not excluded at all what exactly you will be influenced by such rare illness as an allergy to condoms.
  2. Development of the available allergy. If you constantly or are influenced from time to time by allergic manifestations because the organism does not transfer dust, the blossoming plants, hair of animals or a sunlight, is not excluded at all that one more irritant – latex of which condoms are made suddenly will unexpectedly be added to the above-mentioned list. Statistically, more than 70% of cases of manifestation of an allergy to condoms known for today are those people who already suffered earlier from various allergic reactions.

Why condom?

Today condoms are made generally of latex. This substance natural – at it is a phytogenesis as receive latex from juice of a rubber tree.

Latex contains proteins and minerals, phospholipids and karbogidrata. Most of all allergens in this list latex proteins – they cause discomfort and various by-effects. But condoms from latex are strong and reliable, WHO recommends to use them.

By the way, round us there are a lot of subjects which are created from latex, for example, balloons or gloves. It will be quite difficult for person to refuse many necessary and useful things. What to do if your organism needs isolation from all these subjects?

Mirsovetov recommends: at first precisely define – whether there is at you an allergy to latex? If except condoms to other things from latex the organism has no claims, so it is worth understanding more carefully – on what there can be an allergic reaction. Perhaps, the reason is covered in other components of a condom: in spermitsidny greasing, in dye, in fragrance.

As the allergy to condoms is shown

It is very difficult to reveal and distinguish symptoms of an allergy to condoms as they can be the most various. How and when there will be an illness, depends on each concrete organism and its reaction to an irritant.

The most common symptoms of an allergy to condoms are:

  1. Discomfort in a groin. Certainly that first of all "will report" you about an allergy genitals. The illness is shown by reddening, burning and, perhaps, an itch in a crotch. If the organism is too susceptible to allergens, there can be a hypostasis of genitals. Generally these symptoms are characteristic at women.
  2. Rash on a body. Happens also such that the allergy to condoms is shown by "revolt" of all organism – in the form of skin rashes (such symptom carries the name the small tortoiseshell). Thus degree of expressiveness of the small tortoiseshell happens the most various – from several spots to a rash on all body.
  3. Cold or lachrymation. The nose or is stuffed up, or from it strong allocations, reddenings of eyes, lachrymation, a photophobia, an itch of eyes or a nose are observed – these symptoms connect most often with a seasonal allergy, but condoms too can be the cause of such state. Simply the organism decided that it is best of all to report to you about an allergy to condoms quite so.
  4. Cough or short wind. Sometimes the allergy to condoms is shown by various problems with lungs. It can be usual cough or rattles, the complicated breath or short wind. If the allergy was shown quite so – you should not wait for anything, it is necessary to address at once to clinic for receiving medical care. It should be noted that so the allergy to condoms is shown very much seldom – no more than 1% of all cases.

The allergy to condoms does not arise after the first use of a condom. The organism has to "understand" the discomfort reason, "be fed" with it, and then "to notify" the person. Generally "to try out" an allergy to a condom, not less than two-three times of use of a condom are necessary.

That is remarkable, sometimes signs arise at once after removal of a rubber product, and sometimes – some hours later after sexual intercourse.

The most hard case is when after use of a condom the attack of asthma begins and there is a hypostasis of the mucous. There were isolated cases when anaphylactic shock became the most serious consequence of an allergy. As its reason regular use of condoms served.

For this reason experts claim that you should not close eyes to such unusual allergy nevertheless. If suddenly after sexual intercourse which took place with a condom, you had symptoms described above to you it is necessary to visit at once the doctor – is not excluded that you have an allergy or the beginning of some venereal disease. You will be able to tell, eat doctors with an accuracy of 99,9% tendency to an allergy or not as will only be to make tests which will show enough, whether there is at an organism an imperception of latex.

How to live further?

If analyses confirmed at you availability of allergen of which latex is guilty, there is quite reasonable question "How to live further?". It is necessary to tell, probably, at once that for today it is not developed treatments of an allergy to condoms therefore the basic for you is a prevention of an illness, that is full elimination from life of latex subjects including condoms. And as protection during sexual intercourse it is possible to use polyurethane products. They are not so strong and reliable as latex therefore in addition you should use various means – like spermitsidnoy ointment, candles, oral contraceptives. And in life subjects from latex need to be replaced – vinyl or nitrile analogs.

In case the allergy not on latex, and on other components, for example, on greasing or fragrance, here everything is much simpler – will be to pick up other brand of condoms enough, and you right there will forget about a problem. Well, it is necessary to experiment a little.

Do not forget to accept antihistaminic preparations – they will remove hypostases and an itch, will eliminate reddenings. And here for genitals it is possible to make a tray of a camomile.

And nevertheless, the best if you have an allergy to a condom is not to use this subject at all. The reliable sexual partner and consultation of the doctor who will pick up the correct scheme of contraception, will relieve you of many troubles!

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