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In total about tea

Tea is known to mankind long ago – to the first mentions of it about 5000 years. However, despite ancient history and prevalence, many properties of this drink remain little-known. will tell about tea history, its impact on a human body, ways of a zavarivaniye and about some other details concerning tea.
Чайные кусты Tea is known to mankind long ago – to the first mentions of it about 5000 years. However, despite ancient history and prevalence, many properties of this drink remain little-known. in this article will tell about tea history, its impact on a human body, ways of a zavarivaniye and about some other details concerning tea.

Tea history

It is considered to be the homeland of tea China where for the first time began to cultivate tea-plants. From China tea spread at first across all Southeast Asia, and then on the Great silk way by travelers was brought and to Europe. First tea was appreciated very expensively here, as well as any overseas goods. But, despite it popularity of drink constantly grew. Tea to residents of England was especially fallen in love, after all at crude and cool climate its use is an excellent way to be warmed.
In Russia tea for the first time appeared in 1638 at the tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. However drink won a wide circulation and national love only in the XIX century. In Russia family tea drinking with honey and sweets at that time became fashionable.
For the last 100 years world production of tea increased by 30 times. His largest exporters are India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan today.

As tea grows

Сбор чая в Шри-Ланке The tea-plant on plantations has height of 1 - 1,5 m with the same width between ranks. It should be noted that under favorable conditions growth of a bush goes very quickly and therefore plantations demand a permanent care not to allow to expand to bushes too strongly. Depending on cultivation conditions the crop of tea leaves is reaped from 1 time in 2 weeks to 2 – 4 times a year. The most qualitative is tea of the first crop. Then with each new assembly quality of the collected leaves gradually decreases. recommends to look for this information on packing – some producers of tea nevertheless specify a grade and a crop. Among the majority of the let-out teas it is seldom possible to meet tea of a certain grade in its pure look, most often it is mixes (blend) allowing to make taste of tea not such sharp.
Favorable climate for tea – a big rarity, as this plant very whimsical: it needs the special temperature, humidity, the soil.
For example, attempts to cultivate tea in the Crimea failed. And the most northern tea plantation is near Sochi. In foreign Europe tea is not grown up at all. By the way, knowing it, it is easy to guess that the phrase "English tea" means not the country of origin, but a packaging place. And tea has to be packaged in opaque tight packings. Plastic bags, plastic boxes and even glass jars are not capable to keep all properties of tea fully.

Properties of tea

Чайные листья Practically how tea was widely adopted, people found its curative properties. In China initially tea was applied only as medicine and only today became daily drink. Let's call the main useful properties of tea known today:
  • Thanks to the containing caffeine tea has the toning effect.
  • Besides, caffeine has beneficial influence and on a cardiac muscle, and also on blood system.
  • Tea is known as excellent sudorific (promoting plentiful sweating) means. Not without reason inhabitants of Central Asia, despite hot climate, drink tea often and in large quantities that often surprises Europeans. Actually tea, improving sweating, promotes evaporation of moisture from a body surface, so and does not allow a body to overheat. Plentiful sweating allows to bring out of an organism slags also.
  • Antiseptic effect of black and green tea is used at diarrhea. Strong made tea kills harmful intestinal microflora.
  • Tea contains many elements which are a part of bones and teeth of the person. During a number of the researches conducted by the Chinese and Japanese scientists it was established that the continuous use of tea well influences tooth enamel, and also is good prevention of caries.
  • Japanese scientists, having conducted research in Hiroshima, also established that green tea brings some radionuclides, in particular strontium-90 out of an organism.
  • In a number of the countries researches which allow to claim are conducted now that tea has also some anticarcinogenic effect. For certain the mechanism of this action is not known, as well as the cancer nature, but the fact remains is not known up to the end: tea promotes prevention of cancer diseases.
  • And practically all know that tea (especially green) helps to cope with cold. Here complex action takes place: tea warms a throat, owing to plentiful sweating promotes decrease in temperature and brings toxins out of an organism.
Special contraindications to the use of tea are not present, but considers it necessary to tell and about some restrictions that it will be not less useful for our readers to know:
Все о чае, чай
  • Not to drink tea on an empty stomach is it can be harmful to digestive system.
  • Not to drink too hot or too cold tea. Hot it is possible to burn, and from the cold is banal to chill a throat.
  • Not to drink too strong tea. High concentration of caffeine in such drink badly influences health of the person. Especially, are not recommended to drink strong tea the people having a hypertension, glaucoma at an exacerbation of stomach ulcer.
  • Not to make tea too long is worsens its flavoring and nutritious qualities.
  • Not to wash down with medicine tea as they can badly be acquired. In general it is best of all to wash down drugs with clear water.
  • Not to make repeatedly black tea.
  • Not to drink yesterday's tea – it not only does not contain useful substances, but also can do much harm to an organism.

How to make tea

Все о чае, чай To prepare good tea it is necessary to choose qualitative tea leaves first of all. At a choice it is necessary to pay attention to appearance of tea leaves.
First, color has to correspond to a type of tea: black tea has to be black color, green – green or light-green. Half tone – a sign of tea leaves of poor quality.
Secondly, good tea does not include foreign impurity and looks uniform.
Water for tea preparation, as well as for cooking, in general has to be the softest. In it there should not be mechanical impurity. Certainly, opaque color – also a sign of low-quality water.
There is a set of ways of a zavarivaniye of tea – from classical to exotic. would like to pay your attention that black and green tea are ready differently.
One of the most widespread ways of a zavarivaniye of black tea is following. In pure ware warm up water. You should not boil it as it will worsen taste of drink. Optimum temperature for a zavarivaniye of black tea – 95 zs.
That tea was ready better, the teapot should be warmed up previously. In the east for this purpose it is dipped entirely into hot water. However it is possible to arrive and in a different way, for example, to take a teapot over a torch of the gas stove or to place in an oven for a short time.
Further in a teapot tea leaves are filled up. Quantity it – a matter of taste of everyone, here everything is selected experimentally. At once after falling asleep of tea leaves we fill in it with boiled water, approximately to 1/3 teapots. We cover a teapot with a linen towel or other suitable fabric and we wait for 1-2 minutes. Then we add boiled water to 3/4 teapots and besides we cover, without allowing a teapot to cool down too quickly. So tea is ready even minutes 5-10. Then it is possible to spill tea leaves on cups, adding to taste boiled water.
About addition of sugar in tea there are different opinions: someone considers that sugar does not allow to feel completely the true taste of tea, someone, on the contrary, without sugar does not represent tea. Here besides matter of taste. The same can be told and about addition in tea of a lemon or milk.
Zavarivaniye of green tea differs from a zavarivaniye black first of all in that green tea can be made repeatedly – to 10 times. In China at a zavarivaniye of green tea use the following recipe:
Все о чае, чай As well as for preparation of black tea take water with the minimum content of mineral salts. The teapot is also warmed up. Tea leaves are put at the rate of 1 teaspoon with a hill on 150-200 ml of water. Fill in tea leaves with the water which is warmed up up to the temperature of 75-80 zs allow to be drawn within 1,5-2 minutes, and after merge in special ware which Chinese call "чахай". In principle any ceramic or glass capacity for this purpose can approach. Then procedure is repeated, filling in tea leaves with hot water and merging infusion in "чахай", every time increasing insisting time for 15-20 seconds. Permissibly repeatedly to make good grades of green tea to 10 times. After tea leaves sputter out, tea from "chakhy" spill on cups.
Practice as well a zavarivaniye without "chakhy" when drink is poured from a teapot directly in cups. Thus everyone differs the next made portion from previous in new taste and aroma.

Tea as you managed to be convinced, having read this article – useful and tasty drink. And wishes you pleasant pastime behind a tea cup in a circle of close people and hopes that this article helped you to understand the nature of so remarkable drink better.
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