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In total about coffee

Today coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on Earth. We got used to drink coffee under different circumstances: since morning; at work; in cafe; at a business meeting. There is a set of grades and ways of preparation. Will tell about some interesting features of the coffee in this article.
Today coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on Earth. We got used to drink coffee in different places and under different circumstances: since morning, having roused; at work; in cafe; at a business meeting. Expression "To come on a coffee cup" became habitual and means simply a campaign on a visit.
Today there is a set of grades and ways of preparation of this drink. Will tell about some interesting features of the coffee in this article.

Coffee history

Кофейное дерево It is considered that people for the first time started using coffee about 3000 years ago. To come using fruits of a coffee tree to the person it was difficult: after all in the raw they are not especially pleasant on taste, it was necessary to guess them to fry and only then to cook from it drink. Therefore before coffee started using in the form of drink, passed a lot of time.
It is considered to be the homeland of coffee Ethiopia. From here nomads delivered it to Yemen where this plant and began to be cultivated.
At first people simply chewed leaves and grains of a coffee tree as it was noticed that it allows the person to remain long time vigorous. It is for certain not known who to the first guessed to fry coffee grains, but one of legends says that after burning of bushes of a coffee tree people found in ashes escaped, but thus the roasted grains.
Only in the XI century of our era the Arab scientist of Ibn Xing described coffee drink in modern understanding of this word.
However not everything was smooth in the history of coffee. In the Middle Ages to Muslims it was forbidden to use coffee as it was exciting drink, and the Koran forbade their use.
At the beginning of the XVII century of coffee appeared in Europe at first in England, and then in France where it was delivered by travelers from the Asian countries. In Russia date of emergence of coffee is considered 1665.
In 1901 the native of Japan – the American chemist Satori Kato invented instant coffee which at once had on temper much and won great popularity around the world which uses and until now.

Coffee and health

Все о кофе About influence of coffee on health of the person there are different opinions. Someone considers it useful, someone – on the contrary. Let's try to understand everything one after another.
According to the last researches, the caffeine containing in coffee well influences a brain, improving memory, attention. In particular by scientists it is established that caffeine intensifies biochemical processes of a frontal lobe of a brain which is responsible for short-term memory. And the continuous use of coffee reduces risk of development of senile dementia.
Besides, the use of coffee prevents formation of cancer cells, reducing thereby probability of oncological diseases.
It is established also that if the person will drink at least one cup of coffee in day, the probability to ache with cirrhosis decreases by 20%. And scientists from Minnesota university during the conducted research came to conclusion that coffee reduces risk of emergence of diabetes, even at the people predisposed to this disease.
Also long ago it is known that coffee is soft laxative and a diuretic. Well and, of course, all of us know coffee as a cheerfulness source, and many of us often use it when owing to certain circumstances it is required to abstain from a dream.
However there is an opinion, it is not groundless that coffee is harmful to cardiovascular system of the person. Really, caffeine increases arterial pressure, causes tachycardia. Therefore coffee is often contraindicated to hypertensive persons.
Coffee has impact and on digestive system of the person, causing the increased release of gastric juice that can be harmful at gastritis or an ulcer.
Scientists know that coffee increases cholesterol level in blood of the person, however in scientific community there is no consensus into the account of that well it so far or it is bad. The matter is that some "good-quality" types of cholesterol promote strengthening of blood vessels. And in general the high level of cholesterol in blood increases probability of obstruction of vessels and developing of atherosclerosis.
Thus, came to a conclusion that if the person has no obvious contraindications to the use of coffee, this drink is rather useful, than is harmful. Certainly, thus we do not advise them to abuse.

Myths about coffee

Все о кофе One of myths, that coffee is harmful, we already considered above and were convinced that it far not so. Let's consider some more the delusions occurring in society connected with coffee.
Myth the first: coffee contains caffeine. Actually traditional grades of coffee really contain it, but there are wild-growing species of a coffee tree in which grains caffeine is not present. Now also grades of coffee from which caffeine is removed almost completely are issued. So caffeine contains in coffee not always.
Myth of the second: coffee causes dependence. Really, sometimes, that if the person who drank many coffee, ceases to do then it, becomes sleepy, thinks worse. But assures that it is caused not by the substances containing in coffee. For today it is already proved that this dependence is more often the psychological. Does not cause physiological dependence of coffee.
Myth the third: word "coffee" − neutral gender. As practice shows, many, perhaps, even the majority, use the word "coffee" on average a sort ("tasty coffee", "coffee cooled down", etc.). However in dictionaries this word is designated by a masculine gender. Therefore it is correct to tell "tasty coffee", "coffee cooled down". But not everything is so unambiguous. Our language develops constantly and improved. Therefore now it is necessary to meet the use of this word on average a sort even writers or announcers which speech it is considered to be a standard. Therefore in informal conversation such use of the word "coffee" is admissible. It is necessary to wait when make the relevant amendments to dictionaries.

Some useful tips about coffee

  • Coffee need to be stored in tight ware, differently over time it loses the tastes. If you bought coffee in a package, it is better to pour to a paste it in bank which is densely closed.
  • It is impossible to store coffee in plastic banks, only in tin or glass.
  • It is necessary to fry and grind coffee just before cooking as at storage of coffee gradually loses the taste and aroma.
  • There is a set of ways of preparation of coffee, however anyway it is necessary that the dishes were well washed. The ware used for cooking of coffee cannot be used for any other purposes.
  • At preparation of coffee whenever possible use soft water (in which less than the dissolved salts; the water is softer, the better in it soap foams).
  • The coffee prepared in the coffee maker with the paper filter least of all affects cholesterol level. Slightly influences the level of cholesterol and instant coffee (at production usually passes cleaning through paper).
  • For preparation of coffee in the Turk very high milling who is difficult to achieve in house conditions therefore for these purposes of coffee sift through a sieve is necessary, and that remains well will be suitable for preparation of coffee in the coffee maker.
  • In the course of cooking it is impossible to bring drink to boiling and especially to boil. Right after a foam raising the teapot or to the Turk is removed from fire.
  • For improvement of taste of coffee it is possible to add a salt pinch to it (salt is the simple and harmless amplifier of taste of all dishes).
  • Coffee can be served either very hot or cold, but not warm.
  • Coffee give in coffee cups, but not in tea or glasses though tea cups are admissible for coffee with milk.
Drink coffee (but only reasonably), and hopes that from this article you gathered for yourself some useful information about the drink which is so loved by all.
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