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Menu of an alkaline diet

The alkaline diet is generally directed on clarification of an organism, but with its help it is possible to dump enough extra kilos. Its essence consists in the use of fruit and vegetables, to minimizing of quantity of products of an animal origin.

Principle of action

All products which the person eats, have either the alkaline, or acid environment. They differ in that at the acid environment in intestines pathogenic bacteria start developing and there are rotting processes therefore slags are formed. On the contrary the alkaline environment affects an organism: it helps to get rid of toxins, well influences on mucous and neutralizes acid. The principle of reduction of the use of acid-forming products is the cornerstone of an alkaline diet.

Blood of the person has the alkaline environment, its normal level rn 7,4. This way of food means the use of such products which will support this acid-base balance, the diet has to contain 80% of alkaline and 20% of acid products. By the way, ancient people so ate – hunters and collectors, did not master agriculture yet.

Admirers of this diet consider that the high content of acid in products conducts to diseases as it brings out of an organism valuable elements, such as magnesium or potassium.

Principles of an alkaline diet:

  1. Give preference to vegetables in the raw.
  2. In a diet in an ideal there have to be 80% of alkaline products and 20% sour.
  3. No more than three times a week it is possible to afford the grain.
  4. Fish no more than two times a week are desirable to eat.
  5. At a choice of products by a breakfast stop attention on one green and one red vegetables.
  6. Nuts and peas can be used, but only fresh.
  7. It is possible to use any natural vegetable oil.
  8. It is necessary to use meat in very small quantities. It is necessary to choose low-fat grades of meat: mutton, beef, chicken, turkey.
  9. In the evening meal has to be till 19 o'clock, it is possible to drink only herbal tea later.
  10. Between meals it is possible to drink water and herbal tea.

The resolved and forbidden products

80% of a diet of the person who adheres to an alkaline diet, have to make such products:

  1. Fruit: apples, grapefruits, dried dates and apricots, blackcurrant, cranberry, melon and water-melon.
  2. Vegetables: turnip, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, eggplants, mushrooms. The most alkaline the beet tops of vegetable, baked potatoes and stalks of a dandelion is considered.
  3. Meat: veal, mutton, beef. Meat needs to be eaten very soft and without fat.
  4. Other products: buckwheat, millet, honey, olive oil, cream, jam.

All these products clear blood, normalize a blood pressure, stabilize a hormonal background and improve composition of blood.

And here the use of the following products needs to be minimized:

According to a diet, these products in a diet there have to be no more than 20%.

Menu of an alkaline diet

It is best of all to steam vegetables or to boil, and also to prepare vegetable juice. It is desirable to use fruit crude, it is possible to prepare from them juice, jelly and mousse. It is possible to use three times a week fish or meat in the boiled or baked look. It is better to buy fish sea which contains a fat minimum, and meat fast – a bird or veal. Sweet it is desirable to exclude but if you feel intolerable thirst for sweets, it is occasionally possible to indulge himself with cane sugar, honey, maple syrup. Completely to exclude all store candies and pastries.

During a diet Mirsovetov recommends to you to drink to two liters of pure drinking water. It is possible to use juice and herbal teas also. After food it is possible to drink only tea on herbs. It is possible to have a bite dried fruits and juice.

The alkaline diet consists of three phases:

  1. In the period of the first phase there is a reorganization of an organism and its clarification.

    Approximate menu per day:

    • breakfast – green or red vegetables in a stewed look, low-fat yogurt (it is possible to replace with soy milk), apple;
    • lunch – boiled chicken meat (breast) – 150 g, salad from vegetables, yogurt;
    • dinner – 200 g of fish, vegetable salad, yogurt.

    The second breakfast and mid-morning snack can consist of dates, fruit or a glass of juice.

    As this diet is considered low-calorie, in the first week it is possible to lose to five kilograms. In total course of clarification of an organism proceeds four weeks.

  2. In the second phase there is an equilibration of acids and alkalis in an organism. The fatigue leaves, there is no weight in a stomach.

    Approximate menu:

    • breakfast – yogurt, fruit;
    • lunch – vegetables soup;
    • dinner – green vegetables, tofu.

    During this period it is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages, flour and sweet.

  3. In the third phase there is a maintenance of the reached balance. To consolidate result, it is necessary to eat alkaline products. In the morning for breakfast it is possible to add a slice of a wholegrain small loaf and mineral water to the menu. During the day it is possible to eat proteinaceous products.

    Approximate menu:

    • breakfast - an omelet on couple, fruit, yogurt;
    • lunch – salad from vegetables, soup, a fish or meat dish;
    • dinner – white fish, salad from vegetables.

    At desire this phase can be prolonged a little, but it is no more, than for 12 days.

Indications and contraindications

The alkaline diet is shown not only when it is necessary to lose excess weight but also to clean some symptoms and diseases:

After passing of a course of an alkaline diet at the person digestion improves, takes place a meteorizm and an abdominal distension, thanks to sunflower seeds and nuts skin is tightened and looks elastic and fresh. Sugar level does not fluctuate any more, and it means that concentration of attention improves, the person is full of energy and it has a good mood.

Before a diet it is necessary to consult with the doctor, especially if there are such diseases as a renal failure in a sharp or chronic form and coronary heart disease because alkaline products influence amount of potassium in an organism.

Also children as the growing organism needs proteins of an animal origin should not adhere to this diet. And with care vegetables and fruit need to be entered that who did not get used to large volumes of cellulose. It is necessary to begin with small portions and habitual ingredients and gradually to enter more and more products, admissible in a diet.

The official medicine ambiguously belongs to an alkaline diet, on the one hand the use of a large number of vegetables and fruit is useful for health, but - not all agree with another that products with acidity provoke diseases. And here the alternative medicine insists that the alkaline diet prevents education in kidneys of stones, does not allow to develop to osteoporosis and age obesity. Such conclusions are drawn on the basis of long-term supervision. But serious researches in this respect it was not conducted because of mistrust of scientists to an alkaline diet.

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