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Al Mas Palace hotel, Golden 5 City complex (Egypt)

You were not in Egypt?! In vain! Most of tourists, as we know, have a rest on the coast of the Red Sea, in regions of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. In this case, I also invite you, readers of, in favourite the Russian tourists Hurghada, in a hotel complex under the name "Golden 5 City".
You were not in Egypt?! In vain! More than 5 thousand years of history, exotic of the East, pyramid, temples, etc., etc.!! There is a whole world, and compatriots – not an exception!
You were in Egypt?! But, for certain, you did not visit also small part from more than five hundred hotels of this country! Most of tourists, as we know, have a rest on the coast of the Red Sea, in regions of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. In this case, I also invite you, readers of, in favourite the Russian tourists Hurghada, in a hotel complex under the name "Golden 5 City".
Лагуна у отельного комплекса Golden 5 City (Египет)
Лагуна у отельного комплекса Golden 5 City (Египет)

Small background

What is Egypt for our person? Yes almost same that Turkey! That is a place where it is possible to go (and go!) nearly as on giving. In the sense that it is rather cheap, available, without visas and for every taste and a purse.
But go not only behind it. After all 50 centuries of a civilization something yes stand. Well, both pyramids, and Luxor, and the Red Sea – more and more than noteworthily!
Remarkable feature of Egypt as vacation spots is its vsesezonnost. Of course, in December-January will be prokhladnovato, but temperature in the Red Sea lower than +22 does not fall in principle – differently corals do not live!
Долина царей
At the same time, there is an opinion that in the summer in Egypt too hot. Yes it is definitely not cold! But … I had to happen in the country during the entire periods, except calendar winter – and anything terrible.
    In this story, it will be a question of August. So there were holiday plans that dropped out this month. It was impossible to go to other places, and decided to risk and "be fried" on the African sun! I will tell at once – quite tolerantly! For example, during the same period in Turkey – is much worse as temperature is approximately identical (in the range of 33-38 °C), and humidity that is important, is significantly lower and therefore the heat is easier transferred. Therefore if with conditioners everything is all right – not a problem. Though if easily burn, without protective creams anywhere – neither to the pool, nor to the sea, at excursion!

Hotel complex "Golden 5 City"

Having left the small airport of Hurghada which after reconstruction became quite civilized, will get in about 30 minutes to a hotel complex. To go on time much less, but on the way there will be arrivals in other hotels.
Having come around on the territory, understand why the word "city" ("city") appears in the name. It really city. In the territory 5(!) hotels settle down: Paradise Golden, Golden Club (distant from the sea), Diamond, Al Mas Palas (the next to the sea). The fifth hotel (Emerald), however, was on restoration – capital repairs of cases. All this economy occupies the enormous territory. Very, by the way, green (adjusted for the African summer – a grass, despite watering, yellowish).
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)
Officially hotels have from 4 to 5 stars. It is possible to argue endlessly on these stars and to compare them with Turkish, European, etc., but, in my opinion, occupation this senseless, and I will tell about specific problems below. Numbers of all hotels settle down both in big cases, and in 1-2 floor cottages.
Everywhere "all inclusive", and in all territory of a complex any person from any hotel can use any bar or restaurant which total is more than ten. It is convenient as brings a variety – differences, though small, after all is!
In the general territory there are an aquapark, a lagoon with sea water (there teach surfing), 5 pools, a field for minigolf, 2 "theaters", a complex of the singing fountains, a ropeway to the sea from the most distant hotel, a field for driving on horses, a bicycle rental, billiards, a heap of shops, avtobusik across the territory!! Time is necessary simply in order that at least to bypass all this! Because of the sizes and a heat beyond the territory of a complex so never also did not go. However, in Hurghada we were not the first time, and for persons interested there was even a free sightseeing tour!
We lived in Al Mas Palace hotel. Five stars. The hotel the closest to the sea also consists of the main case in which reception, and several 2-storeyed cottages is located. The speech further – about it.
Отель Al Mas Palace


Having already paid the permit, directly before departure, came across on the Internet information that in Al Mas Palace hotel there are no interruptions in cold water! In the next hotel (that is actually, in the next cases!) is, and here not. And therefore, it seems, it is necessary to aspire in the main case. No sooner said than done …
Number in the main case was not given. They it is slightly less, than in cottages and if more than 2 people in the permit, do not lodge in the main building. A number was got on the second floor in a cottage directly opposite to an entrance to the main case. To the sea – meters 200 on paths and bridges over a lagoon, by the main pool with hills.
Number and itself big, and with a big terrace and the bathroom but some slightly ragged though it is possible to live and water is. 6 liters forfeits and 12 liters of mineral water were applied to number on our structure (2+1) and term (13 days / 12 nights). Not bad! A view of the territory, of the sea – lateral.
    In my opinion – on the second floor it is more pleasant, than on the first – is purer and the review is better though below it is more than number. In the main case the sizes of "housing stock" it is significantly less, but, it is possible to come from an end face directly to a beach. The choice is!
In 1,5 days cold water in the crane ended! That is simply does not flow. Resolutely went to understand, involved guides (the Russian little girls from hotel). The personnel was given quickly enough and us moved on a diagonal of the same case, also on the second floor. I tried to be indignant at first – because of water besides, but it appeared that in vain. With water – it is normal. Number is even more, all somehow more decently, instead of TV of local assembly – Grundich, the refrigerator instead of Beko – Electrolux, etc. Plus the look became almost at the sea (almost – as opposite there was the main case). The area of number with a terrace – about 70 sq.m, the conditioner that is important decently worked!
    Therefore where you appeared – assert the rights! Anyway, will meet halfway, it is not necessary to be afraid of anybody!
Отель Al Mas Palace, в номере
Отель Al Mas Palace, в номере


The beach line, considering number of hotels, it is small, but it not especially strains. Only in before - and the afternoon to the people is a bit too much.
But the main thing – the sea. Remarkable small sand, a flat entrance to water and at once – corals. Full delight! The quantity of sea living creatures of all paints, types and forms simply shakes ($10 for a mask and a tube in the next bench). And the number of big fishes, sometimes enough decent sizes, not really depends on number of the people who are eager to look at them. Though, of course, in the morning, in a malolyudya, it is much more pleasant to admire all this magnificence.
If to bypass (in inflow – "обплыть") the next corals – you get to "clean sea". And corals at the coast it is good! And to look is on what, and boats do not stick to a beach. The ships and boats slightly in a distance have a special small port.
Отель Al Mas Palace, пляж


Actually, there is nothing to comment. Everything is decent, nourishing, a little monotonous, is sweet – in a word, in Egyptian! Bars and restaurants – weight, they bring some variety. You go – to the next to the house in the morning. In the afternoon – in the next to the location – on a heat there is a wish to walk not really! In the evening – it is possible and to experiment. Drinks – without special remarks. On my taste – quite decent wine. Children revel fanty with Coca. Juice on a beach – powder, in hotel bars – natural, ice cream – so-so …


Actually, the hotel was chosen because of an aquapark (for the child). Well, aquapark not an aquapark, but 5 hills of quite decent height and various forms available. Children – it is simple on pleasure top. And all this at the level, in sense of safety. In operating time the personnel is on duty both below, and above. When a time off, access it is closed and too watch it. Good fellows!
Отель Al Mas Palace, аквапарк
Отель Al Mas Palace, аквапарк
Отель Al Mas Palace, аквапарк
It is impossible to tell about the main pool of the same. At us the girl wounded a foot, having stepped on the broken tile at the bottom. Help was given, of course, and the bottom was repaired, but, as they say, "the deposit remained"!
Still played billiards – remarkably follows a glass of tea in the conditioned room. Once (1 hour) it is free, but we once again played and for money (about $8). Free of charge 1 time – minigolf. Funny, but it is necessary to be in time in the evening when is already more cool, but it is not dark yet (lighting include, but all the same it not that already).
Two times went (and it is about 800 meters one way!) to watch and listen to the singing fountains – quite worthy show for about 30 minutes. To readers of I recommend to visit without fail. Both it is beautiful, and it is amusing, and it is effective. Upon termination of – a folklore Arab concert. By the way, on this action carry for money (5 dollars!) from other hotels, and here – it is free.
Отель Al Mas Palace, поющие фонтаны
Отель Al Mas Palace, поющие фонтаны
Отель Al Mas Palace, поющие фонтаны


Egyptian! Perhaps, in one other Arab country this mentality "give a baksheesh" so brightly it is not shown. Service – is not persuasive at all. You will tell (and it is better – you will stimulate) – will make. You will not tell – will not make. Accept it as a reality. Is worse, than, for example, in Turkey? Yes, perhaps, I will agree. Consider, what it is critical? Perhaps, here it is also not necessary to you. Solve!.


There were two. Went on the island with bathing, both at the coastline, and in the high sea at coral reeves ($120 for three with a lunch on the yacht and hire a mask-flippers-tube – have the, give rubbish). Actually, watch a photo and the text to the section "beach". Delights – more than, though scorched, despite all precautions. On the way, in the sea saw slopes and turtles! A lunch – a miracle! Seafood and fruit. In hotel of such do not give!
Отель Al Mas Palace, Красное море
Отель Al Mas Palace, Красное море
Отель Al Mas Palace, Красное море
The second excursion – Luxor ($130 for three with a lunch). Because of this action it is necessary to visit at least once Hurghada (from Charm – much further and only the plane!). To put it mildly, it was not cold, but worried!
Actually about excursion new I will not add anything, all this is many times described – watch a photo. The movement manner – a caravan from more struck than hundreds of buses, speak, for safety. And in the same place in Luxor – the temple of the queen Hatshepsut made impression. To speak about factory of jewelry and perfumery, essential oils and the museum of the papyrus I will not be is "range" enters almost any Egyptian excursion regardless of the region of residence...

Tour operator

In our case – Pegas, flight of Vim Avia. Neither to those, nor to another claims largely are not present. Only, when I should have prolonged in day of departure accommodation term for ½ days – eviction at 12.00, the plane at 22.00 – i.e. day with the child on a heat, the hotel guide took some unclear position, I would tell, "pro-hotel". And I consider that has to or defend my interests or any!
It was necessary to swear. Altercated since evening on the eve of a departure in the forenoon, but gave the room ($40). Absolutely settling, small number, overlooking an internal wall, but another it was also not necessary – it is possible to have a rest, change clothes, simply to lie down. Once again I will repeat – fight for the interests!


And what as a result? And remarkably, despite everything, have a rest! Seriously! The negative was forgotten. In the rest – only good. Feeling – 2 weeks of good rest for quite acceptable money. After all the Red Sea – it's worth seeing!
By the way, dispersion of the prices during a season for two adults and the child for 2 weeks – in the range of $2500-3200 depending on the operator and hotel. In a word, I recommend, at the accounting of that you are ready to assert the rights actively!
Луксор, Нил
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