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As what to choose a humidifier

It is known that our skin for 70% consists of water. Even if we will drink enough liquid, it we can appear a little if air indoors, is excessively dry. On surfaces of subjects more static electricity will accumulate. In such conditions skin, respiratory organs suffer, the general health worsens.
Для поддержания водно-солевого баланса среднестатистическому человеку нужно выпивать 1,5-2 литра жидкости в сутки Look for a humidifier? We will help to choose and buy a humidifier for your house.

All of us know that for maintenance of water-salt balance the average person needs to drink 1,5-2 liters of liquid per day. But it is not always enough of it because except the internal use, water "outside" is necessary for us. It is known that our skin for 70% consists of water. Even if we will drink enough liquid, it we can appear a little if air indoors where we are, is excessively dry. In such conditions skin, respiratory organs suffer, the general health worsens. Besides, in dry rooms on surfaces of subjects more static electricity, than in places with normal humidity accumulates.

Humidity of air indoors

Thus, relative humidity of air is one of important components in maintenance of health of the person and comfort of his life and work. Let's not go deep into physics and to remember definition "relative humidity", and we will address to normative documents and recommendations of physicians. The SanPiN gives norms of temperature and relative humidity for premises:

Period of yearTemperature, CRelative humidity (optimum), %Relative humidity it (is admissible), %
The cold18-2445-3060
The warm20-2860-3065

It is also accepted to consider conditionally that air with value of relative humidity less than 50% of dry, 50-70% – moderate humidity, over 70% – damp. Children's doctors recommend to maintain for health of the child humidity indoors at the level of 50%-60%. At such values very sensitive mucous membranes of respiratory organs do not suffer, the probability of a disease of the kid is respectively lower.
Влажность воздуха So, in what cases moistening is especially necessary:
  • in rooms with insufficient relative humidity of air, irrespective of a season, especially, if there are such symptoms as dryness of skin, mucous membranes of a nasopharynx and an eye;
  • in rooms where hygrophilous plants are grown up (sometimes enough to get a small priborchik with a small area of service if your winter garden settles down on one window sill, or in one corner of the room).
But at this would like to remind that if air is too damp is can have negative consequences as in crude warm rooms pathogenic microbes freely breed, and in the cold – possibility of catarrhal diseases sharply increases.
In the conditions of the conditioned air in the summer, and also at the working central heating in the winter, relative humidity in rooms is, as a rule, insufficient. It is possible to fight against it, in the grandmother's ways, placing flat dishes with water everywhere, hanging out damp towels and other, and it is possible to look that offers us technical progress.

Humidifiers of cold action

Увлажнитель воздуха холодного действия Simple (traditional) humidifiers are not a banal basin with water, and a little more difficult design. The principle of action of a humidifier of cold action consists in evaporation of moisture from a surface of the damp filter or a cartridge which is half lowered in capacity with water. For acceleration of process of evaporation in a humidifier dry room air is forced and banished via the damp filter (cartridge).
Producers recommend to use for such humidifiers the distilled water, but, by experience of the people who are already using these humidifiers, it is possible to tell, as from the crane they work with water not bad. The main thing not to forget every week - two to wash out the filter and capacity with water.
Power at such humidifiers, as a rule, small – 20-60 W, a minimum of frills, but thus rather big served area – to 150 sq.m. Evaporation of water in such humidifiers happens to speed up to 300-400 gr / hour, but in much it depends on humidity of the room. Small productivity does not allow to bring for a short time relative humidity to necessary level, and in process of air saturation by moisture is closer to a mark of 60% their efficiency decreases practically to zero. In it there is a certain advantage: the humidifier with cold evaporation will never result in excessive moisture content in the room. Summing up the result, it is possible to tell that such humidifiers because of rather small productivity will approach if relative humidity of air is indoors constantly close to the comfortable.
Увлажнитель воздуха холодного действия Suitable options can be found at the price from $45 (Delonghi, Bionaire).
The humidifier (cold action) can be combined with a cleaner or the ionizer of air (to support such functions).
Function of clarification will allow to get rid of undesirable impurity indoors: dust, smells, dust pincers, pollen of plants, tobacco smoke. The cost of the household models equipped with function of cleaning begins from $120.
The ionizer supports balance of positive and negative ions indoors, it helps to fight against dust and other harmful impurity. Only the devices ionizing by means of the koroniruyushchy category are used to household use. In this category the brands AirComfort, Neo-Tec, Chung-Pung are presented.

Steam humidifiers

Паровой увлажнитель воздуха Steam humidifiers have the big power (200-500 W) in comparison with devices with "cold" evaporation. In them water evaporates by means of its heating therefore at acquisition of such model it is important that the humidifier had function of shutdown at full evaporation of liquid (it is already available for the majority). For safety it is better that the case of a steam humidifier had such form which will hardly turn over even if you incidentally hook on it a foot.
Among advantages of steam humidifiers it is possible to note more high efficiency (to 700 gr / hour) at the expense of bigger power. But in same and a shortcoming: electricity consumption (if to compare to humidifiers with other principle of work) is much more therefore the gain in productivity will be not always justified.
At a choice of a steam humidifier also important existence of the built-in hygrostat (the device measuring humidity of air). With its help the humidifier will be independently disconnected at the value of humidity of air set by you, and also to support a microclimate in this state.
In addition, pays your attention that the leaving steam from such humidifiers rather hot therefore we do not recommend to put them near furniture and if you have small children, perhaps and to reflect on purchase of other humidifier.
Паровой увлажнитель воздуха In steam humidifiers boiling of water in itself means antibacterial action, but, naturally, periodically it is necessary to clear device capacity of a scum. Water for such humidifiers is used usual, from the crane.
The cost of steam humidifiers fluctuates from $50 to $170. At this price will offer you also possibility of use in the medical purposes in quality of an inhaler together with maintenance of humidity at the set level (Bionaire), and also additional functions, for example, aromatization of the room, an aromatherapy (Delonghi, Boneco). It is possible to find model with electronic control, illumination, the liquid indicator.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ультразвуковой увлажнитель воздуха These are very effective humidifiers, compact, small power, but with high efficiency. They and the most popular among household humidifiers. Ability of a piezoelectric material to transform electric fluctuations to vibration is the cornerstone of their action. The piezoelement vibrating with a big frequency effectively makes fine water dust which temperature does not exceed 35 degrees (and usually and room). Productivity of ultrasonic humidifiers makes 6-15 liters per day at the power consumption to 150 W.
At this type of humidifiers, as well as at steam, the hygrometer has to be built in. It will allow to regulate automatically humidity of air indoors.
For these humidifiers also important, what water you in them will fill in – it is recommended distilled. In ultrasonic humidifiers filters of preliminary cleaning, but a measure of their wear are without fail used, there can be white spots on surrounding subjects because of containing in the evaporated moisture of salts. Therefore the filter should be changed beforehand.
And one more important remark from do not neglect recommendations of the producer, do not leave water if the device thus long time is not used in humidifier capacity.Ультразвуковой увлажнитель воздуха Otherwise it will lead to reproduction of bacteria in water and to emergence of unpleasant smells at the subsequent inclusion of a humidifier. If you after all forget to pour out water of a humidifier, and it at you long enough will stay in a non-working state, before inclusion it is recommended to wash out the capacity and the filter and to fill in water anew. It concerns, in particular, both ultrasonic humidifiers, and humidifiers of cold action.
As for the prices: there are inexpensive models of ultrasonic humidifiers – in this category producers were marked out: Scarlett, Vitek, VES, Tefal, Polaris. The same producers have also humidifiers more expensive, equipped with the timer, the humidity regulator, with function of aromatization of the room, a remote control, liquid crystal displays (to $250).

Humidifier choice

It is necessary to sum up, on what to be guided at a choice of concrete model: Увлажнитель воздуха
  • The area of the room and the served square of the concrete device. Agree, there is no sense to get the device calculated on moistening of 50-60 sq.m if the area of your room of 15 sq.m Besides, hardly is possible to use 1 device for moistening of air in all rooms of the dwelling at once it is necessary to transfer it from one place to another;
  • Tank capacity for water. At compact ultrasonic humidifiers, the tank, usually small, to 5 liters (differently, at the device already quite serious dimensions). As a rule, more than it is enough such volume, if a humidifier to leave included for the night. Besides, if the producer specifies, how many air is capable to pass through itself the device (for example, when cleaning, or "sink"), it is desirable that all volume of air in the room could pass through filters at least 2 times for an hour;
  • Function of maintenance of humidity at the set level. It will allow not to pereuvlazhnit air indoors, interferes with dampness emergence;
  • Power consumption. In general devices are economic, but the more power, the quicker occurs moistening. Here you will already have to proceed from the requirements, choosing that it is more important for you – productivity or profitability;
  • The consumption of water is measured in liters per day or in grams for an hour. The majority of household humidifiers evaporate from 8 to 12 liters per day and it is quite enough of it;
  • The timer will add conveniences when using: for example, will switch-off the device after certain operating time;
  • Noise level (5-70 dB) is defined by a device design, fan speed. The least noisy models are intended for a bedroom. The this parameter is lower, the dream at the working device will be more comfortable. By the way, some humidifiers have the switch for work in less noisy mode (for example, the sleep mode in a humidifier of Air Comfort D-103);Иногда увлажнитель может стать не просто бытовым прибором, но еще и декоративным элементом в интерьере.
  • Filters. The humidifier can be equipped with the filter of preliminary cleaning is a mechanical "rough" filter for large impurity. "Thinner" filters will clear air of dust pincers, dispute of fungi, pollen of plants, pathogenic bacteria (HEPA, ULPA, electrostatic and photocatalytic). Photocatalytic filters are considered the best and historically as the latest filters, besides they durable;
  • Pay also attention, what quality water can be filled in in the tank: distilled or directly from the crane.

Of course, at a humidifier choice first of all it is necessary to be guided by its efficiency and reliability. But they can sometimes become not simply household appliance, but a decorative element in an interior. Look narrowly, choose.
Good microclimate to your house!
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