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Types and treatment of a post-acne

The acne illness is a problem which is actual for many teenagers. Sometimes she mentions even people at mature age. Existence of the inflammatory process damaging thermal and epidermalny layers of skin is peculiar to this disease. Therefore on integuments some changes which sometimes very strongly disfigure the person are formed.


The post-acne can call the secondary permanent changes of integuments arising most often after a long acne illness, especially in cases when treatment was carried out incorrectly.

Not to allow development of a heavy form of an acne illness, recommends strongly to begin treatment in due time. It is necessary to tell, what even the acne illness of an easy and average form at a long current can lead to emergence of a post-acne. The matter is that as a result of a long course of disease possibility of skin to restoration decreases.

Emergence of a post-acne it is often connected with the wrong treatment or lack of treatment. Therefore not to allow formation of similar changes, first of all, the correct and timely therapy of an acne illness is required. If the post-acne is combined with inflammatory processes of eels, treatment in this case becomes usually longer and it is more difficult.

The main reasons provoking emergence of similar educations are different types of deep damages of skin, a long acne illness, and also the wrong or late treatment. In addition, attempt of independent removal of eels which leads to damage of integuments can become the reason of formation of pathology.

Post-acne forms

There are some forms of a post-acne one of which are enlarged skin pores. The disease can be also shown in the form of the hems which are formed because of damage of a surface of skin in attempt of opening of comedones as a result of a mechanical peeling and as a result of inflammatory processes. Besides, the post-acne can be shown in the form of change of coloring of affected areas of skin. Such change is called a diskhromiya. Various changes of vessels, and in particular, expanded capillaries, reddenings and spots which appear because of violations of microblood circulation in fabrics also belong to disease forms.

Permanent reddenings and pigmentation usually arise because of damages of an epidermalny layer. The most frequent complications of an acne illness are the first three forms of a post-acne.

Treatment of a post-acne

Any consequences of a long acne illness usually very resistant and therefore it is very difficult to remove them. In order that treatment of a post-acne was effective, it is necessary to begin it in due time. Also everyday cosmetic procedures are important. The complex of care of skin, as a rule, is selected individually, but thus it is necessary to consider degree and nature of violations, type of skin and its feature.

During treatment of pathology associated diseases, possibilities of an organism on regenerations and probability of scarring of fabric have to be considered. After all, as we know, the condition of our skin is directly connected with work of an internal.

Disposal of manifestations of a post-acne gives the chance to give to skin esthetic appeal, a fresh and healthy look. For treatment of a post-acne various techniques and preparations are used today. Let's consider a little in more detail treatment of each form of a disease.

Enlarged pores

If the post-acne has a form of expansion of a time, this problem can be solved the preparations reducing activity of sebaceous glands. Such means is Retinolum and retinoyevy acid. And the effect of Retinolum which was more sparing than effect of retinoyevy acid. Retinolum is capable to reduce thickness of a horn layer, and also to reduce allocations of sebaceous glands. Treatment quite effective, but, as a rule, rather long. For this purpose it can be necessary of few months till one year.

At enlarged pores good efficiency is shown by a chemical peeling from 15-30% the content of acids. It is necessary to apply this procedure once in one-two weeks. The noticeable result can be noticeable in 6-8 weeks. When using this procedure it is also worth making a break for few weeks and only after that it is possible to start it over again.

Excessive orogoveniye of skin

Treatment of a post-acne also helps to eliminate excessive development of a horn layer of skin. For this purpose preparations with fruit acids are more often used. Under the influence of these means the horn layer of skin considerably decreases, old cages becomes less, obstruction of mouths is eliminated. Under the influence of fruit acids sebaceous glands are reduced and channels are cleared. Similar preparations are allowed to be used even in house conditions.

The effect from daily wiping can already give a noticeable positive effect in few months. To avoid emergence of irritation, it is desirable to use fruit acids of a natural origin. You should not use hydroacids more long, than 4-5 months. To avoid accustoming, it is necessary to make a break during treatment for few months, and only after that to continue therapy.

Permanent reddenings

For treatment of a post-acne in the form of permanent reddenings use methods which are based on vasodilating means. In particular, preparations on the basis of camphor, Ichthyols, menthol, nicotinic acid and isopropyl alcohol can improve blood circulation of the top layers of skin. Under the influence of such remedies capillaries of skin are narrowed and become less elastic therefore the inflammation disappears.

Anti-inflammatory and vasodilating procedures show good effect when using them together with a superficial peeling and preparations of Alpha-ascorbic acid. By means of a chemical peeling it is possible to make active a skin mirkotsirkulyation, and ascorbic acid will strengthen vessels and will help to get rid of pigmentation. As a result appearance and a condition of skin improves.


Stagnant and pigmentary spots, rough relief of integuments can be corrected by means of hardware physiotherapeutic means. In particular, such methods as a darsonvalization, a medicinal electrophoresis, cryotherapy, phototherapy and vacuum massage are used. Such medical procedures as compresses, infrared radiation and thermomasks are applied to stimulation of exchange processes in fabrics.

Cicatricial educations

Cicatricial changes of skin will most difficult respond to treatment. Emergence of such defects of skin can be avoided if in time treatment of an inflammation of sebaceous glands is carried out. Only it is necessary to consider that today any of methods of treatment does not give a guarantee of full disposal of hems. Most often at most that it is possible to make, it to minimize emergence of hems and to make them hardly noticeable. Treatment anyway has to be carried out under control of the dermatologist, and also experts in the field of surgery and esthetic cosmetology. Similar treatment has a number of contraindications. So, it is impossible to carry out it at an active stage of an acne illness, at skin diseases and sharp inflammatory process. In each separate case the doctor usually selects a treatment method individually. Thus expressiveness of cicatricial changes is usually considered.

For treatment of hems such methods as median (namely TSA) and a deep peeling, laser polishing of skin, change of fatty tissue, a collagen injection, a dermabraziya and various surgical methods are used today. The sense of a peeling consists the become horny layer by means of chemical preparations at a distance. Thus the top horn layer of skin is dissolved and exfoliates. Depth of hems decreases due to formation of collagen. By means of laser polishing or a laser peeling the hem is removed layer-by-layer.

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