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The African style in an interior

Interior in the African style it is possible to call any registration of the apartment at which there are subjects from Africa. It is quite exotic style, and not all will suit it. So, this style will suit those who loves subjects from natural materials. Perhaps, in this style pay much attention to subjects from a tree.

Besides, this interior will suit fans of "warm" tones. After all the room executed in the African style which is made out in sand, olive or terracotta tones will help to remove stress and to calm nerves. This style has to attract to people who like Africa.

That who wants more sun, it also has to have on temper. Therefore if you carry yourself to such people, safely do finishing of walls of your apartment in a terracotta or sand shade. Right there natural fabrics which admit various patterns Zimbabwe or Congo style are actively used. Such subjects will only give more exotic.


As for furniture to buy furniture in the African style it is quite problematic. After all on this continent simply there is no special furniture. It is good if it turns out to buy the subjects executed from any African tree.

Perfectly the tree which long time lay in water or furniture from the massif will approach. This massif in Africa was something like a door. In general such furniture has almost unlimited margin of safety.

The furniture in black-brown scale most of all is suitable for an interior in the African style. It can even look as primitive. It everything stylization under Africa.

Often furniture in the African style is the furniture with local ornaments. By the way, in the last some years producers began to use in the production patterns in the African style.


As for accessories, it is possible to use the figurines of elephants or some other subjects executed under "ebony". For registration of the house in the African style it is possible to use various shaman masks, wooden figures, sculptures, and also clay kitchen subjects.

By the way, inhabitants of Africa believe that there is a certain parallel world of spirits. In that world is, both friendly, and hostile spirits. And so, Africans believe that their masks protect from hostile spirits and do even more kindly than friendly spirits. Masks make such sacral sense and the importance in the African tribes that not each member of a tribe has the right to do them. Moreover, not everyone has the right to touch them. Masks use only the devoted. Therefore you should not buy the African mask thoughtlessly. First of all, it is worth taking an interest in its destiny, learn, this mask participated in what ceremonies. After all it can become not only decoration of your interior, but also the assistant to powers of darkness, or, on the contrary, protection against the African evil ghosts.

The African natives carry out all the life in communication with spirits and gods. If you do not believe in magic properties of subjects, can safely hang up on a wall any African attributes. The main thing, of course, in everything to know when to stop and not to turn the house into shop of the African souvenirs.

Finishing of an interior

More fully to embody the African style in the apartment, it is possible to execute special finishing, for example, to make a floor under a stone. For this purpose it is possible to use a tile of the large size and to pick up for it necessary color. It can be a tile of terracotta, brown and orange color. It is worth to remember that in our climate such floor will be quite cool. Therefore do not forget to install system "heat-insulated floor" which will create a cosiness and will allow to make an interior such what you want it.

All African attributes look quite magnificently and fit practically into any style. Today there are three styles which much that the general has with African is: ethno, art deco and colonial style. All these styles demand attentive accumulation and continuous search all of new exhibits.

Today simply we do not think of an interior in the African style without furniture with elements of leather of exotic animals. In general here it is worth being attentive. After all it is quite possible to run into the hand-made article executed from a usual cow skin today. Beautiful counterfeit things a little than differ from originals. The real leather of exotic animals costs very much, but, unfortunately, is not always durable. Producers usually grind the top layer of skin, remove a natural relief. Then apply with method of stamping on skin new drawing. Today also there is a collection of wall-paper, which executed under leather of reptiles. If to take specifically Afro-are - deko, to this direction such elements as an ivory, gold and turtles are characteristic. Skin of a black or brown shade with the pronounced invoice will be suitable for the same style. Also vinyl wall-paper and bright fabrics with an ornament will approach.

Steps of creation of the African style

The African style is vigorous and dynamic, it does not promote that in this room there was an atmosphere of rest. After all this style gives to energy and gets.

The very first step to creation of the necessary atmosphere is selection of the correct color scale. And to the forefront there are fiery colors and rich colors which reflect character of tropical countries. These are bright shades yellow, orange, red. Also color of baked milk and black poisonous color is used. The last is usually used as an interior decor, but not as primary color in any way. For creation of contrast it is possible to add still shades turquoise and blue. It is possible to include the imagination, but do not forget about the basic rule – it is only possible to use natural tone.

As a decor various draperies and curtains painted in saturated colors well will approach. Also carpets with ornaments in the African style will be suitable for such interior. Especially carpets of an orange shade and in a coloring under a zebra will approach. As for rugs and textiles, in interiors of their this style there is not a lot of. Nevertheless, completely it is impossible to do without these attributes. Carpets from skins of wild animals are especially popular. Skins will look equally well both raskinuty on a floor, and hanging on a wall or raskinuty on a sofa. Linen and woolen fabrics which are made under a coloring of the African animals, well approach quality of plaids, curtains, towels, and also bed linen. Motives exists very much, but the coloring under a zebra, a giraffe and a leopard is the most popular. Well in an interior of this style pillows, panels, covers, lamp shades from brilliant fabrics executed in paints of exotic fruit will look. Besides, the embroidery is widespread in interiors of the African style. All this in total will be able to fill an interior with the African color and spirit of centuries-old original culture of the far continent.

Besides, instead of a stone floor it is possible to lay an opaque parquet board. Thus it is important that it had rather rough invoice. Laying can be made as on the deck of any ship.

For a floor covering it is possible to use a carpet mat. It as a result can become the good decision if you need to create the African style in a drawing room interior.

The wicker furniture, and also products from a tree which are decorated with a carving or metal elements well is suitable for an interior of the African style. Besides, in such interior the little tables decorated with cuts of a bamboo of different width will look quite originally. Upholstery drawing which imitates fur of wild animals will look not less stylishly.

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