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Advantage of wild strawberry

This small forest berry is called often the queen. Many fell in love with wild strawberry for gentle aroma and special taste. Not all know that not only berry is famous for these qualities, it is possible to tell about advantage of wild strawberry long.

Often wild berry wild strawberry is confused to strawberry. This wrong opinion as the real forest wild strawberry differs from usual garden strawberry. First of all is a place where the wild strawberry likes "to lodge". To reap a good harvest of this useful berry, it is necessary to go to the wood, to pass some kilometers, among the wood the clearing covered with small bright red berries of wild strawberry will not seem yet. If to compare wild strawberry to strawberry, berries differ in the sizes (strawberry will be more), and also taste and aroma.

Perhaps, you will seldom meet the person who would not try though once in life wild strawberry. Only units know that berry not only differs in excellent taste and aroma, it was known of advantage of wild strawberry in ancient times.

In Russia this berry was appreciated useful properties for an organism. For example, to accelerate process of recovery, the patient drank broth from leaves, branches and fruits of wild strawberry.

This berry and grows now. A favourite habitat – a wood edge, in thickets of bushes, in coniferous plantings and meadows. If you like to walk on the wood, pay attention to wood edges – there and royal wild berry hides.

Blossoming of wild strawberry begins at the end of May - the beginning of June, and to reap a crop it is possible to begin in June – the beginning of July. If you want to make a reserve of vitamins for a year, go to the wood in morning or evening hours, at this time it is accepted to pick berries. If you break wild strawberry at midday, it because of a heat can quickly deteriorate. It concerns some berries. And to make a stock of valuable medical raw materials, leaves need to be prepared during blossoming. The raw materials are dried in the open air, having allocated for this purpose the shaded place.

Recently people because of a lack of time seldom go to walk in the wood, especially, to collect wild strawberry. Many summer residents found the way of harvesting – they began to grow up berry on the country sites. The garden wild strawberry differs from forest a little, it has other aroma and it is much larger, than the real wild strawberry. But after all it differs from strawberry in the taste and gentle aroma.

Found popularity wild strawberry not only because of excellent taste of berries - it possesses medicinal properties of which you will be told by Mirsovetov.

Structure and caloric content of berry

Before starting studying useful properties of wild berry, we will examine properties of wild strawberry. The rich structure of this small wild berry simply strikes – nutritionists recommend strongly to accept a small amount of wild strawberry as medicine at stomach diseases (gastritis and an ulcer), at diseases of kidneys, heart and vessels.

As a part of wild strawberry there are vitamins: And, C, E, PP, N and all vitamins of group B, and also mineral substances: magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, iodine, fluorine and many others. Separately it is worth mentioning the rich content of vitamin C in wild strawberry berries – to 80 mg on 100 g, and also sugars – about 10% and apple acid. Also contain in wild strawberry tannic and dyes. By the way, as for sugar – its quantity will depend on in what time the crop was reaped. If you got on fruits of the 2nd collecting or the 3rd, sugar in berries will be less, and here in wild strawberry of the first crop – always there is more than sugar and berry is very fragrant.

In 100 g of berries only 34 calories, from them contain:

  • fats – 0.4 g;
  • proteins – 0.8 g;
  • carbohydrates – 11.2 g.

As the wild strawberry differs in low caloric content, those people who adhere to a diet can include this berry in small amounts even. The excellent decision for a breakfast: muesli from mix of cereal cultures, natural yogurt and a little fragrant wild strawberry. The energy stock for the whole day will be provided.

Advantage of wild strawberry

For a long time the forest wild strawberry is considered a powerful natural antioxidant. If regularly to eat a handful of berries, it is possible to prolong youth, to slow down aging processes. But on it its useful properties do not come to an end: the wild strawberry strengthens immunity and helps to cope with shortage of vitamins, it will help with complex treatment of an anemia and promotes pressure decrease.

If to eat a few berries of wild strawberry, it is possible to improve appetite, to restore a metabolism and to normalize digestion. If your child has a small appetite, treat him with wild strawberry. Even a small amount of berries is capable to awaken appetite, and your child with pleasure will eat the lunch, a breakfast or a dinner.

Medicinal properties of wild strawberry:

  • in the people wild berry will be read, as a diuretic which will help to adjust work of kidneys and a bladder;
  • the wild strawberry will consult and with work of a liver – it will help to normalize production of bile, also promotes removal from an organism of harmful cholesterol;
  • the wild strawberry at treatment of intestinal infections is widely applied and in treatment of viral diseases;
  • will help to facilitate a condition of the patient at cold wild strawberry berries, it is possible to make leaves and branches of a plant;
  • the wild strawberry and will help with treatment of female diseases – a mastopatiya and plentiful periods;
  • wild berry will cope with locks, will improve a condition of the patient at sleeplessness. It is enough to take a handful of berries (100 g) and to eat a portion in the morning and in the evening;
  • strawberry juice will relieve from depriving also of eczema, and also will clarify pigmentary spots and freckles, will clean rashes on a face;
  • by scientists it is proved long ago that the wild strawberry clears a liver, helps to restore an organism after smoking;
  • infusion of wild strawberry will help to cure quinsy and even stomatitis.

It is interesting that the wild strawberry is applied not only as a remedy, women opened for themselves this wild berry, as the means helping to get rid of extra kilos. There is even a special diet - "Strawberry", after all berry caloric content low, and it is enough all nutrients, necessary for organism, in a small berry.

National recipes

To get rid of heartaches, to adjust work of a stomach and intestines, it is possible to prepare such broth: take 50 g of berries and 1 glass of boiled water, fill in wild strawberry with boiled water and draw a couple of hours. At you fragrant drink which needs to be divided into 3 parts will turn out and to drink during the day.

Such folk remedy will help to get rid of worms: in day you need to eat 3 glasses of berries of wild strawberry, and in the evening for dinner - salty herring and 1 head of a bulb. After that to drink nothing and is not till the morning.

How to prepare broth from leaves to take off fatigue and to adjust a dream:

  • take 20 g of dry leaves of wild strawberry;
  • prepare 500 ml of water (it is desirable warm, but not boiled water);
  • fill in raw materials with water, put on slow fire – boil 10 minutes;
  • it is necessary to leave broth for a couple of hours, and then to filter through a sieve or a gauze.

To accept strawberry broth on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day with an interval at 6 o'clock.

To improve a condition of the patient during cold and to accelerate recovery it is possible if to prepare strawberry tea. As raw materials use dry berries, leaves and branches of wild strawberry. To make 2 tablespoons of raw materials 1 glass of boiled water and to drink, as usual tea.

If you went to walk in the wood and were wounded, it is possible to put a wild strawberry leaf to a fresh wound – you will feel at once as pain recedes.

How to prepare wild strawberry for the winter

Throughout a cold season it is possible to drink strawberry tea to strengthen immunity. During the summer period it is necessary to try to eat as much as possible wild strawberry (if you have no allergy) to fill up a reserve of vitamins.

Do not forget to prepare wild strawberry for the winter, it can be dried on the sun, at a temperature up to +35 °C, and then to finally dry in an oven, at a temperature of +50 °C. Berries have to get bright saturated coloring and not stick to each other.

It is desirable to collect leaves during blossoming, and then to dry in the shaded place. If you found a big clearing of wild strawberry, prepare it directly bushes, only try not to uproot a plant. Accurately cut off wild strawberry, connect in small bunches. It is possible to dry a plant at home on a balcony, it is only desirable to protect wild strawberry from hit of direct sunshine.

That in winter time to enjoy aroma of wild berry, put wild strawberry in small containers and put in the freezer.

The senior will be able to make strawberry honey even – it is necessary in bank with honey to put a handful of fresh wild strawberry.

Wild strawberry in cosmetology

Recipes of beauty with wild strawberry:

  • to get rid of a rash and eels it is possible by means of wild strawberry juice. It needs to be mixed with glycerin and every day to wipe a face;
  • to remove freckles and pigmentary spots it is possible so: take juice from fresh berries and wipe them problem places;
  • to bring skin into a tone, to tighten small wrinkles and to level complexion, make strawberry juice and freeze in the freezer. Every morning wipe the cleared skin a juice cube;
  • please sluggish skin with such mask: squeeze out juice from wild strawberry, mix it with an egg yolk, then put on a face. It is necessary to take a mask 10 minutes, and then to wash away at first warm, and then cold water;
  • if it is necessary to adjust production of skin fat, it is possible to make a similar mask, only instead of a yolk to take protein;
  • to strengthen a gum, to refresh breath and even fresh berry of wild strawberry will help to get rid of a yellow raid on teeth – you will need to make gruel of berries and to apply it with the massage movements on teeth. It is more convenient to do it by a toothbrush.

As you can see – there is a lot of useful properties at wild strawberry so be not too lazy and make stocks of this berry.

Whether the wild strawberry can do harm to an organism?

Certainly, maybe, as the wild strawberry in large numbers can cause allergic reaction. If your close relatives had an allergy to wild strawberry, is not excluded that reaction will be and at you. Therefore it is desirable to make the test and whenever possible to avoid contact with this berry in any kind.

It is undesirable to use berry during an exacerbation of chronic diseases of a stomach and intestines (an ulcer, colitis and gastritises), and also at a nefroza as the wild strawberry is a powerful diuretic.

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