Clarification of an organism
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Clarification of an organism

Whether it happened to you to feel, what with your organism something not so? It seems you are also not ill, and something not so... And forces as though not those, and the favourite food does not please and at work all got. Why it everything suddenly fell down you? Your organism signals that in a body too many slags and toxins accumulated. Time of clarification of an organism came.
Очищение организма Whether it happened to you to feel, what with your organism something not so? It seems you are also not ill, and something not so... And forces as though not those, and the favourite food does not please and at work all got. Why it everything suddenly fell down you? Answers can be a little. Or this beginning of some disease, either a stress, or your organism signals that in a body too many slags and toxins accumulated. If this is so, means time of clarification of an organism came.
Why clarification is necessary? The matter is that we live for many years in unimportant ecological conditions, we eat semi-finished products, we breathe exhausts of cars moreover and we smoke and we drink periodically... Naturally, the organism not in forces to cope with such freight of ballast substances and over time they start being postponed on walls of vessels, in articulate bags, in kidneys and a gall bladder in the form of stones etc. To clear an organism – means to carry out a number of procedures which will provoke the movement of slags and their conclusion from an organism.
Many chronic diseases can be a zashlakovannost consequence. To get rid of them, it is necessary to be cleared of slags. Clarification happens step by step. At first it is necessary to clear intestines, then a liver and kidneys, that is all systems which are responsible for a conclusion of harmful substances from an organism. In this article would like to talk about the most general (and simple) methods of cleaning of an organism, and in the subsequent materials in more detail at each stage (cleaning of intestines, a liver and kidneys).

Clarification of an organism by means of starvation

Длительное голодание должно проводиться только под наблюдением врача Perhaps, the simply and available is clarification of our organism by means of starvation. The person for some time (3-5 days) ceases to eat food. It is quite difficult, during this period the person has a certain weakness, drowsiness, weakness. If feelings become intolerable, it is better to interrupt hunger strike. But if you easily transfer hunger, gradually lead up hunger strikes to 7 and even 10 days. Gradually – means, within two-three weeks you do not eat everything one day in a week. Then once a month starve three days in a row, and more than a month later (keeping one fasting day in a week) it is possible to hunger 5 days. According to statements of the famous propagandist of a healthy lifestyle G. P. Malakhov, true starvation begins only for 4 days. Before the organism lives at the expense of the saved-up reserves of carbohydrates. If you have any chronic disease, long starvation has to be carried out only under supervision of the doctor. For this purpose there are improving centers specializing on medical starvation. If there is no opportunity to receive high-quality medical supervision, it is better not to starve long, but there are no only one-two days in a week.

Not only we are cleared, but also we grow thin

Во время голодания жир сжигается, а шлаки выходят из организма естественным путем Naturally, during starvation weight is intensively lost. The organism is exempted from work on digestion of food and clarification from slags results. In fatty tissue the metabolism occurs very slowly, therefore in fat of ballast substances most of all. When the organism is deprived of food, fat reserves are used. Fat is burned, and slags leave an organism in the natural way. The pathogenic microflora which is in intestines of each person, during starvation loses daily "ration" and perishes, and its place is taken by useful bacteria. From where to them to undertake there? They live in intestines constantly as well as putrefactive bacteria, but as a result of starvation the useful microflora starts dominating. As a result after hunger strike you will feel that the problems with intestines tormenting you long time disappeared somewhere.

The organism is cleared, we leave hunger strike

В первые сутки после голодовки нужно есть овощные салаты и фрукты The correct exit from starvation is very important. After long hunger strike it is impossible to eat in large quantities. In the first days after 5-7-day hunger strike it is necessary to eat the vegetable salads (filled with lemon juice or vegetable oil, but NOT mayonnaise), crude fruit and vegetables. And the first portions of food have to be no more than one-two spoons... in an hour still a spoon etc. Within two days bring a portion of salad to a half of the usual portion. Do not forget that during starvation the volume of a stomach decreases, and you easily will be sated much with smaller quantity of food, than before hunger strike. To keep result of hunger strike (a precise mind, ideally working intestines, clean skin), it is necessary to maintain constantly a certain diet in food. It is necessary to give preference in food to vegetables and fruit, whenever possible to exclude fried, fat, flour to minimize. People of advanced age should exclude completely from a diet fresh milk, eggs, all heavy food. Of course, it is desirable to refuse completely smoking and if it is possible, at all not to take alcohol.

Clarification of an organism by means of bioadditives and other preparations

Биодобавки помогают компенсировать нехватку необходимых нашему организму микроэлементов Now the huge number of various means for clarification of an organism is on sale. All producers advise to begin with cleaning of intestines. It is not senseless. The after all incorrectly working intestines can cause the mass of various diseases. Frankly speaking, it is terrible to me to advise something in this area...
Each producer frightens us by terrible consequences of a congestion of slags in an organism and claims what exactly their patent means will help to clear quickly and easily an organism. For example, system of improvement of Tyansha. Adherents of this system claim that all our troubles come from a slime congestion in different parts of a body. Slime in a small pelvis accumulated – get prostatitis or a cancer of a neck of a uterus... and so on. Then advertizing of preparations which in 2 (!) weeks completely will clear an organism of slags which were saved for years follows. Doubtfully...
Bioadditives (on each bubble there has to be an inscription "Is not medicine") can be serious help in clarification of an organism. Qualitative bioadditives help to compensate shortage of the majority of microcells necessary for our organism, for example, such as selenium. Bioadditives contain the substances causing death of putrefactive bacteria, clarification of a wall of intestines. Some even contain useful bifidobacteria. It is difficult to speak about efficiency of these preparations, without having been influenced by their action. But one is important: you should not neglect bioadditives as a source of important microcells which are difficult for receiving with our daily food.

So, you examined the most available ways of clarification of an organism. In the following articles will in detail consider ways of cleaning of major "filters" of an organism, we will begin, of course, with clarification of intestines. And further, of course, we will talk about clarification of kidneys and a liver.
Remain with us and good luck!
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