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Abdominal distension (meteorizm)

The abdominal distension (meteorizm) is quite frequent symptom today. Its prevalence is connected with many reasons. Because of the accumulated gases intestines displace a stomach, provoke zabros food from a stomach in a gullet, a frequent eructation and sourish smack in a mouth. However that the abdominal distension always affects social life is the most unpleasant.
The abdominal distension (meteorizm) is quite frequent symptom today. Its prevalence is connected with many reasons, in particular, with bad ecology, improper feeding, stresses. Meteorizm quite often is followed by a swirling in a stomach, pains, a diarrhea. But maybe only symptom.
Even in such quality the meteorizm causes discomfort and feeling of a raspiraniye in a stomach. Because of the accumulated gases intestines displace a stomach, provoke zabros food from a stomach in a gullet, a frequent eructation and sourish smack in a mouth. The increase in intestines in volume can lead to a diaphragm raising that is shown by short wind, heartbeat and pains in heart. That pressure in a digestive tract increases matters. One departments of intestines spazmirutsya, others pererastyagivatsya that can be shown in the form of gripes. The considerable concern is brought by an abdominal murmur and an otkhozhdeniye of gases which often accompany a meteorizm.
However that the abdominal distension always affects social life is the most unpleasant. Meteorizm spoils appearance of a figure, and what to hide, often compels to sit out at home not to redden before people for the made sounds and smells.

Main reasons for a meteorizm

Лечение метеоризма Violation of control of processes of digestion of food, formation of gases and their removal happening by means of absorption in intestines or removal is the main reason for an abdominal distension.
Hit of air is the most frequent reason of an abdominal distension at a hasty chewing of food or conversation during food. Scientists assume that to seventy percent of gases gets to an organism when swallowing. The situation can be aggravated with the use of carbonated drinks. Gases from the drunk liquid concentrate in departments of a digestive tract, causing its swelling.
Distinguish: increase of gas generation in intestines in the absence of pathology and actually pathological states.
The physiological meteorizm most often develops when using in food of products which splitting happens microflora enzymes to formation of a large amount of gases. The increased formation of gases after the use of the products causing processes of fermentation in intestines belongs to the same type. Examples of such meteorizm:
  • the use in food of the products causing excess gas generation (for example, peas, beans). Quite often excess formation of gas is caused by fresh vegetables and fruit. However these cases are not a disease and are easily eliminated at change of a diet or accustoming of an organism to these products;
  • change of a diet. Transition to food by other food can cause a temporary abdominal distension until intestines are reconstructed on digestion of atypical food;
  • overeating. At an overeating the food long is in intestines, is not digested, there is a rotting and fermentation, and, as a result, a large amount of gases is developed.
Is not a disease also high-rise meteorizm. It appears at the people who rose by big height. It is connected with depression of atmospheric pressure and alignment of pressure of gas in intestines according to the surrounding atmosphere. The organism quickly enough copes with such phenomenon. Sometimes there is an excess gas generation during pregnancy or before periods. It will also last not for long.
However the meteorizm is a frequent symptom of pathology. Scientists allocate some reasons of its manifestation:
  1. Decrease in production of enzymes of a liver, pancreas, and also small intestine and stomach. Examples of manifestation of such meteorizm:
    • at decrease in development the increase in quantity of harmful bacteria in an intestines gleam occurs a liver of bile which in norm suppresses growth of pathogenic microflora in intestines. They that also allocate excess amount of gases;
    • at low pH in a duodenum there can be a decrease of the activity of digestive enzymes that causes growth of intestinal microflora and gas generation.
  2. Violation of microflora of a digestive tract and violation of fermentativny activity mucous intestines. Settling of intestines pathogenic microflora belongs to the same mechanism. It most often occurs in the following cases:
    • after antibiotikoterapiya courses. Preparations kill in an organism not only the pathogenic microorganisms but also useful;
    • the glucocorticoids and chemotherapy applied orally give similar effect (through a mouth);
    • at insufficient production of gastric juice himus (food) has no sufficient training for assimilation it intestines.
    It should be noted that separately these mechanisms meet rather seldom, more often they are shown in various combinations.
  3. The mechanical type of a meteorizm arises at violation of the movement on intestines of food and gases because of existence of a mechanical obstacle. Examples of such diseases:
    • solderings and stenosis of abdominal organs;
    • intra intestinal tumors.
  4. The dynamic meteorizm arises at reduction in the rate of the movement on a digestive tract of food and gas (an intestines atoniya). Generally it happens after the postponed serious illness, and also at violation of neurohumoral regulation, for example:
    • intestines paresis at peritonitis is possible, and also at restoration after operation;
    • at intoxication some substances, for example, lead.
  5. The psychogenic type of a meteorizm is shown by violation of nervous and humoral regulation which lead to a spasm of smooth muscles of intestines, breaking advance of food and gases.

The food influencing a meteorizm

Лечение метеоризма The products causing a meteorizm can be divided into three main groups:
  1. The products causing formation of gases.
    From the products causing emergence of gases in intestines the bean are most known. Quite often add broccoli to restaurant dishes – very useful product, but, unfortunately, it is capable to cause the expressed gas generation, especially when it in the raw. Apples are recommended by all nutritionists, however this fruit causes increase in gases in intestines that can lead to an eructation and an abdominal distension. Also fermented vegetables, paprika, chili pepper are suspected of the increased gas generation.
    If when using in food of any products you have an abdominal distension, it means that the organism did not get used to develop enzymes for their digestion. At the systematic use in food of the above-named products, digestive organs start developing enough necessary enzymes, and after a while symptoms of a meteorizm pass.
    The best is to observe itself after meal and to define, what product most obviously leads to formation of gases.
    Supporters of separate food claim that there are no products which in itself cause a meteorizm. Only their wrong combination can cause an abdominal distension. For example, specialists in separate food do not recommend to use meat food together with fruit and juice. It is connected with that for full digestion and digestion of nutrients from meat and fruit the different enzymes clashing among themselves are required.
  2. Products which cause fermentation processes.
    Carry kvass, beer, black bread, a tea mushroom to such products.
    The interesting theory is offered by supporters of bezdrozhzhevy food. They claim that barmy bread injures a mucous membrane of intestines, breaks digestion that, eventually, leads to its swelling. They suggest to observe women who generally eat rolls in a lunch break. At the majority of them normal feet and hands, but the big inflated stomach. For disposal of this symptom it is necessary to stop eating barmy bread and to pass to bread on serum (or any other without maintenance of yeast).
  3. Dairy products with intolerance of lactose cause gas generation in people.

What to do when developing an abdominal distension

Лечение метеоризма If you have an abdominal distension short time, try to normalize a diet. Usually the exception of food of only several products leads to normalization of work of intestines. By practical consideration define, what products cause in you gas generation.
At a meteorizm it is necessary to eat, exclude properly from food sharp, salty, sweet, carbonated drinks. Also I recommend to readers of to refuse for a while bread, after all it quite often causes a congestion of gases in intestines. Quite often dairy products lead to strengthening of formation of gases.
Carry out clarification of intestines, after all disposal of locks is frequent leads to normalization of formation of gases.

What inspection it is desirable to pass

If after normalization of a diet symptoms of a meteorizm do not pass, it is necessary to pass medical examination which purpose is the exception of diseases of a digestive tract.
Usually inspection includes laboratory analyses (the general blood test, the general analysis of urine, the analysis a calla), bacteriological research of intestinal microflora (washout on enterobioz) and tool diagnostics (ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity, endoscopic research of a thick gut, etc.).
When passing inspection the special attention should be paid to such bodies as a stomach, a liver, an iron pancreas, intestines as malfunctions in digestive system can be the cause of the increased gas generation.

Treatment of a meteorizm

Лечение метеоризма Treatment at an abdominal distension is based on system approach to a disease and can include:
  1. Diet taking into account features of violation of digestion.
  2. Treatment of the main disease and correction of the violations revealed at inspection.
  3. Normalization of bacterial structure of intestines.
  4. Treatment of frustration of a motility of a digestive tract.
  5. Prevention of emergence and removal of excess gas from intestines.
After statement of the diagnosis the doctor will appoint to you a necessary diet and treatment of the main revealed disease.
For correction of intestinal microflora to you can appoint preparations pre-and a probiotics. Prebiotics (an example Laktrofiltrum is) are indigestible food ingredients in a digestive tract which stimulate growth of own useful bacteria in intestines. A probiotics (for example, Lineks) is ready useful bacteria which have positive impact on a condition of a digestive tract.
There are some classes of preparations which influence education and removal of gases from intestines:
  1. Preparations defoaming agents (Espumizan). Preparations complicate education and promote destruction of gas bubbles in intestines. Gases which are released thus, can be soaked up by a mucous membrane, and also be removed thanks to reduction of muscles of a digestive tract.
  2. Enterosorbents (the coal activated Smekta). Thanks to the occluding properties, delete gases, toxins and microbes from an organism.
  3. The preparations influencing an intestines motility (Tserukal, Motilium). Due to strengthening of a vermicular movement removal of gases from a digestive tract is accelerated.
  4. Vegetable preparations (Planteks) and folk remedies: broths of fennel or fennel.
Often these preparations really yield result, however it is necessary to remember that their reception in a separation from full complex treatment – a measure symptomatic, that is, taking this medicine, it is impossible to recover from the main reason for a disease. After the termination of drug intake swelling symptoms usually come back. For high-quality full treatment it is necessary to find a cause of illness and to correct all revealed violations in an organism.

The frequent abdominal distension can be an important symptom of a serious disease therefore treat it responsibly. Surely pass inspection and implement all recommendations of the doctor, after all health of intestines is an important indicator of health of all organism.
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