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Lesson in Afghanistan - the interesting facts

Lesson in Afghanistan
Урок в Афганистане
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The interesting facts during all the time
Prompt of Windows XP known for all in autumn tones of new
Dust tick close up of new
Square island
Martian crater in the form of a smilie
The milk drop falling in coffee
The 119-year-old Russian with 67 grandsons
Two-color apple
Collection from 8000 cans of Coca-Cola
Putin asks to work
Christ Izbavitel's statue in Rio de Janeiro
The hairiest person in the world
The most expensive dog in the world costs $585.000
Decline on Everest
The friend came to a funeral to a dress
The most developed color sight at a shrimp mantis
Banana beer
The hippopotamus pursues the forester
Real Timon and Pumba (m / f "The Lion King")
326 balloons
Desert island (highest column rock)
The ram hung on a wire in 6 meters from the earth
Orders of the President of Ukraine No. 161/2009-rp
Hours of the Patriarch of All Russia Kirill cost about $40.000
Pavlinoglazki - the biggest butterflies in the world
Fairy in an African way
Ames's room
Pack of cigarettes for $23.148.855.308.184.500
Photo of the lizard running on water
The first-ever mobile phone on Windows XP - xpPhone
Advertizing of the Muscovite-427
The longest cucumber in the world
The oldest twins in the world
As the soap bubble bursts
Lightning stroke in church
Glass balcony on the 103rd floor
The replaced person
The oldest dog of the world
Malachite mouse
Lizard dolgokhvostka
Doors in a hell
The Russian phone for $1400
Photo of clouds of a strange form
Room of typists
The biggest horse in the world
The first photo on the Internet
Mystical circles on a surface of Baikal
Uyeburashka :)
Titmouse from the webcam
The most expensive brands of the world
The American soldier in pink pants
Joint trip
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa for 9.000.000 euros
The smallest car in the world
Huge oyster
Disappearing car
Two-headed turtle
Curly pig for 270 euros
Afro-American accordion player
83-year breykdansersha (yoga instructor)
The least person in the world
The smallest country in the world - Principality of Sealand
The longest river in the world
The highest mountain in the world Everest (Chomolungma)
Snow rolls
The biggest dinosaur in the world
Magic crane
Huge cephalopods mollusks - Ammonoidei
Key for start of the space rocket
Dexterous language of a lizard
GM and Segway - the future car
The longest limousine in the world
The Cuban wood frog with a bulb in a mouth
Zebra horse from Germany
Lightning stroke photo in a skyscraper
The most slender waist in the world
The first record of speed on the car
The boy for the first time in life hears a sound
The oldest person in the world
The most expensive watch in the world
The first telephone line in Russia
The most expensive phone in the world - GoldVish Piece Unique
The most fat person in the world - Manuel Uribe
Cow, the Black, dog - sudden death
The biggest and little dog in the world
Self-propelled nuclear power plant TES-3
The fastest car in the world - SSC Ultimate Aero TT
Human embryo on the 6th day of development
The most tall person in the world - Leonid Stadnik
The biggest breast in the world at Chinese woman Ting Hiafen
Palm thief or coconut crab
Horned helmet (Horned Helmet)
Pink dolphin
Huge tree sequoia
Vietnamese fighting traps (Booby Traps)
Macropinna microstoma - fish with the transparent head
The family of the peasant Voronov listens to radio
Space Shuttle control panel
Ancient mask of the firefighter
Ambulance in Africa
The road through office building
Swimming hats of 1950
Hold Kalana hands
The zebra snatched an elephant for a tail
Turtle with seaweed on the head
Small lodge after a category 5 hurricane
The moon closes the sun
The least man and the longest legs
Green bears
The biggest in the world a stellarator
The archipelago of Socotra the strangest place on the earth
Sea eagle
First photos
In Africa snow for the first time dropped out
Cadaveric lily (Rafflesia arnoldii) - the biggest flower
World record on long jumps on the motorcycle
Avenue of chewing gum (Bubblegum Alley)
Leopard duel with a crocodile
The Olympic pedestal in Berlin of 1936
Photo of nuclear explosion
Car and 700 kilograms of tangerines
Migration of slopes-iglokhvostov
Fiery hedgehog in TU-2 bombootseka
Photo of the first computer mouse
Star of VY Canis Majoris in 30 — 40 solar masses
The photo of a decline on Mars
Nemo 33 — the center of scuba diving in Uccle
Serial shagokhod Logging Spider for wood rolls
Electric discharges in a volcano ashes cloud Chaiten in Chile
Satellite surface picture Phobos
Photo of the frozen cub corpse of a mammoth
Candle at station the World
Tree of draconian blood (Dragon Blood tree)
Sculpture in the Chicago center
The photo - a polar light from space
Punishment for the cut-down trees
Photo of chronology of bottles of Coca-Cola
The frozen remains of Martian water
Chittagong - a place of cutting of the old ships
Chess for three
Special stickers on eyes
The photo of a lightning stroke in Jesus Christ's statue
The least body builder in the world
Dmitry Medvedev's growth
Rail gun
The passenger-and-freight Riverdance ferry ran aground
Cycling on the edge of an abyss
The photo of a view from a tower of Burdzh Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
The photo of a smoke is higher than the sky
In the photo lentikulyarny clouds
Yuanyang symbol of love and marriage
Intersection of the railroads
Satellites of Saturn Atlas and Pang
Wooden restaurant on a tree
Photo of the first Apple Macintosh computer
Cats shine in the dark
Photo of the most huge squid
Chinese fair of vacancies
Manual process of installation of size
Second half
Photo of a helmet of pilots of F35
Large hips
The photo of the Chinese miner after work
Arithmometer "Felix" of 1969
The photo of a jellyfish of the murderer about a nail
Carta Marina — the most ancient map of Northern Europe
Devon Island
Ridiculous inscription on the plate
Unique all-wheel drive MAZ-7907 tractor
Kumi Yamashita - magic of a shadow
Amazing Romanian houses with eyes
Steps over an abyss
Structure Guel-Er-Rishat
First advertizing of e-mail of 1977
The bulb is groundless
Mysterious huge carriage
Photo of the laser gun
Photo of the plain of Karrizo
The photo of a cave of crystals in Mexico
National library of Belarus
Who is stronger?
The photo of a duel with a whale
Lesson in Afghanistan
The photo of ISS and Shuttle against the Sun
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